The X-Files Season 11 – Ep 9 & 10 Trailer/Promo

We are down to the final two episodes of The X-files season 11 and most likely the end of the series (bawling)

Here’s the latest trailer for episodes 9 & 10. We’re not ready!
An End That Must Be Faced | Season 11 | THE X-FILES

Published on Mar 8, 2018 – An extended trailer for the final two episodes this season of THE X-FILES.

We’re finally all caught up now! We missed episode 7 because we were in Australia for David’s concerts! We’ve just uploaded the last of our pics/videos from all those shows we’ll be posting them here soon.

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Darin Morgan strikes again. I think its safe to say that thus far the comedic episode from DM’s hand steals the show yet another season. – Walt Frasier

Rhys Darby’s Werelizard was by far the fan favorite from 2016.

Darin Morgan has presented a more modern version of the Abbott and Costello styled comedic horror genre. The secret behind Abbott & Costello’s Frankenstein Mummy and Invisible Man comedies is that they were legit MGM horror flicks, if you simply remove gags.

At first glance one might think if The X-files had a token red shirt character, Brian Husky as Reggie Something would never survive the second act. Reggie seems more like the cubical guy than Mulder’s first partner.

The script is as wordy as Abbott & Costello with as many sight gags to boot.

Within the fake Twilight Zone opening, we get a Alien that almost plays a one man three stooges gag with three pairs of hands gasping for mouth, ears, eyes face-palm and other place seemingly important to the alien.


And my name’s not buddy (Meniacal Laugh) …

We learn later that Mulder remembers this as his favorite episode of Twilight Zone ever.

Cut to opening credits, without hidden message. Just the usual “The Truth is Out There” Anyone else feel gypped for about 35 minutes?

After the commercial break Mulder comes in dressed as Sasquatch. “I’ve been out Squatching” he tells Scully.

Squatching sounds like something you do in a hole while camping. More dookie, anyone? Is there anything more relaxing than hanging out in a itchy over heated mascot costume? NOTHING Simple & Uncomplicated about that.

We do get talk of a possible date, right? DINNER FOR TWO?

Hilarious moment wraps up the scene when Scully says she really does not need to hear the 35yo Big Foot mold story, and eventually hangs up. “Scully?”

Later that night Mulder awakes and notices the mysterious X taped to his window. It is a bit smaller than we are used to, and in the wrong place, or so I remember…


Mulder goes to the old rendezvous point to find Reggie. Are those sunflower seeds or is Reggie into a bigger nut?

SIRENS “I think your ride is here.”

Odd exchange seems to imply Mulder’s memory of Reggie has been erased. Reggie explains that Mulder’s favorite episode of The Twilight Zone – from the prologue – is fake; never existed.

They hear foot steps, Mulder makes Rod Serling (Twilight Zone host/creator) joke, Reggie vanishes.

At this point I am thinking about the possible alternate/parallel universe angle. Long before Mulder suggests it (must have been in the trailers) Did Reggie slip into another realm, another plane of existence?

<I took a break at this point and binged first 4 eps of Twilight Zone form 1959. I forgot how amazing that show was!!! All seasons available on CBS online. I forgot I signed up to watch Star Trek. Might as well take advantage of something I’m paying for… lol>


Mulder has torn his house apart looking for his favorite episode. Did his old apartment #42 have room for all this stuff? We get yet another Mulder break down moment.


How dare Scully confuse Twilight Zone and Outer limits. lol

“Can we talk about this over dinner?”

So over this already, Dana seems more hungry than eager to have romantic time with Fox. But still the idea of a date satisfies MSR crew, right?

Like a kid, Mulder declares he will never again be able to eat until he figures this mystery out.

Mulder’s memory of his first experience with The Twilight Zone is hilarious. I love that I was not spoiled by leaks on this bit. The folks at Fox have been doing WAY to much teasing and leaving WAY too little for us to discover Wednesday nights.

I fear spoiling fans with blogs and vlogs and live tweeting, but what is left to spoil after these daily video promo releases.

Does 8yo Mulder NOT look like the NY Lotto Guy. “Little bit O Luck” – Funny story I auditioned for this commercial 10+ years ago lol

Again Scully is done hearing the same old story again.

I am starting to see my own relationship here, with my old numerously recounted stories boring my wife.


Scully finally meets Reggie. Reggie presents the box of knock off Gelatin.


Scared and broken Reggie questions his own existence.  “Prove that I’m real”.


Well now Scully has a mystery memory of her own. She remembers GOOP-O A-B-C.

Mulder presents The Mandela Effect – the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect named for folks remembering falsely that Nelson Mandala died in the 1980s when he was actually imprisoned, later to become president of South Africa. CLICK HERE for a list of 200 classic false memories.

They decide to meet with Reggie together. “It’ll be like a date” looks exchanged…


Well this is romantic…

Ok, maybe not so much a date.

Reggie Something retells his story of the false memory of his favorite childhood book.

