TO VIDEO OR NOT TO VIDEO – more to the story

If you have not done so already read this TO VIDEO OR NOT TO VIDEO

This is not a retort or rebuttal. But rather a continuation of the conversation Pam has started, adding perspective and creating dialogue for all to continue.

I would like to first agree with virtually everything Pam wrote about recently. I know many that felt Pam was preachy or attacking Duchovniacs and others. I actually cannot find fault with any of it. As both a fan and a performing artist I struggle with this issue – among many others in the fandom. As a fan blogger that serves a dual purpose of promoting one of my favorite artists as well as helping fans access this star, I have different opinions.

I have been a live performer all my life. From playing piano before turning 5, to going to college as a trumpet major, to leaving college an Opera singer – via Broadway wannabe, to starting my own Improv Comedy troupe. I have been a student and professional performer, director and producer in numerous disciplines. And my opinions vary depending on which hat I wear.

As an artist I love having a record of my performances. It helps an artist grow. It can be purely ego at times as well. I have worked many projects that were video taped and I would never watch. Others – ones I was incredibly proud of – were not able to be video taped because of union rules, house rules etc. Frustrating.

However for most shows I have performed I would hate to have folks with their cell phones out in any capacity. It’s rude. You paid money to be entertained. Engage. Live performance always requires audition participation. I produce a show where we actual use audience volunteers on stage. However, every live performance relies on the focus, energy, and imagination to succeed. Phones/Cameras are distracting to both artist and other fans.

As a director, performer and lover of live performance I recognize that a video of a live show SUCKS by my standards. Unless it is produced with multiple cameras and amazing live director or editor for video archive, you never capture the true essence of the live experience, which is what I live for as an artist and fan.

Case in point, the video above is terrible. Many fans will watch and be grateful we shared. If I was of those four artists, I would argue the video misrepresents their amazing talent. I was too close to a speaker that was kicking out an unbalanced amount of vocals. However, my ears – just 18 inches from my phone at the time – heard a far superior final product.

I wanted to capture this for the fans because last night I was blown away by this rendition of “Lately It’s Always December” with Colin Lee delivering the whistle solo. When I saw Colin setting up mics, I whipped out the phone (which was off for the night and hence why I missed the top of the song).

As a producer I LOVE fans with camera phones taking video and photo and sharing across the internet. My personal success as an actor/comic has relied on this from the day I started producing my own work.

I started the comedy troupe with Laurice in 2002. Soon after we had one social media platform after another popping up. We would share videos of live shows as well as write and video original sketch material and behind the scenes footage. This footage helped us grow as artists and promoted us to new fans. I almost never put a penny into marketing because social media and word of mouth are far more effective. People also share photos and videos of their own promoting us to their network of friends and family.

I also follow a blog by Broadway Producer Ken Davenport. A couple years ago, he experimented with a social media section, where he allowed a certain number of fans to live tweet and other wise share experience of a performance of Godspell. The result was controversial and exciting.

As Pam admits, while she wants to respect the artist, she, like 1000s of others, love to follow the events from home (especially after attending their first event.)


If I were to find any fault with Pam’s blog, it does have a bit of a preachy high minded tone. This does not offend me in the least (I speak for myself here) but it does fall short of the full story.

Before the 2017 HELL OR HIGHWATER TOUR I actually reached out to producers. My first concern was, is growing fast. We have over 40,000 subscribers that have actually entered their emails to follow us or comment on blog settings. I imagine many others visit the pages/posts from time to time. As we grow I do not want to become a problem for the artist. We are here to support the artist and fans, as a third party delivery of news and recaps of events.

I was mostly concerned on how we represent David that would any way be in conflict with David or their team. Producers assured me that David and the team appreciate all that we do in that initial conversation. And they were OK with us sharing photos and videos of the events. They even thought it was kosher to cover the event from multiple angles – having a few of our bus mates video and photo the shows to share – including periscope.

I asked we keep dialogue open over the course of the two weeks in case we did anything that crosses an line or they had an requests.

