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8 thoughts on “CONTACT & DISCUSSION

  1. Hi everyone! Great site! I love DD and am psyched to see him tomorrow night at the Music Box in San Diego!! My GF and I have regular tickets. There is VIP meet & greet with DD before the show! Those sold out fast! There is one available on Craig’s List. But I need 2! Does anybody know of any way to somehow get a second VIP ticket? Or know the tour manager – if I could contact tour peeps maybe I could get special permission to share one VIP ticket with my GF? Any suggestions? Can’t be that close and not meet DD of course! Thanks for any feedback! :0)

  2. Hello everybody. That’s several times I come on your site that I find very good with all news about David Duchovny and beautiful photos and videos. I also like the articles you write in a complement to your site. Thank you

  3. Hi! Just wanna let the administrator know how much I appreciate your wonderful site. I recently picked up an old crush on DD and was desperately searching for news & info. but it seems many of the old fansites are down. until I stumbled across this one and it’s like a haven. I can’t thank you enough! Love from China.

  4. Loved hearing all the radio interviews from this week after his release party/concert at The Cutting Room Tuesday night that I was so fortunate to attend. Thank you for posting! I’m loving the Hell or High Water CD :) My only disappointment is not getting it signed Tuesday night at the show. Hopefully next time… Oh, and I LOVE this website btw 😉

    • THANKS! I know a few hung out Tuesday and were invited down to see David. Between the book, Album and TV shows I bet there will be plenty more meet & greet times… I already have my NYC Comic Con TIX – Assume there will be an X-Files panel with the new shows coming up…

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