In this alternate reality Reggie says The Mendela Effect is actually The Mengele Effect for Josef Mengele (Falsely remembered by some as Joseph Mingla)

Bill Dow (Chuck) returns to the X-Files as Pangborn the purveyor of pop culture junk and useless trivial facts.

NO I remember the logo being racist is a different way

Pangborn puts the idea into Reggie’s head that the government knows and there is a conspiracy behind the Mingle Effect.

Darin Morgan spares no expense taking this gimmick to the Nth degree.

The edit makes it look as though the entire episode is manipulated as Reggie is about to say G-??? there is a skip, with the sound of a scratched record.

Questioning what we saw, we immediately re-watched that moment, catching up to the live view during the next commercial.

Mulder introduces theory of a parrallel universe.

Wait, whaaaaa?

Neither Sculls or Reggie dig that. Reggie’s response suggests he has heard Mulder make this claim before.

that crap gives me a headache

Ozzie’s Razor – Osborn lol

Occam’s (or Ockham’s) razor is a principle … that “Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily.” or “when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better.” MORE MATH /SCIENCE STUFF HERE

Occam’s Axe?


awkward pause….

You remember those watermelon candies that taste like coconut

Watermelon Slice Coconut Candy Bars (Watermelon flavored coconut bars) 1.65oz, 24 Count

This conversation starts to get into modern times in a scary way. It is near impossible to keep a secret these days with the dawn of social media and instant information online. Flooding the internet with fake news and conspiracy theories allows the rich and powerful to hide in plain site. Folks will believe the many false scenarios and doubt the facts. #FAKENEWS & #ALTERNATIVEFACTS being tweeted by the president and his team makes this common practice among shady con artists in dark allies mainstream.


Apparently THEY is DR THEY.



FOX / X-Files needs to post this DR THEY video online.

HAHA Top Secret Nasa Operation Soy Bomb

Image result for top secret operation soy bomb

Speaking of flooding with fake news, I just spent 20 minutes Easter egg hunting looking for a Space Monkey named Perry from real NASA History, just in case.

Anyone catch the joke about crowd size at the last Presidential election? “100s of Millions in attendance” Considering America has less than 400 million people, that was one crowded mall LOL


Image result for dr the x-files forehead sweat

We finally meet Dr. They.

While talking about the mysterious guy, wondering how to find Dr. They, guess who calls?

This is a fun scene. Upon seeing a few early photos of David Duchovny shooting with the laughing statues, Duchovniacs took a field trip while in Vancouver to see David and the band.

My only issue with this scene? Of all the scenes shot in Canada, supposedly places around Washington DC area and all of America, this clearly is clearly a Vancouver landmark.

But this issue is minor. Otherwise the statues, combined with the bizarre smile, eyes and monologue by Dr. They – against David’s Straight-man Mulder – make an eerie tale. Fake News and Altered Facts leap out of the headlines and into the horror hidden behind slap stick laughs.


Who did not love this alternate opening credits sequence with a Capella voices and REGGIE SOMETHING. (Months ago I predicted this guy was Skinner’s equivalent to Miller & Einstein. In a way I was right).

I know Darin Morgan is reportedly upset he could not get Reggie into the ‘Walking in Memphis’ sequence from Post Modern Prometheus. But are there other insertions that did not make the cut. I could imagine a bunch of gems on future DVD releases. (Does anyone buy DVDs anymore?). Just put on YOUTUBE.


Let’s just say this next sequence is hilariously ridiculous. I LOVED IT! It is beyond words, except this is my new favorite spoof of Donald Trump. FAR surpassing SNL or anything in past 2-40 years.


The rest of universe rejects us because we lie too much.

Think on that.


Turns out THE LAST MARTIAN was not a TTZ episode after all. Yet another knock off brand. The GOOPO of anthology series.

But one last question?

Did Scully skip the tasting because of possible flavors of TAINT or just in case that mold actually might have 35-year old biological remains of a big hairy ape like man beast?

We might never know….



OH and fans are upset as we yet again were robbed of an on screen kiss.

The X-Files Season 11 Mid-Season Trailer

A thrilling look at what’s to come this season on THE X-FILES

Wow! We’re ready for tonight’s episode!

Here’s our silly breakdown of the trailer play by play..


PLUS ONE To Show or NOT To Show THIS??? SHIPPERS!!! THAT??? #thexfiles #xfplusone #spoileralert

PLUS ONE leaves shipper fans some love but some unhappy we did not see the “dirty deed”. We have to give Chris Carter some credit. Whether you love or hate certain choices so far this season, every week we have had lots to talk about after each episode.

BUT FIRST Is William BILL Williamson a real person. “HE” has an IMDB page listed as Love Scene Supervisor with exclusive credits as


Start your day with a can of Dookie! “A mouthful of goodness.” (Artificially flavored.

PLUS ONE To Show or NOT To Show THAT???