After Pam’s blog was published (and #4429 gate), one of the Producers said they spoke with David more on the subject (I think they saw some of the twitter chatter). David did not object to us sharing vids and pics but that he wanted all to be engaged, singing and dancing along. David suggested we put cameras on a tripod on the stage. I did this in Huntington last Thursday

I held the phone until Press had completed their business. I moved it when a fan was trying to get a couple photos. But the rest of the time I sang and danced. David likes when I dance. Moving on…

While dozens have gossiped and speculated, I have continued to have the conversation with the Producers about what works for them and David. It’s not like we are constantly updating each other but every night I make sure to say hi and smile to the team in case they have anything they need to relay on this subject and others.

I think all agree, I truly believe (risking speculation myself here, I know) David is old school, in a great way. These personal devices have no place at a live show. I do not disagree. And often they limit the holder’s ability to truly enjoy the performance as well as dampen another’s that may be distracted by the lights on the device, or often have views blocked by phones in front.

However as a producer I know allowing fans to photo and video performances, and share online, sells tickets, albums and merchandising.

My on going dialogue with producers is to find that perfect balance that supports David on and off stage, keeps the dialogue going online and fans excited for the music projects and other future events.

If nothing else we save David’s team $1000s in marketing dollars.

Excuse me while I briefly digress…

For me, my mission remains the same as it did May 14, 2015 when I started the site.

  1. Bringing fans together from around the world to hang out and become great friends, sharing a common connection as fans, but growing far beyond. We are a massive dysfunctional family that supports one another in many ways beyond our unhealthy obsession with certain shows and their male star. We love David, X-Files, etc but this site has grown far beyond just watching David live and on TV, Films, etc. We get together and hang out. When fans are visiting NYC area we get together. This has created an important powerful social element that brings many people joy. 20 years from I envision meeting up with friends, like Deadheads or Woodstock alumni. Hugs, Happy Tears and Memories and a lot of “WTF were we thinking” moments.
  2. Making those fans feel a part of the action when they cannot be there. On 5/14/2015 I had about a dozen fan friends in mind.  We now have 100s of friends that we directly connect with regularly and 100s more that say hello at events or respond from time to time online. 1000s more are following the blog and twitter feeds. They are very thankful for us keeping them in the loop, sharing stories of our own experiences as friends as much as David’s escapades. Many love watching these videos no matter how poor the quality at times as much as another might stare at cat videos perhaps. It is content that has a demand, no matter how small.
  3. Letting fans now about events. David’s producers just recently created Until then we relied on local promoters and David’s twitter, which we know is usually lacking in up to date info. Every event I attend I meet someone that thanks us for what we do and says they are attending because we promoted the event on this site. I have no allusions of this. I am deeply touched. And a new friendship is born.
  4. Educating fans that David actually has a band and writes his own music – not to mention the novels. Even tonight I talked to someone that had no clue what they paid to see. They love the X-files and/or Californication, they may know about Aquarius, but they have no clue David is a writer. Even after a concert, I have to remind folks when David says “This is a song I wrote about…” He was serious. Perhaps joking he wrote David Bowie or other songs does not help.
  5. It makes me happy. It makes me happy to belong to something that so many are happy to belong to. It makes me happy to laugh with so many so often as we do. I have paid my dues, working nearly 1 years without a vacation or doing anything for myself. And now I get to do things for myself that involve 100s of friends and 1000s of associations. I am not privileged or believe myself entitled. But it is my privilege to have so many great friends and experiences. I do not look for attention or wish for accolades. See friends and strangers laugh makes me happy.  It is the same reason I work as a comic actor. I love to entertain. I hate the off stage attention. I want to laugh WITH you. I want to interact WIITH you. I want to connect with YOU!

I am excited to report, due to the success of our work, the producers see the void we fill and have some plans to fill that void themselves, creating more videos for David’s youtube and website that will be far more professional published.

David’s team is an amazing but small operation. And till now they have been slammed with creating two albums and producing a tour. They are slowing down on new song creation and looking to expand how they get their material to the fans – via online videos, single tracks for download, smaller, more intimate acoustic concerts etc

They are working hard. We are working hard. Again, sorry for anything we do that offends or comes up short. We area a small operation as well.

