The X-Files Season 11 – Ep 9 & 10 Trailer/Promo

We are down to the final two episodes of The X-files season 11 and most likely the end of the series (bawling)

Here’s the latest trailer for episodes 9 & 10. We’re not ready!
An End That Must Be Faced | Season 11 | THE X-FILES

Published on Mar 8, 2018 – An extended trailer for the final two episodes this season of THE X-FILES.

We’re finally all caught up now! We missed episode 7 because we were in Australia for David’s concerts! We’ve just uploaded the last of our pics/videos from all those shows we’ll be posting them here soon.

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New X-Files Tonight (Sneak Peak) & Updates

TV Alert! David is scheduled to appear on Late Night with Seth Meyers on 1/15

Tonight we have a new episode of The X-files to look forward to! Here’s a clip of the opening scene.

Dean Haglund talks about (spoiler alert!) the return of what appears to be his character Langley.

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We also have a new article from E! – The X-Files and Endings: Is This the Last Season for Mulder & Scully? Will Skinner Die?  – Darin Morgan’s ‘X-Files’ Season 11 Episode Will Be A Throwback To Classic Mulder & Scully, According To Its Stars

Here’s our latest Fandom News Video and Discussion about all things X-files. Check back here for our episode recap later.



X-Files Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster Is My New Jam

X-Files Mulder and Scully meet the Were-Monster is my New Jam

X-Files Season 10 comedy episode is full of eggs and laughs

Recap and Review by Walt Frasier @waltfrasier

X-Files has been my favorite show for all of my adulthood. So when Darin Morgan inserted this many Easter Eggs – and amazingly funny moments – into one episode, I just have to say, thanks. The episode is equally a tribute to many X-Files moments of yore and wonderfully creatively written.


The episode starts with Stoner #1 (Tyler Labineand Stoner #2 (Nicole Parkersniffing paint from a brown bag. I spent the next hour cackling at the gags and jokes. Stoners 1 & 2 of course have previously appeared in Quagmire and War of the Coprophages (both 1996). It is interesting to note, both episodes were directed by Kim Manners, who we will talk more about later.

Our paint bag stoners hear a noise and discover a giant lizard man wrestling with animal control agent, Pasha (Kumail Nanjiani, X-Files fan and podcaster). The lizard hisses and runs away, through our stoner couple. DUDE! A lot of dudes have been attacked and killed, with teeth marks to the throat, and one missing their clothes.

When we first see Mulder, he is using the I WANT TO BELIEVE SIGN as a pencil dart board. No more room on the ceiling?

“Mulder, what are you doing to MY poster?” Scully enters to Mulder oozing self doubt in his past beliefs.  Mulder admits he is middle aged and his new wisdom is causing second guessing.

“Mulder, have you been taking your meds?” Scully.

To be truthful, the comedy is a little forced. But I was immensely entertained, so who cares?

CUT TO Mulder and Scully in the woods looking for monsters. Mulder for once is trying to find reasoning without paranormal explanations.

“Aw Scully, I gave up profiling before I gave up monsters. You’ve seen one serial killer you’ve seen them all!” Mulder.

The were-monster is next seen attacking a truck stop transvestite hooker. As they hear a scary roar, Mulder and Scully run to the action while the animal control officer runs the other way.

The ongoing theme in this episode is Mulder’s “SMART PHONE” camera app acting up.

They chase the were-lizard into a port-o-potty where they only find what seems to be a traveling salesman (Rhys Darby). Perhaps a nod to Darin’s own time in a camp side john as the Flukeman, Host Season 2.

Darin Morgan

Mulder is very impressed with smart phone camera techniques, including video of himself scream hysterically.

“The internet is not good for you” Scully says of Mulder’s explanations.

Back at the motel, Mulder suddenly wakes by screaming manager, drunk on rubbing alcohol. “Please go away or I’ll kill ya.”

I was cracking up at the bear rug on the wall. Mulder finds the former guest room torn apart, leading to a hidden passageway, with Fox peering at Scully though a huge dead wall-mounted fox’s eyes.