Is Chris Carter watching a lot of South Park? There is that famous episode of South Park when the adults start eating in reverse, shoving food up the back side. But the only time the emit dookie form the mouth is when they talk religion.

Chris Carter has heard a lot of complaints over the years. Was this a Matt & Trey style message to fans? As if Chris is saying…

“You want NOOKIE, but all I give you now is DOOKIE!” lol

I am in love with Season 11!

Anything you read here is NOT attacking anyone. Merely making light conversation and observations and lots of speculations.


We never got titling for the location. I miss all those days when X-Files would say GERMANTOWN, GAITHERSBURG, ROCKVILLE, BETHESDA  and as a resident of the Washington DC Maryland suburbs think, when did Germantown start looking so urban with fire escapes, etc. We don’t learn till later that this is Hanover County (According to Mulder) and or neighboring Henrico County Virginia (Mulder & Scully meet Arky in the Henrico County jail according to the slate in later scene), just north of Richmond, VA.

Kudos to Chris Carter for using this cover of David Duchovny’s “Unsaid Undone”. At David’s shows this is always a highlight when fans get to go full head bob, and even shake some hips. THE ANGRY SONG perfectly lend itself to the more pop punk style and rave scene.

If you have not had the pleasure, this is exactly what a David Duchovny concert looks like, with X-Files and Californication fans getting wasted, slam dancing and stage dives. Just wait Australia and New Zealand, it’s party time! Starting Feb 20 2018 in Auckland, NZ MORE INFO CLICK HERE

waltdd6 waltdd7 waltdd3

Who is going to catch me from a stage dive? It took two band mates to get me on stage. However Colin and Nate survived. Aussies should be fine… lol

Back to the show… Jared Ager-Foster as Arkie Seavers (Mike’s son? – Growing Pains family? – a few speculated this is a shout out to Arkam – Batman) is the first of many casting triumphs in this episode. We all have known this kid in high school and college.



Doppelganger episode? Clever! I love how this season has become the Simpsons with a different opening sequence EVERY TIME!


Perhaps for the first time since 7th Season THIS felt like home. Mulder is back in the office convincing Scully there is an X-File to investigate worthy of a drive south on I-95.

This was like that first time a young college grad – now living in their own apartment in a strange city – visits their child home – the one you could not wait to get out of just 4-8 years before – and now you realize how much awesomeness you never appreciated before….

That is the X-Files device known as Mulder’s office. We took it for granted. We loved how they parodied this in BAD BLOOD. We think back to all those over head projector and slide shows and potential case files with Scully offering logic’s explanations.

Season 10 teased us with Skinner and Mulder and a few pencils that remained in the ceiling from over a decade before – a true testament to the strength of that dropped ceiling.

Mulder says it all as they “get back to our bread and butter”. Speaking about that “LOVE” SCENE.

Mulder & Scully interrogate the witness/victim

Again this feels familiar.
Mulder jumps to paranormal connections.
Scully nods as she hears proof of logical explanations.


While live tweeting the episode I immediately felt the need to give kudos to Karin Konoval (Mrs Peacock to X-Files fans – HOME). SO seeking out here twitter page I accidentally stumbled on to THIS and screamed


Karin Konoval’s performance surpasses Ann Dowd in Leftovers as she totally steals the show.

Image result for leftovers hbo ann dowd in well

Of course when we first see the can of “DOOKIE” I ask Laurice, is that cat food?”

But thought “Do Canadians actully eat S#!T out of a can?”

When we see Little Judy throwing DOOKIE like a monkey, I die laughing and begin thinking of the DOOKIE/NOOKIE line I wrote above.

We would like a couple rooms…

Let the shipping begin!

“We had a cancellation, it’s just a suite.” says the motel owner
“We’ll take it” jumps in the eager beaver Mulder
Look from Scully had many “layers:…
“There’s a pull out sofa” She has seen that look before

First of all, I want this pull out sofa – Not as fan collector crap – because it actually looks comfortable.

Who else expected a 2nd Dana when we see Fox lurking over Scully’s bed?
Just a little creepy is Mulder’s smile, watching Scully sleep, no?


What a tease…
Just the case calling…
Not the booty…


This trope never ends well for the inhabitant, especially when your cell mate is yourself. Psychological breakdown would be the best possible outcome.

Mulder reveals one could potentially hang oneself while hand cuffed.

The look from Scully takes me back to THIS and Mulder’s talent with cuffs.
Perhaps auto-erotic asphyxiation is not unknown to these two as well.

Mulder looks down the hall way to briefly reveal Karin as Little Chucky Poundstone. Not sure I would have caught that had I not scene Karin’s tweet merely  seconds before.



“You tapping that?”

Mulder quickly changes the subject.

Never mind the makeup and hair job to turn Karin into Judy then Chucky. Just watch Karin’s eyes. The character work is spectacular. I just keep watching this initial door scene. Then add Chucky’s walk and mannerisms. Can we get a prequel spin off called JUDY & CHUCKY?