I would ask (again) for ALL to stay positive. The world is crazy enough. We do not need to tear each other apart. Nothing nice to say, don’t say it. I regret tweeting a lot things I tweeted today. 2nd time I had to go on the offensive in past year to quell a group of cyber bullies.

But despite anything I or they or anyone has said, I have no hate.

I encourage ALL to stop online gossip and speculation (including those in my own inner circle of friends) which leads to a lot of #FAKENEWS

Not only do you make others feel bad, you deepen the ire you feel. Instead try laughing at me. Eventually I hope you will laugh WITH me but if laughing at me brings you joy I can handle it. (Most others cannot say same so please keep your mean spirited laughs and jabs pointed at me.)

I am deeply sorry to anyone we may offend by anything we do. I will never apologize for having fun, if the only reason I offend is your own ego and insecurity. But if I seriously say or do anything out of line call me on it. I am human. I need checks and balances.

We cannot please all. But for every one that shares concern (or is outright distasteful on “THE” twitter) I can name dozens that appreciate what we do and time and time again pour out their support.

So instead of shaming us, perhaps find a different outlet for your X-Files News or David Duchovny updates.  Or start your own. This is why I like Pam’s blog. It adds perspective. And even when I disagree I find the writing thoughtful and far deeper than my own.

I welcome all. This will never be a “competition”. You will never hear me say words like “TRUE FAN”. You will never hear me say one fan is more special than another.

Enjoy these artists and projects in YOUR way. For many our site is a big part of that process, along with the videos we share, periscope/facebook feeds, twitter feeds, photos and more.

Part of our fun (Actually the most important) is the connection we have with David’s fans from around the world and especially the close connections we have made with a few dozen friends.

We do this out of love. Thank you to all that share the love back.

“Walk it back baby take another breath, rewind” #ThankYouDuchovniacs @duchovniacs

It was a rainy day in NYC!
#ThankYouDuchovniacs Seriously, guys?


It’s Walter. I am so beyond moved. I cannot tell you. I almost want to do a video but afraid happy tears will flow. Not embarrassed by that but who wants to see that…

This morning’s post was weeks-perhaps months- in the making. This was not a decision made lightly. It was not a post we wanted to post. AND it was not completely all about one person. One particular individual has made things difficult for us (NOT just Laurice and I) in recent times but this was one of those straws and the camel back things. Years of dealing with social media trolls, etc. When you put yourself out there you always become a target for the crazies.

We are approaching a 2 year anniversary for this site. May 14, 2015, 2 days after the Cutting Room concert I threw this site-up. We have been meeting folks for dinner before events for almost 10 years. We have been attending events for nearly 15 years. I have been a fan for nearly 24. (September 10, 1993 to be exact, ring a bell LOL).

I have had many conversations in one form or another today with fans, industry friends, other organizations that do similar activities etc etc etc

There has been an outpouring of support from 100s of fans – sorry, no – 100s of friends. I commit to you all we are here to stay. I promise to you, David and anyone in between to put ALL drama in the past, and I implore ALL to join me and help put an end to many of our concerns.

Now in order to truly achieve a perfect situation I need all to take action AND responsibility. I know this is asking for a lot but if even one person reads this and joins me to stop negative activities – whether you are causing as a bully, or spreading negative vibes via gossip, or suffering due to actions of another – I have achieved something.

I ask ALL to join me to stop letting ANYONE ruin our fun for ANY reason.

Some thoughts after my experiences and conversations with other…

    There are a few things that keep coming up over and over and over. Turns out the truth IS out there and friends and colleagues felt need to share it. Many in the fandom have been victimized. Many have stopped attending events because of an individual or a group of individuals. Many have never attended an event because of fears this would happen to them, often from friend’s nightmares
    Seriously, what is this all about. I do not want to psychoanalyze why you feel the need to attack – online / in person. Directly or via talking behind backs etc. It needs to stop. No one deserves to be bullied. WHAT IS BULLYING?Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problemsOK, this is from