Of course this is when we see the Motel Manager checking out Mulder sleeping in his red briefs, before witnessing the were-monster’s transformation.

This is a cheeky nod to the famous Mulder speedo scene from Season 2 episode, Duane Barry.

Mulder is beside himself as he tries to convince Scully of the truth, with a few theories, and the need to check out of the motel immediately.

David Duchovny’s arguing with himself was perfectly performed with impeccable delivery of both Mulder’s reasonings and Scully’s rebuttals.

“Yeah, this is how I like my Mulder” Scully. “Your bat crap crazy”

Mulder tracks down the witch doctor / psychologist via Guy Mann’s prescriptions.

“Werewolf was my patient on Monday” Doc.

The doctor tries to give anti-psychotic drug prescription to Mulder for believing the were-lizard’s story.

After meeting Scully at the SMART PHONES IS US store, Mulder finds Guy Mann at the cemetery, where we also see a head stone tribute to late Kim Manners. This brought an emotional response from the entire fandom.

The following monologue and interchange was absolutely brilliant. Scully SexFrom Guy Man trying to get Mulder to kill him, to his origin story (a human bite turning him from a reptilian creature into a were-lizard), to lying about having sex with Scully (fell out of chair here), to being driven by the desires/fears of a middle aged man (job, burgers, morning coffee, depression, revenge, lying about sex life, etc).

Guy Mann got a dog. “…the only way to be happy as a human, was to spend all your time in the company of non humans” Guy Mann loses dog.

Guy explains his confrontation with the trans-gendered professional.

“She hit like a man” Guy

“Because she used to be a…” Mulder

“I’ll do the surgery” Guy

“They cut off your genitals” Mulder

“That’s a but too far…” Guy

“I’m just looking for some internal logic” Mulder grasps for understanding.

“Why, there is no external logic” Guy

By the end Guy is running off calling Mulder the monster.

Mulder drinks away the moment.

“Let’s Kick It In The Ass”

Kim Manner tribute

Mulder wakes to his X-Files ringtone sleeping at the base of Kim Manner’s headstone. It’s Scully at the animal control center. Scully gets attacked. Mulder runs to save her, but Scully already apprehended the killer. Mulder runs off to see Guy. Scully steals the dog.

Will the puppy survive the season?

The puppy’s name, Daggoo, is also a character from Moby Dick. “He reminds me of Queequeg” (The Pomeranian Scully adopted in “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” and lost in “Quagmire” to Big Blue).

“I did not know reptile hibernated” Mulder

“That’s racist. I’m not a reptile” Guy

Mulder seems content seeing the actual transformation.

“I’m glad to have met you” Guy

“Likewise” Mulder.

Thank you to Darin Morgan and the gang for delivering what might be my new favorite episode. Brilliantly written and wonderfully performed by David, Gillian and Rhys.

In fact, going one step further, I would like to start the Award Season Buzz here. I nominate Rhys Darby ( for special guest Emmy. Do I have a second?





X-Files: Founder’s Mutation Recap and Review

X-Files: Founders Mutation Recap and Review

Overview and Review by WALT FRASIER @WALTFRASIER

X-Files is really back now. My Struggle was a bridge to get the gang back together. Founder’s Mutation is business as usual. This is the X-Files we all missed. Thanks to James Wong for bringing us home. NOT “HOME” but to a place we all love and find comfort.


So right off the bat, is this the first time we have heard Mulder – or anyone – narrate the “previously on X-Files” segments? Chris Carter often said “Previously on the X-Files” for two- and three-parters. I suppose Mulder’s recap is more for those that have not been rewatching all summer.


Our episode begins with a seemingly distressed Dr. Sanjay (Christopher Loganheading to work at Nugenics. His coworker (Omari Newton – Continuum) notices things are a little off. “Rough Weekend?”

Founder's Mutation

Having difficulty focusing in the board room – due to a terrible ear ringing, he storms out, perhaps freaked out by the flock of birds gathering, and heads over to the computer banks to seek data for some unknown voice in his head. Unable to deal with ever intensifying sound, self lobotomy by letter opener is Dr. Sanjay’s gruesome end.