Watching this exchange over and over is the only reason I noticed this…

Did anyone pick up on the continuity issue with Mulder’s door knocks. Mulder knocks 5 times buT theRE is a 6th knock sound that does not line up. Was that the Doppelganger?

YADA YADA YADA… Skipping the play by play lets get to the important stuff.

HANGMAN as a murder weapon has to be the most original concept of all time. Psychically linked twins are able to kill by filling in the the blanks of a hangman game with the victim’s name. Chucky seems to be the scout for victims.

But by the end Judy and Chucky are able to kill each other. So I assume they both have the same powers, HANGMAN is merely a gimmick for them to make killing more fun. Both appear to be able to send a demonic doppelganger or sorts, Or are the merely telepaths and telekinetic and the doppelganger is another way to make the sinister more playful?

Mulder totally freaks out when he sees himself. Ruining all after glow.

Scully, on the other hand, is chill, even though her other self totally likes to watch.

Is this because she has seen death omens in the back seat before, similar to end of Elegy. Perhaps Doppelgangers are like potential bullies, they just want someone to talk too.

Image result for elegy x-files car scully


It is now Scully’s turn to creep over Mulder’s bed. MAGIC THREE! (2 for Mulder)

SCULLY “Can you hold me?”




There has been a lot of talk about the next few minutes of television. I happen to love this conversation. First of all my expectation of any kind of physical scene or outcome was non existent after past 25 years of being  YOU KNOW WHAT AROUND by Chris Carter lol

So this conversation comes off as awkward. But lets peel back the layers.

SCULLY “It’s gonna happen… We’re gonna get old… retire…. are going to spend time together?”
Translation: I’m tired of fighting the future?

MULDER “I’ll come push your wheel chair, with my wheel chair”
Translation” we will grow old together.

MULDER: “I’ll always be around… offering bullet proof theories…”
SCULLY: “I will always be around to prove you wrong… promise”
Translation: Vows exchanged

yada yada yada
You could meet someone
Do you want kids?


SCULLY “I don’t have anyone to have (a baby) with even if I could…”
We are not together, together
Or is she asking ARE WE TOGETHER

The come the excuses – the world is going to hell,, partially at the hand of President Trump….

“We could lose our jobs”
Scully would be fine, ,going back to medicine, right?
Mulder could resurrect TLGM NEWS

Awkward pause

SCULLY “We’ll think of something”
SEX either solves all OR is perfect avoidance/diversion form tension

Pan to Doppelganger


Judy and Chucky are plotting the agent’s demise.

Mulder gets out of bed.

WAIT? Scully is on other side. That was some tossing and turning.

Mulder sees himself.

Running scared back to Dana, we notice Scully is longer dressed




Of course, is anyone hearing Chris Carter in their ear saying,
“That was Dana’s doppelganger in bed!”

Scully runs to Judy
Mulder heads to Chucky

!          !
!         O

_ U L _ _ _
_ _ U L _ _

Any one else have a MARTHA moment? (Batmen v Superman)


Now the music and tension feel a bit like the old Doppelganger episode.

Mulder wrestles his himself, while Scully talks her other self down.

Judy and Chucky turn on each other. Problem solved with little help from worst FBI agents ever lol


MULDER “If you need me, call me”
SCULLY :Can’t imagine if I will… but then again…it’s not out of the realm of extreme possiblity.”


THEN millions Philes light up a cig, even those that don’t smoke, to celebrate this Mad Men with more empowered women moment.


Of course wee don’t actually see the sex but more than ever we see Fox and Dana communicating with out words how they truly feel.

When Dana opens the door, she all but say “I LOVE YOU” (Or at least WANT)
Fox all but says “I KNOW!”

By not showing your mind gets to play. Your imagination should be on fire and able to fill in the gaps. Drama is all about the moment before the sex, kill, violence, etc. The actual act ends the tension. Old school writing, directing and acting ALWAYS left more to the imagination – not just because of censorship on TV and in the most puritanical times of American TV/FILM.

Sex scenes more often cheapen the drama. The sexual tension and “what if” moments are far more interesting the actual sex on camera. The characters “climax” along with the drama of the story.

Chris Carter, in m any ways, leaves a lot fo our imagination to fill in on purpose. Each one us therefore has a slightly different take away form the episode, season and complete series.


In many ways this episode, especially combined with the past two, has EVERYTHING we missed since season 7 as the x-files we fell in love with 25 years ago.

The office, the agents interrogating victims/suspects TOGETHER, conspiracy intrigue, questioning who to trust, and a lot more Skinner.

In some ways these three episode give us more fulfilling the long awaited romantic moments.

I am only saddened that possibly we only have 7 hours of great TV left. EVER?

It is like finally finding the one thing you have always wanted to only lose it moments later.

But for now I will live and cherish every moment.



Did you see my tweet about this?