    The word bullying is a little juvenile, but so is the behavior of many fans. I tell my students that after turning 18, Bullying is harassment, assault and battery. Fine-able and/or Jail-able offenses.
  3. PLEASE do not be afraid of bullies
    Easier said then done, right. It takes a lot of strength, especially when the behavior has been repeated for a long time. It helps if ALL of us commit to the previous thing.  PLEASE do not be afraid to attend an event. If need be, find us and we will provide a protective shield of fun to block out all garbage. SAFETY IN NUMBERS, right. YOU deserve to live and experience life. Don’t let fear hold you back in this fandom OR life. It’s 2017. there will always be jerks, but the world is more on more on YOUR side to be who YOU are. ONLY YOU can empower a bully. But you are not alone in fighting that aggressor. WTF!!!! Get out and have fun. YOU deserve it!!!
    A big part of the bully thing is gossip. Don’t worry I do not troll internet. But I now have hundreds of #Duchovniac friends that look for each other. They send us things. Most of the time I shrug them off. But not all can do that. I teach self confidence to kids, teens and adults via acting/Improv comedy. I see the result of bullies and gossip every day. I teach something called Psychological safety. To truly achieve this we must all cease and desist all activity that shames another or tries to pit on against another. I don’t care if you think you are being funny, jealous, or getting retribution for being hurt. STOP THE CYCLE by not participating in the gossip. I cannot tell you how many lies I have read about me over the past two years. In my own closest circles I am not even sure what is fact and what is speculation for 1000s of lines via DM chats. PLEASE I don’t care if you are attacking me or in defense of me STOP. (I appreciate all my heros out there but not at the expense of another’s emotional/mental safety.)
    I believe that karma ALWAYS runs its course. A lawyer once told me “Argue with an asshole and you become an asshole”. My own experience with scary folks in past is to let Karma run its course. And for many, anything you do in retribution or even just sharing your frustration delays the inevitable. STOP THE CYCLE. Do nothing and chances are it will stop. It might not stop right away. It might get worse before it gets better. Be strong. Surround yourself with true friends.
    When someone wrongs you, confront them. Not viciously, not on the attack. But open and honestly let someone know they hurt you. If they are a real friend, they will say sorry and work towards a solution together. If they deny and get defensive, it’s possible they are unaware and incredibly insecure. Be a good friend and be there for them. If they still do not come around, there are 8 billion people in this world. Even if you struggle making friends, there are other fish in the sea, to borrow a phrase from other relationship psycho babble…
    One of the best defenses against bullies of any shape and kind is to be a great friend. Treat others the way you want to be treated at all times. You will not always get what you hope in return. Does not work that way all the time. But when you act like a great friend all the time, you attract great friends. When the world takes a turn, you will be surprised who really is a great friend. I am still here tonight because it turns out I may have the BEST friends in the whole world – all around the world ay ay ay. PLEASE don’t stop being a great friend because someone treats you badly.
    Have you been a jerk in the past? There are a few I may never consider a friend at this point – too many bridges burnt. But I can sit, have a beer/coffee and talk to anyone, regardless of past. I do not hold grudges. You may never be in my inner circle of friends, or invited to my house etc etc etc but if you drop you walls, I am hear to chat. So often those walls grow into resentment and hate because we fear what awaits us on the other side or are embarrassed by our own behavior. If you EFFED UP, own up to it. I have. And intend to take huge steps to go further with that concept. I have no three strikes rule. Don’t expect anything but don’t fear my company either. I have no agendas. I wish no one harm. I hope ALL will take my lead with anyone out there – fandom, family, old friends etc. LIFE IS SHORT to walk around with regret and resentment. Don’t expect / demand things like closure. Just chill out and open up. I promise you will be hurt again.

Fear of pain is no reason to stop living!!!