HEY THERE’s SKINNER AGAIN!!! (in the credits)

This feels like 1993 all over again.
We jump right into Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Andersonat the scene of the “Crime.”
M: “What do you see here Scully?”
Scully states the obvious. Mulder smiles and reveals a few less than obvious revelations. Scully gets the last word. “GOOGLE!”
And of course there is a local cop Security Guard (Aaron Douglas from Battlestar Gallactica). 



Glad to see comedy is still at hand. Mulder almost has a GRINDR moment in the can.
Mulder learns where the truth truly lies.
Garry Shandling almost learned which side it falls.
Every gay philes fantasy almost came true.



I did not realize how much I missed the autopsy scenes. While none will ever be as fun as BAD BLOOD, I loved being back in the examination room with Scully explaining the findings.

Watch out for kid crossing the road. You know this is not an accident, right. That kid must mean something.

X-Files: Founders Mutation


When Mulder breaks down with his own ear problems, I am called back to season six finale into season seven premiere when Mulder seems to go crazy. Did he not experience a similar sound effect and torture? Two scenes later Mulder reveals the harsh sounds continued until focusing on the words “FIND HER”


This is so familiar. Mulder and Scully at Skinner’s (Mitch Pileggi) desk with a DOD blowhard (Ryan Robbins – Arrow, Continuum) breathing down necks brings us right back to where we once belonged. I can only imagine Murphy running off to tattle tale to CSM.

Mulder’s office seems a lot cleaner. It actually looks like a place two agents would study filed video footage. Apparently Scully still doesn’t have a desk, or a name on the door. aAt least Gillian finally has equal pay, right?

Clearly a lot of the old files were not recovered. Someone get Mulder a new poster, pronto! . Scully realizes Mulder’s experience at Sanjay’s home was similar to the doctors final moments before suicidal act.
“Mulder, this is dangerous.”
“When has that ever stopped us before?”

Scully brings Mulder to her hospital Our Lady of Sorrows and calls upon her friend, Sister Mary (Christine Willes AKA Agent Karen E. Kosseff 1995-1997 various X-Files episodes). As the administrator goes to inquire about Dr. Augustus Goldman (Doug Savant Matt Fielding), Mulder and Scully are confronted by a scared and pregnant, Agnes (Kacey Rohl Abigail Hobbs form Hannibal).


Mulder and Scully finally get to see Dr. Goldman and his line up of patient children suffering from a number of genetic defects or “mutations”. Goldman thinks he is doing the right thing isolating the children. Clearly Scully is at odds.

New Movie (20).Movie_Snapshot

Agnes is later discover killed by a hit and run car with the baby missing. This again brings me right back to the pilot, when a girl (presumed invalid) escapes hospital care and dies in the road. 

Founder's Mutation

Mulder ties the case into former Alien-Human hybrid cases to explain how a baby might survive the experience.


The duo visit Goldman’s wife, Jackie (Rebecca Wisocky American Horror Story season 1 Burned Man’s wife) at St Elizabeth’s Hospital.

xfiles-founders-cafeteria.jpg (656×334).clipular

Jackie shares her story of losing her underwater breathing 2yo daughter, Molly, and her unborn son in a gruesome series of events, including a self performed C-section. GROSS!

Founder's Mutation

Recognizing a janitor’s outfit, Mulder and Scully find Jackie’s son, Kyle (Jonathan Whitesell also plays Brian on “The 100” on CW), living with an “adoptive mother.


As Mulder has another break down, Scully talks Kyle down. They arrest Kyle and bring him to meet his father.

Kyle finds his sister, Molly (Megan Peta Hill). As in a tweet I posted during the live viewing, this feels like a prequel to ESCAPE FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN. Like Mulder before, Kyle attacks his father to a more finite end. The kids get away. Mulder and Scully are left behind the tape when DOD steps in…


I purposefully skipped over a particular scene to discuss in tandem with the episode’s final moments.

Earlier Scully had a vision, a waking dream, of a life with William. He is about 10 at first. In a series of tableaux, Scully ages as does William, leading to an accident and William heading off in an ambulance with scrapes and possibly a few broken bones…

At the episode’s end, Mulder has a similar vision, ending in William’s alien abduction. The episode ends fading at Mulder pondering over Williams baby picture.