GLEN MORGAN is a genius and why THIS may be scariest #thexfiles episode ever!

Glen Morgan is a genius.

While we were gushing over Mulder Scully romantic comedy intertwined with the Ramones soundtrack to Mulder’s (and Scully’s???) Unremarkable House becoming the OK Corral many of us glossed over the true horror of THIS.

GLEN MORGAN is a genius and why THIS may be scariest #thexfiles episode ever!

Wait Fraiser @waltfrasier

This morning I was about to tweet how 25 degree weather in Texas could make a lot of ignorant Trump suppprters argue against global warming. This led to me thinking about rich and powerful selfishly lying about science and fake news to keep their profits and power. This thinking soon came back to the X-Files episode of form last week, THIS, penned by Glen Morgan.

Behind all of the Razzle Dazzle, and ad libs about TAINT and ALIEN BUTT HOLES, was a story about the rich and powerful creating an eternal existence for their consciousness in the digital world that will live long after the destruction of our planet via global warming aliens or whatever method.

Matrix to be Reloaded in X-Files

Imprisoned inside this Matrix are the greatest minds of our time enslaved to keep everything working while the sick and powerful forevermore live out their fantasies.

These powerful players have already given up on our planet. They stopled trying to fix the horrors that they have created and instead of facing Justice I found a way to even beat Death while when the world ends.

We swallow it up whole

We are on the edge of our seats as our beloved Heroes are pinned down by mercenaries in their own home, and the cemetery at the University and even government facilities.

In a Way Glen Morgan has hidden the true horror of this episode in the same way the rich and powerful hide their true crimes against humanity and the earth itself with lies and fake news. We’re looking over here on the left, distracted with all this action and romantic comedy, while Glen slides in this absolutely horrible scenario of the impending end of the world.

Season 11 Doomsday?

Combine THIS with MY STRUGGLE 3 and all we have is few rich and powerful faction fighting behind the scenes for how to save the smallest percentage of humanity who’s going to control what is left in their wake of destruction.

We are no longer talking about saving the world. Those that we trust with our lives and our livelihoods and our votes are no longer trying to fix their problems. The rich and powerful are a hundred percent trying trying to save their own asses from the horrors that they created.

Too close to home?

When you peel back the layers of this episode, you reveal Horrors that are just way too close to home and I now see this whole episode in a new light, or should I say dark.


The X-Files Mad Libs via DEEP STATE – Feb 6 Release Date

Have you played The X-Files Mad Libs via DEEP STATE Feb 6 Release Date

I had a few extra seconds this morning, so for those asking for an answer key, here you go.

Here is the original via DEEP STATE

Thank you X-Files Deep State for this fun diversion.


Here is the story I came up with by asking Laurice Mad Libs Style

Alot of folks asked for a kew of the blanks only, so they can do their own MAD LIBS. .So Duchovniacs are here for you LOL

And the Deep State Twitter Account also confirms the game will be released February 6, which is also President Reagan’s Birthday, which I know because I was Alex P Keaton as a kid. Conspiracy Theories on this releaase date?


The X-Files – New Promos, Articles & Reviews S11

Here’s a previews for next week’s episode “Plus One”
Preview: There’s A Dark Influence | Season 11 Ep. 3 | THE X-FILES

Another Promo: Spoiler Alert | Season 11 | THE X-FILES
Spoiler Alert: David Duchovny & Mitch Pileggi are revealing what’s to come this season on THE X-FILES.

We have a bunch of new articles & reviews for The X-files!

Digital Spy – David Duchovny is willing to make more X-Files without Gillian Anderson

Vulture – The X-Files Cast Also Thinks That This Season Is Way Better

WhatCulture – The X-Files Season 11: 10 Things We Learned From ‘This’

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Metro.Us – The increasingly uncertain future of ‘The X-Files’

Io9.gizmodo – The X-Files Course Corrects by Reminding Us Why We Love Mulder and Scully – Glen Morgan Tells Us About the Making of This

Here’s our Video Recap & Easter Egg Hunt S11 Ep 2 – “This”


ABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' - Season 15 : News PhotoABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' - Season 15 : News Photo


THIS is us THIS is it THIS rocks The X-Files Season 11 Episode 2 recap THE LONE GUNMEN


Other than a blatant jab at Donald Trump, is this not what EVERY low life in history does? This could explain last week’s “REVEAL” but in reverse. NO I’M THE FATHER…

I had a lot of fun with THIS episode. THIS maintained the high speed angst from last weeks, My Struggle III.

HERE is Laurice’s Video Recap

So it is two weeks later, as per Scully’s words questioning whether or not they should even call Skinner for help.

My initial reaction to the opening sequence? Mulder and Scully have been expecting this home invasion in some form since 2002, at the end of season nine when they were on the run. When Mulder says “GO!” it was beyond choreographed for a fight scene. Mulder and Scully had a plan like most families plan escape for fire or flooding emergencies.