WHEN IN DOUBT Learn from our movies/shows…

  1. X-Files
    YES There are conspiracies of grave national/world security but when things get really bad we do have friends. TRUST NO ONE, maybe, but let your friends help you. If they turn out to be shape shifting bounty hunters, we are screwed, but why block all out because of our fears. We have trump’s walls and bans for that now
    Jealousy and worrying about what the neighbors are doing kills. THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION. No one is judged by what they can and cannot attend. I certainly cannot attend everything. Many things I go only because I want to support this site. This whole “TRUE FAN” nonsense has to end today. I promise you David appreciates anything and everything. He is humbled by the support he can see in front of him at concerts and book signings. He is just as humbled by the support from all of you following the shows, music, books and more form around the world. In some ways that is what keeps me coming back. You can see in his eyes and body language. He is genuinely taken aback.
    HAVE FUN. Seriously that movie is all about having fun. Regardless of the world falling apart, evil government overlords or idiot students. Stupid things are going to happen and we need to just say EFF IT and keep on keeping on. HAVE FUN (but NEVER at anyone else’s expense – as I always tell my comedy students even when they are writing jokes)
  4. TV SET
    Never let a 14 year old tell you what is good. And never think like a 14 yo when confronted with bullies etc. Be an adult. Be strong. Learn from all those past experiences. GROW. Actually the real lesson from that movie – things rarely go as planned. Our plan is our guide. our path. But things will drag us off the path. Keep an open mind and don’t let every step off the path become a butterfly effect to ruin your entire universe. Leave minor bumps in the past so you can handle major road blocks.
    David looks good in a dress and stilettos. I am a straight man with zero… you know… but i feel safe in making that statement. OK It’s a bromance at best… I digress…When in doubt forget your worries and your cares and remember why we are all here. Don’t become BOB because of insecurity and resentments.

Xs and Os

Laurice & Walt

See you Sunday in San Diego!!!

PS In 9th grade I noticed something. For every bully there were at least a dozen victims. I was a band/math/science geek. Triple whammy. There was a kid that came and pushed us around fairly often. Actually I noticed a number of individuals that come around and mess with our group. Those bullies were not friends.

One day after school, waiting for the bus, I threw the kid about 6-8 feet. I was double his size. I was fed up. I did not get into fight. I just threw him. The “BULLY” was just stunned. A bunch of my friends said to me “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, he is going to come back with the whole gang” That was also the first time I realized many of my friends were racist (The kid I threw was black and we were middle class suburban honkies).

Guess what? NEVER heard from him again. But I was emboldened.

About a week later, another one of those bullies confronted me in the locker room –  tiny little Asian kid. He hit me three times in the jaw. The little blood I had was from lips scratching my braces. They were more slaps, taunting me, trying to intimidate me.  I slammed him into the locker with a single lunge. He yelped. “What are you doing, he know kung fu” (Seriously guys, the racism again?) Teacher came and sent him to principal. He had a reputation. I did not.

Another week goes by; I kind of pick the fight this time. He was chasing another kid. Running past behind me I just stepped back and tripped him up. I GOT THIS NOW!

So I went home with a black eye ONLY because I saw teacher coming and dropped my guard. He took sucker punch. He got suspended. I got a day off and ice cream.

I have not been in a physical altercation since – not counting twice too different idiots – two different times – cold cocked me in the back of the head because I refused to be pushed around. Strong blows to the back of my head while I was walking away from potential fight. I should have pressed charges but the scumbags were not worth my time.

Point is… there will always be jerks. AND we always have to resist urge to be a jerk. You cannot avoid every fight. But we can ALL do a better job avoid tiny unnecessary ones.

The rewards of the high ground are not always obvious. As an adult, sometimes we have to buy ourselves the ice cream.

Looking forward to adding many more faces below!!!


Bucky F*cking Dent: Not About the Detroit Tigers… GREAT David Duchovny book REVIEW

See everyone tonight at 10pm EST for AQUARIUS LIVE TWEET @duchovniacs


Bucky F*cking Dent: Not About the Detroit Tigers, But Good Baseball Reading

Even though we as readers are not told to judge a book by its cover, it was the cover and the title that drew me to Duchovny’s Bucky F*cking Dent. It isn’t every day that I get to read a book about baseball that also happens to have an expletive in the title.

While I tend to gravitate towards non-fiction books, BFD was a pleasant piece of fiction that hooked me from the start. Part of the book I loved the most was Duchovny’s matter-of-fact, conversational writing style.



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