Two things

  1. Both Scully and Mulder are in a very similar place emotionally.
  2. Neither has the other in their respective visions of William.

Do they both imagine a world as single parents? My experience is that there are no coincidences with Chris Carter. No matter how subtle, there are underlying motives to the creators madness.



This episode feels like home. Not like HOME, but where we remember loving to be every Friday, then Sunday night for 7 years. While dealing with Mulder and Scully’s 2016 lives, Chris Carter has dialed back the Mulder / Scully clock, almost as if Seasons 8 & 9 never happened. Almost…

Stay tuned for a Duchovniacs PODCAST on the subject.


Founder’s Mutation
The X-Files (miniseries) episode
Episode no. Episode 2
Directed by James Wong
Written by James Wong
Production code 1AYW05
Original air date January 25, 2016
Running time 44 minutes
Guest actors


X-FILES: “Don’t gets better” Excuse me, it’s fine now!


Editorial by WALT FRASIER @waltfrasier on twitter

New X-Files episode is loved by most based on hundreds of fans I had the pleasure of interacting with last night. But I am starting to get a little angry by some of the extreme fans and a few critics trying to sell their tabloids with dreary headlines.

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW – Good, Bad & Ugly – just no spam please!!!

I get the sense that the true fans, those that have been there from day one, absolutely loved the “My Struggle!” It was tense and intense from start to finish. There was gushy nostalgia, romantic drama, and a lot of special effects. So critics be damned. Extreme shippers, chill. I think Chris Carter is at the top of his game with Season ten so far.

I have now watched the episode 4 times. First at the NYCC in October. Last week at the LA premiere in IMAX. Twice last night.

I keep saying, “OK now I am over the emotional response, I can dig down into the critical analysis.”

I know fans hate it when I compare it to Star Wars, but I have a similar visceral response. Watching both MY STRUGGLE and THE FORCE AWAKENS the first time, I noticed “issues” while absolutely falling in love with both installments of their respective franchises.

And the more I watch both the less I find fault. I am able to look past critiques for weak points in favor of all the awesomeness. In both instances, I am beyond happy to have a beyond decent return. THE FORCE AWAKENS is the Star Wars we have been waiting for since mid 1980s. Similarly MY STRUGGLE is the best X-Files I have seen since 1998.

Pull aside the layers, here is the real deal…

“My Struggle” is supposed to be about Mulder’s struggle. Where as “My Struggle pt2” is supposed to represent Scully’s. (According to Chris Carter)

But I put forth MY STRUGGLE pt 1, is really all about Scully’s struggle. Mulder is a static character, the dramatic anchor for the series. But Scully is Chria Carter’s most dynamic character.

At the beginning she has moved on, from Mulder and the X-Files. She is cold and reserved, not happy with all her choices, but trying to survive in the world she inhabits.

Skinner calls Scully looking for Mulder, and in the progress is dragged back into to both X-Files world and Mulder. She has a very high and think wall.

I think she stops short of an eye roll, realizing the seriousness of the conspiracy accusations, but there seems to be an internal eye roll saying “HERE WE GO AGAIN”.

She is not all that interested in Tad, but his advances melt her slightly. Champagne helps for sure. Scully almost blushes.

Until she sees Sveta coming out of Mulder’s house. She realizes just how much she misses Mulder. She tries to run away. Tad stops her.

As Mulder and Tad conspiracy rant, she stays hard and resolute, on the outside. But you can see her subtly getting angry.

And when the powers at large clean up the messes, the rage we see at the end of the pilot “They can’t get away with this!” is back. At the end of MY STRUGGLE, we are – in many ways – back where we were as Mulder & Scully go to investigate Tooms.

Chris Carter has recently said X-Files is really about Scully’s story.

But I put to you, this new 42 minutes is the best since the 1998 movie.

For two years we all wondered WTF? After the infamous bee sting there was a clear desire for Mulder and Scully to be together. But Chris Carter ignored the existence of a relationship for months. Then there were hints that something was going on – maybe even between the sheets between the scenes.