I think everyone predicted in one form or another the nature of Richard Langly’s return. His Max Headroom-ish state scream “I am a computer version of me now.” Never mind the “If I am dead…” The teasers gave little help we would get the real Langly, or any of the LGM back in the flesh.

However the exact purpose of the simulated world was in question. In the past year Agents of Shield dealt with a similar dilemma with mad scientist and power players thinking they were solving all problems for humanity by replacing real life with a matrix world.  We do not see Glen Morgan’s matrix but Langly describes how awesome it seems until you realize you are slaves to the rich and powerful, looking for way to defeat death and live beyond our world in the stars.

Before rehashing more specifics lets cover the important plot and X-Files canon points

Scully calls the unremarkable house “Mulder’s”. Later she says we can’t go to “our home”, “our office”. This does not necessarily mean she is talking about the same house. Many want to jump to conclusion this means Scully is now living out there in the middle of nowhere with Mulder. I am not convinced. But I am convinced we have once again moved past hand holding in 2018. Unless Scully’s knowledge of Mulder’s skills while handcuffed are just pre-2008 blasts form the past.

I would argue there’s ZERO sexual tension. Both seem overly comfortable discussing TAINT and food form an alien’s butt. This and falling asleep watching video of 40yo Ramone’s concert live – which I believe to be San Francisco 1979. Pretty sure Mulder and Scully were watching this via their Youtube App on their cable service. (Or more likely Mulder still has it on BETA)

Skinner still cares about Mulder and Scully but has the reality that he was there throughout their absence. The have come and gone on their own whims, but Skinner is there to pick up the pieces. He’s the anchor, the bedrock behind the X-Files show and office within the show. Skinner wants to support our two heroes but not sure they are the winning side, never mind who is right. I fear walking this line not end well. At some point he will have to chose. I assume he will in the end side with Dana and Fox, but the world is much bigger than these two.

Mulder says “The X-Files were ours”. But Skinner rightly gives him the reality check, um, no, they belong to the people. FYI, Mulder, life and the FBI existed before you, during your absence and potentially long after you are gone…


So we are starting to see more of the picture created in 2016. SOMETHING BIG is coming. Plague, Alien invasion, natural disaster – perhaps global warming related – but both CSM and Mr. Y’s team are preparing for a way to beat the inevitable. CSM with his plague and vaccines, MR. Y and Barbara Hershey via uploading consciousness and ruling as supreme beings over intellectual slaves like  Steve Jobs and Richard Langly.

We learn that Deep Throat’s real name revealed to be “Ronald Pakula”. On his tombstone has been hidden a data chip, found by realizing some of the birth dates for the LGM were wrong.

BTW –What was the deal with the other Tombs? All want to know after 2016 tribute to Kim Manners. Terry Hutcheson worked with Frank Spotnitz on Man in the High Castle and numerous other iconic movies and shows (Including Travelers on Netflix which I highly recommend. Loved Falling Skies too!). Maximilian Lyman probably is for a 2018 crew member of the same name (According to Vulture – I cannot confirm or deny this based on my research). Julie Ng was the Director/Producer of Season X and other documentary shorts and other BTS teasers promoting the X-Files in recent years. George Donald Rivers is a mystery. Donald Rivers is a ScyFy Movie producer – perhaps with a connection on projects in development. VULTURE found an Outer Limits episode ” in which Alan Thicke played a man named Donald Rivers who uncovered government conspiracies about cloning?” GEORGE was born on July 4, 1952. George M Cohen reference – July 4th is his mythical Bday. Of Course, George M and I were actually both born on July 3rd, just 92 years apart. More possible random… Actor Jon Polito, who once appeared in Millenium, has December 29 for a birthday (1950). GDR died about 48 hours prior to Y2K….???? RED HERRING form Glen/Chris? Of course “X-625652 was the first X-file case number investigated by Agent Arthur Dales in 1952.” X-Files Wikia


Thanks to GIANT KILLER / CHARNETTE for giving us the low down on t the DREAM MAN cameo… Be sure to read her thread on the subject.


Image result for lone gunman pic dream man x-files THIS

After we see a bowl of the usual sunflower seeds and alien head, there is a quick cut to a case file opened under a stack of other files.  Studies/Experiments have been conducted in Hong Kong and Taiwan (I think)… Searching google  “Perfetti & Bell 1991” their study is referenced in the book “Orthography, Phonology, Morphology and Meaning” and this article and others. I do not recognize this as a case form an old episode.

Does PYC-9103 mean something? This is the license plate.

Like I said above this couch slide and table flip seems rehearse by Mulder & Scully. BAD ASS.

“Better call from a land line” this place has cell service as an option?

LOGICAL CYTOLOGY? or psychological cytology? What are they looking into?

Cytology: The medical and scientific study of cells.Cytology refers to a branch of pathology, the medical specialty that deals with making diagnoses of diseases and conditions through the examination of tissue samples from the body. 