This angered many fans and developed the world of the shippers.

Than we lose Mulder due to contract disputes and Season 8 & 9 are total limbo as far as the core Mulder / Scully story are concerned. We are left with the two spooning in a hotel on the run from everyone.

Skip ahead to 2008 and they are together but not all seems right in their relationship.

THE X-FILES could just as easily be called THE TRAGEDY OF FOX MULDER.

A happy Mulder ceases to fight the future.

A happy Scully is not angry enough to do the science outside of her comfort zones.

X-Files is borderline a modern Shakespeare. There are life and death situations weekly. The world Mulder and Scully navigate is bleak. These forces equally will bring them together and force them apart over time. Shakespeare rarely lets love be a happy ending. And when it happens it is silly (Much Ado) and/or fantasy (Midsummer).

Chris Carter now seems committed to dealing with reality. That current reality is upsetting to many fans, but fans should take heart in the fact that they are dealing with it. It seems more real now, whether you like its current status or not.

So for the critics that would rather watch high art like “Dinner with Andre”, we prefer to stay awake during our preferred TV/FILM choices. To the extreme shippers, perhaps you should remain Twilight fans and stick to dime store romance novels.

For those looking for GRADE A escapism, Chris Carter NAILED IT!


The stars of the X-Files were all on hand at the California Science Center this past Tuesday, January 12, 2016. They entered one by one to work the Red Carpet sponsored by Ford.


We are more of a FAN SITE than Press so our goal is always David Duchovny. David was surprised to see us, remarking our dedication to showing up all over the country.

David said our dedication is about to be challenged in May with soon to be released news about a HELL OR HIGH WATER TOUR that would require us to dust off our passports. I tweeted a hint of this out Tuesday from the event and my notifications blew up.

Laurice asked about the HOLY COW animated musical project. David said there are forces at work that are trying to make it happen. While it didn’t sound like it was his primary focus at this time, he mentioned there was still interest. David was in high demand so I quickly moved on to the buffet. It’s my thing.

Perhaps 30-minutes later, while finishing a glass of red wine, I was surprised by a farewell double pat on the shoulder. I turned and he was already almost out of sight… Sorry, let me move on before this turns into a grocery store romance novella. #WALTOVNY is real LOL.

Laurice had a brief meeting with William B. Davis. After 35 years of watching celeb interviews I should realize by now that the villains are always played by the nicest actors. Mr. Davis was incredibly gracious, especially after sharing we just finished the final season of Continuum, a series on Syfy. If you have not watched it is fun. William B. Davis plays the future self of one of the main characters and a driving force of the overall plot line

It was a real pleasure meeting Annet Mahendru. Annet was passing by with her friend when I mentioned I loved her on the Americans. She stopped to chat with us. Our friends at X-Files News joined the conversation. If you are unfamiliar with this actress, go watch FX’s THE AMERICANS. One of my favorite shows on TV in past 10 years, Annet plays a Russian in the USSR DC Embassay and after being recruited by the FBI, also becomes a double agent for the KGB. Alas that was the cold war of the 1980s. In “My Struggle”, Annet brilliantly plays Sveta. Enough for now, as I want this post to be spoiler free, but I expect to see this young actress take Hollywood by storm.

I met Robbie Amell in passing, asking, “When will we finally see you in the X-files?” Robbie held out all 4 fingers and a thumb. “FIVE”.

“Cool. No more Tomorrow People?” What I really wanted to ask was “Will we see you as Firestorm again?” But on my tougue was FIRESTAR and I knew that was the heroin from 1980s cartoons Spiderman and his Amazing Friends. I thought he did a great job on The Flash the past two years. We were also sad to see The Tomorrow People cancelled.

We both tried to talk to Annabeth Gish. But Annabeth moves fast and is in demanad. hard to catch. Annebeth did catch Laurice though…

Annabeth Gish (@annabeth_gish) • Instagram photos and videos.clipular

Original photo – Annabeth Gish Instagram @annabeth_gish

Ashton Irwin was in the house when Laurice noticed the popular 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER drummer hanging out. A major rising star in the music world, 20-year old Ashton was ecstatic to have someone recognize him in the mostly older crowd.

I already posted our meeting with Chris Carter CLICK HERE

My geekiest moment came when we met Joel McHale. We were on our way out. Clearly Joel was trying to get the eff out. But we did want to tell him we were going to try and see him in New York at Carolines next month. He said he was trying to get out of there and had not yet stolen a pillow.

“OK, write your email down for me.” Say Joel. OH CRAP.

The next 5 minutes was all about looking for a pen or perhaps a lone business card hiding in my wallet.

The next 10 minutes was waiting for an opportune moment to give Joel the NJ Transit Ticket I wrote my name and email. The staff was cleaning up. Security was glaring (GET THE EFF OUT)…

Joel was talking to Chris Carter and Vince Gilligan. I saw one more pillow. I grabbed it. A security guard was walking towards me with intent. Not sure if he was more worried about getting me out or taking the pillow back.

I butted in subtly (as subtle goes for me). “Sorry they’re about to kick me out”.

“I was hoping for a pillow with the logo” That’s what I thought but did not want the star to go home empty handed.

I was saving the best for last. While periscoping the Red Carpet activities, emmy award winning editor (wins for “Tempus Fugit“, “Kill Switch“, “S.R. 819”  ALSO American Cinema Editors award for Best Edited One-Hour Series “Unruhe“) Heather MacDougall saddled up next to me. As Heather told me she was the emmy award winning editor, I slowly turned cell phone camera and periscope feed onto my new best friend. We then shared thre Red Carpet experience as we noticed stars arriving. There’s Mitch, and WIlliam, and Annet… It was like X-Files Romper Room Magic Mirror time. I recognized Robbie Amell right away. Our Twitter fans went nuts. “SO COOL” ” OMG”

So that was kind of like my get. Later at the after party Heather approached me “Have you seen CSM?”

I responded “William was sitting over there (all the celebs had their very own plush L-shaped lounge couch VIP section to receive press) but he just got up ans was at the buffet (just feet behind us – I always notice when stars go to the buffet… it’s my thing).

Seconds later I noticed out of the corner of my eye yelling  “HEATHER” we’re on a first name basis now “There he is!” Heather smiled acknowledgement.


So as I often say “SO THAT HAPPENED!”

To be in the right place at the right time you have to be out of the house and in a lot of places. Add to that my own bumbling idiot charm I have to say I have had some amazing times

Merry X-Files: “My Struggle” My Review – Do not open till January 25th

Merry X-Files

Merry X-Files: Do not open till January 25th. NOT SPOILER FREE

I have now seen the episode twice. That is the same number of times I have seen Star Wars Awakens, and the impression is very similar. I LOVED IT. Sure there were flaws, but it was the movie we have all been waiting for since 2002.

Oh, did I say movie?

Well On Tuesday January 12, 2016, I was privileged to watch the episode at the California Science Center IMAX theater. And the experience was completely cinematic. In fact I have been telling everyone I can, including Chris Carter himself at the after party under the space shuttle Endeavor’s tail pipe, I want to see the next 5 episodes in IMAX. Or even better? This summer’s rewatch – #thexfiles207days – ALL IMAX!!!

WARNING!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! COME BACK JANUARY 25th to read the rest…



A review by a fan for fans by Walt Frasier
@waltfrasier @DUCHOVNIACS

No one piece of art can be all things to all people, but I truly believe this is 42-minutes of The X-Files we have been waiting for since 2002. Many might argue since 2000’s season 7 finale. Tons of nostalgia bring those fanboy and fangirl tears of joy to surface.

LAST CHANCE TO TURN AWAY… SPOILERS in 3 – 2 – 1… LEt me put in some more art so you cannot see if you do not wish to see the next statement…

New Movie (28).Movie_Snapshot

From the very first seconds of the introductory Mulder Monologue ranting about past conspiracies and the histories of the X-Files in summary form, through the BIG ENTRANCE of a pivotal character, the audience is captured. At the New York Comic Con, the crowd went wild when we hear “My name is Fox Mulder…”. At the California Science Center, I let out a solo howl. Guess all else were taking notes lost in their judgmental modes.