LESSON LEARNED – Oven Mitts make hi-tech cell phone signal disguise? But plastic baggie better for evidence collection.

Was Mulder AIMING for Scully. He MISSED!

Was the kitchen THIS nasty before the first shoot out. Looks like Amish oats surrounded by rat poop.

Guess Mulder really misses his drop ceiling. He just keeps throwing pencils and bouncing off walls.

WE GOTTA TAKE A TRIP TO IKEA – First of all IKEA table would never stop a bullet!

Even more Jason Bourne like action as Mulder and Scully escape being cuffed and captured by professional mercenary army. Blackwater got nothing on our heroes.

Mulder’s phone kill switch has PACMAN death sound, right.


THEY CALLED IT Project X. It was an unusually audacious, highly sensitive assignment: to build a massive skyscraper, capable of withstanding an atomic blast, in the middle of New York City. It would have no windows, 29 floors with three basement levels, and enough food to last 1,500 people two weeks in the event of a catastrophe. But the building’s primary purpose would not be to protect humans from toxic radiation amid nuclear war. Rather, the fortified skyscraper would safeguard powerful computers, cables, and switchboards. It would house one of the most important telecommunications hubs in the United States — the world’s largest center for processing long-distance phone calls, operated by the New York Telephone Company, a subsidiary of AT&T.


BLARNEY is a communications surveillance program of the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States. It started in 1978, operated under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act [1][2] and was expanded after the September 11 attacks.[3] The collection takes place at top-level telecommunications facilities within the United States, choke points through which most traffic will flow, including wireless. This type of surveillance is referred to as Upstream collection. BLARNEY was first brought to public view in a PRISM slide revealed by Edward Snowden.[2] The FY 2013 budget for BLARNEY was $65.96 million.[4

We learn Scully is just as Sassy as ever – you mean the x-files in our office we can’t get into. Yeah. Oh…

Any symbolism to the spider we see in the foreground as Skinner enters the parking garage? Perhaps the WEBS of intrigue Walter has to navigate in these hard times?

X93985 is HOME, PA

LGM hide a lot inside THE Scully Spank Bank

You know, the one issue I have is the breaking into Titan Point moment. This guy expecting favors of a seemingly sexual nature for letting Scully and the bound Mulder into the possibly most top secret location in the world seems weird. Too easy. Too DATED as a device… REALLY? (Hearing Seth Myers in my head)

New X-Files Tonight (Sneak Peak) & Updates

TV Alert! David is scheduled to appear on Late Night with Seth Meyers on 1/15

Tonight we have a new episode of The X-files to look forward to! Here’s a clip of the opening scene.

Dean Haglund talks about (spoiler alert!) the return of what appears to be his character Langley.

Here are a few links to new articles on XF:

We also have a new article from E! – The X-Files and Endings: Is This the Last Season for Mulder & Scully? Will Skinner Die?  – Darin Morgan’s ‘X-Files’ Season 11 Episode Will Be A Throwback To Classic Mulder & Scully, According To Its Stars

Here’s our latest Fandom News Video and Discussion about all things X-files. Check back here for our episode recap later.



MY STRUGGLE III X-Files Season 11 off to Controversial Fast Pace

MY STRUGGLE III X-Files Season 11

my struggle

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched the episode TURN AWAY NOW!!!

MY STRUGGLE III X-Files Season 11 off to Controversial Fast Pace


So, best that I can tell, MY STRUGGLE 3 picks up right about at the beginning of MY STRUGGLE 2.

If you go back to the beginning of MS2, after the opening sequence, we see Scully looking for Mulder in his office, sits down at the desk and watches computer screen with TAD back on the air.

Now skip to post opening sequence of MS3. For a split second we see Scully in that same moment as we zoom into her eyes. Next moment Mulder and medical team is working with a past out comatose Scully.

My theory is that All of My Struggle 2 was a either a vision controlled by William, or somehow that beam of light form the ARV/UFO at the end of MS2 sent Dana’s consciousness back, in sense she actually lived those moments physically, not just in her mind. The journey back could be some alien tech that overwhelms the mind.

As much as I like the latter, I am convinced it is all William. Chris Carter said Episode ten will be WIlliam’s Struggle. MS1 was Mulder’s Struggle. MS2 Was Scully’s.

I want to call MS3 Walter Skinner’s Struggle, but Karl Gerhard Bush got the opening monologue.

Or perhaps, based on fan reaction last night, MS3 is Chris Carter’s struggle. 25 years later WHAT DO WE DO NOW!?!?!?!?!