The first thing one notices? X-Files 2016 has a far greater production value than 1993. No more hiding in the shadows. The problem with this is we lose all the film noir. Originally Chris Carter had to hide the show in the shadows to hide cheap effects and rubber monster suits.  This gave the show a certain 1950s Black and White horror quality. Somehow a Mulder Conspiracy rant looks better as Film noir.

mikiaiba (2).Movie_Snapshot

But instead we get a modern cinematic experience. When I saw that Flying Saucer crash land (YOU WERE WARNED) my mind immediately goes back to 1977 Making of Star Wars specials. The recreation of Roswell is the best ever seen on screen. Even the alien was completely believable – no more need for invisible creatures, complete with Men in Black and small army of Hazmats. GAME CHANGER!

mikiaiba (3).Movie_Snapshot

Akin to revealing entrances of The Falcon, Han Solo, Chewbaca, Leia, Luke, C3PO, R2D2 and Darth Vader’s mask in The Force Awakens, the old gang each have their moment. We find Dr. Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) on a team of doctors fixing kids without ears, when she gets the call from Skinner. Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) is in borderline hermit mode when he takes the call from Scully. One might say Chris Carter is pandering to the emotional nostalgia. I find no issue with that.

So the big question all want to know?  What’s up on the Mulder / Scully front?

We do not have all the answers, but clearly since leaving us in 2008, Scully has left Mulder. via a few quick verbal jabs by Mulder and well placed glares by Scully, the tension is set. The next 5 episodes have some explaining to do.

And in this reporter’s unbiased opinion, PLATONIC ACTIVITY DOES NOT CREATE THIS MUCH RESENTMENT!!! Just saying…


The story is thrust forward when the agents meet Tad O’ Malley (Joel McHale from Community, The Soup), the right wing conspiracy theorist online news blogger that has found some success spreading fear. While he seeks an ally in Mulder he finds skepticism. To dramatically align Tad to Mulder, he gets his own fair share of Monologues with B-roll flashes of impending and past doom and gloom. Tad’s extreme theories are far fetched enough to make Mulder blush.

mikiaiba (10).Movie_Snapshot

Tad takes the agents to see supposed alien abductee, Sveta (Annet Mahendru from The Americans). Scully goes to test Sveta’s blood. Mulder goes on Tad’s field trip to see an ARV (man man ship from Alien technology). Mulder has a clandestine meeting with a Roswell doctor. You know, the X-Files usual routine.

mikiaiba (6).Movie_Snapshot

Like a great X-Files episode every answer reveals more unanswered questions which Mulder attempts to answer in one giant leap that would make Superman Shutter.

Most notably as we get to see Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi), we see that while the actual X-Files files have been taken away, they left Mulder’s pencil collection on the ceiling.

The few plot holes I can find are from the same place we had for 9 years. In order to forward the story in a 42-minute show, Mulder leaps to conclusions. But as we learn in this episode those leaps may not have always been as right as Mulder thought.

Basically as TV’s best 42-minute popcorn movie in years. you have to suspend some belief to survive the trip. There will be plenty that will criticize the plot leaps. I recognize the “issues”. I will be discussing in length via podcast to be released January 24 after the episode. But in contrast to shows that SLOWLY / PAINFULLY show us every leap – thereby taking an entire season (or 5+ seasons) to reveal as much story – I find it a relief.

X-FILES 2016 shows more than ever before. It does more. It blows things and people up more. There is less mystery and suspense but it is still intense.  I have joked this 42-minute film is more like a George Lucas meets Michael Bay experience – More Space Ships, More Aliens, Lots of things going BOOM – than the Chris Carter of yore.

In short the die hard fans will have the nostalgia the want, the new world of potential fans will be drown in by the non stop intense action and discovery. The real test will be the nest 5 episode. And what Season 11 will bring…


Watch X-Files “My Struggle” January 24th at 10pm EST after the Football games, then Monday January 25 for episode two as the shows slips into its 5 week home slot.