I saw a lot of speculation that perhaps MS3 erases Babylon. The claim is Miller and Einstein did not recognize Scully. After watching the episode three times last night, I did not see evidence that they did not know Mulder and Scully. They did not seem overly close or concerned, true. But they only worked on one case together. They are coworkers that barely know each other. Pre-MS2  they have not had an overly dramatic moment to share. Einstein basically was appalled by Mulder as an agent, willing to take acid to discover “truth”. Miller was nothing more than a professional agent working with Scully. He has not been called into save Mulder yet. It is possible they are part of the conspiracy, which would explain how Miller actually found Mulder in MS2. This is a RED HERRING (As a fan of CLUE I use this line at every opportunity lol)

Of course, with Monster of the Week episodic format, there is no guarantee we are getting these episodes in chronological order to the canon. In fact MOTW often seems to have nothing to do with canon. Never mind the comedic episodes.

Continuity seems the least important issue to Chris Carter. Knowing this I watch with an open mind and stay in the moment – Out of sight out of mind. I assume I share this trait with Chris.

All that being said, My Struggle 3 was great. I loved it. I even loved NOT loving the twist. Even more I love the fan explosion on twitter and other platforms discussing the twist. We are all out there freaking out, but it is fun. Balanced with the proper consumption of adult beverages with sweet and salty snacks, last night was an event. An ALL DAY EVENT!

On twitter we all counted down the days, hours and minutes to show time. We live tweeted with millions of fans – I made at least 10 new friends online last night. We kept the party going for hours after. This was our NEW YEARS DAY celebration. But the worst part does not come close to a Mariah Carry EFF UP.

Last night is why I keep coming back, and keep going to comic cons – even though I hate comic cons I love all of you fan friends that have become family – and why I am going to Australia next month. I am 45 years old and this is 25 years of my life. The same 25 years I have known my wife. (Started dating 6 months before The X-Files first aired).

Star Wars owns the 5yo in me, but X-Files is my adulthood fantasy world. My dreams still prefer Superman – love to fly as I sleep. HOPE!

I have heard folks say I’M DONE for 17 years, but there are more of us than ever.

Last night, despite the twist that is freaking every one out (Which I called years ago with everyone always saying SHUT UP WALT every time I suggest the very thing – MSR is serious) was an amazing hour of X-Files. Amazing performances from all gave this a more ensemble cast feel. Mitch Pileggi, William Davis and Annabeth Gish may have had equal or more screen time to David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. All of the above seemed more present and intense.

The story commanded it; they surpassed expectations. TWITTER responded. Annabeth and Mitch fans went nuts last night. They looked great and

My initial reaction is similar to My Struggle 1. This is not the X-Files we grew up with. MS1 had almost too much alien stuff to see. MS3 was just a swift pace, as if Chris was forced to squeeze a double episode into one hour.

From the second we see Scully sitting at the desk to the time she is already in the hospital must be less than a minute.

A few seconds later we see Mulder in a car chase. Usually Mulder just looks through files as he inner monologues.

As Scully is trying to get back to work, Karl and Monica confront Skinner, but Skinner controls the day, as far as he thinks. Another great Skinner line will live in infamy – which is the perfect mirror for “Pucker up and kiss my ass”.

Get your ass back in the carI’m not finished,”

The fast cuts give the highest MTV editor whiplash.

We meet the new (to us) Syndicate, At one point Karl says, “My enemies are LEGION”. Legion of course has a lot of potential meaning – from X-Men series to famous hackers. LEGION sticks in my mind as something we should keep an eye on moving forward.

Of course, THIS IS CHRIS CARTER. What actually is real? What is a dream? What is altered state?

Too many X-Files fans don’t think like SciFi fans. Continuity is fluid in SciFi.

The second I heard about the multiverse episode in a few weeks, my mind jumps to DC Comics and MARVEL Entertainment. Over the past 80 years there have been many incarnations of the famous superheroes. Once labeled as GOLDEN AGE, SILVER AGE etc,, eventually the idea of a multiverse explained away EVERY continuity issue. Oh that was Superman from Earth 634. That’s why he can shoot lasers from his fingers and pull a rubberized body suit from his chest. DUH! (I hate the comic book snobs – we are geeks, get over ourselves, PLEASE)

I found the trick to really LOVING SciFi is to let go of your sense of reality. To understand SciFi is to understand the total possibility of this universe, and others.

Imagine a peasant from 1500s was ripped from her home in a European village and then dropped in 2018 Times Square. 1927 Metropolis does not come close to today’s reality.

In 2018 we have micro-processing, cell phones, nuclear power, new powerful lasers, and any day now about to get commercial/recreational space travel. X-Files has never been the place for new and original. I am pretty sure every episode has a root in some horrible movie only a few of us have seen during sleepless nights 20-30 years ago, the old Creature Features or MST 3000.

But we get those same old stories with David and Gillian and Mitch. We get the stories re-imagined with Glen, James, Darin, and others. And we have the master mind Chris Carter, the imperfect genius task master, that -for all our complaints – is the real reason we are all here today.

The X-Files is a better version of all those B movie ScFi and Horror Flicks. It has far surpassed all expectations. The fact we are getting more content 25 years later – with the talent we all love – is a miracle. A blessing I choose to embrace wholeheartedly.