Barcelona May 14, 2016 David Duchovny Europe RV Tour TRAVEL BLOG Part 2

LUXEMBOURG One Year ago today David Duchovny Concert RV Trip recap

So when I last left you we were pulling over to sleep in a Belgium rest stop.

MAY 9, 2016

We woke mid morning, had some coffee and headed to Amsterdam.

It is now May 9, 2016. It was around this time I learned the power of a chocolate croissant and latte before driving. The combo sugar caffeine high was enough to drive the big box on wheels for 2-3 hours.

We role into Amsterdam, again the wrong camp site. But this time I realized it right away. We eventually end up across the river from central station – main Amsterdam hub for ferries, trains and buses.



There is a massive RV parking area that is dirt cheap if you are just parking ($20/night). You pay a little more for full services but this was the one night I had a hotel so we just parked.

We were in the new hipster area. As we walked to the ferry to central station I remarked how much I thought it looked like Brooklyn. Right across from the ferry was a bar called BROOKLYN.

We were staying at the hotel La Boheme. As an opera singer I was happy with the name. I did not like the tall steep 4-story steps, that seemed more like a ladder. However the view from our window was the Amsterdam Venue Melkweg and it reminded me of the typical Parisian roof top bohemian opera set.

We all met in the lobby at 4pm, at which time Hotel La Boheme offered a free cheese plate. They said a glass of wine was only $6. A bottle was $13.50. So that was easy math. So there I was with my cheese plate and wine, expecting some help. There was none.

So there I am eating cheese, consuming an entire bottle wine, when I hear, “Can you tell me how to find the Milky Way?”

“You looking for David Duchovny?” HICCUP


Either this is a David fan from San Francisco or the FBI caught up with me for a murder I did not commit or know about…

It was the latter.

So I walked my new friend to the theater.

“Walter!” The producers were yelling at me from across 3-4 lines of folks waiting to enter the theater. “My mom wants to join you in the RV.” Again I thought they were joking in Glasgow a few nights earlier.

**** SIDEBAR ****

AH listening to Norm McDonald new Stand-up on Netflix as I type and he said “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” so now “HALF LIFE” is stuck in my head.

**** SIDEBAR ****

Amsterdam was awesome. I found a cheese shop and consumed mass quantities of free samples. There was a store of American and British products – basically junk like candy and chips – basically a really fancy 7-11 disguised as a gourmet store front.

After the concert we walked around looking for food. turns out Amsterdam is not a late night food town. We found one diner type place called Pancakes.


MAY 10, 2016

Next morning took a boat ride around the canals following an amazing free breakfast (I miss La Boheme and MIMI the cat as I hear the last notes of the Puccini Opera which is the same as Broadway’s Rent “MIMI”). Loved all that. Saw a lot of Amsterdam in that hour, including Anne Frank’s house and a bunch of bikes being dredged from the depths of the canals. beautiful town.

We headed back to the RV meeting band mom in Brooklyn. Next stop Cologne as the drive there was fairly routine minus seeing a few old windmills on the way out of town.

We arrive in Cologne thinking, WHAT A DIVE. The venue was not in the best part of town. The streets were over grown with vines, grasses and litter. The buildings were tagged more than 1980s NYC Subways.

There was already a long line at the venue which would get far longer by the time the doors opened. A great fan had hundreds of mini battery powered candles for all to light up during “Stars.”


Once inside I loved it. The venue was huge. You first enter a courtyard with bathrooms and beer garden, complete with sausage stand.

Inside was just a large old warehouse, similar to clubs in converted Chelsea Manhattan buildings used for similar purposes. Simple of almost elegant was the bar and stage.

But once the main room started filling up, the heat was unbearable. It’s now about showtime and I cannot stay with the group.

By the end of the show a few from our group had to bounce. I ended up at the beer garden, however I limited myself to two Brats – one with curry. With plans to drive straight thru to Paris that night, I feared even a sip of bee. I felt I dishonored the town by staying sober.

I will say I loved the music that night. Through the walls it almost felt like a CD. The problem with being down front all the time, you mostly hear David’s monitors, which mostly pump bass and drums. You barely here David and you hear next to no back up vocals.

So outside you heard it all – clean and mixed perfectly. And I had the most interesting conversation with a 28 year old German hipster. He was wasted (we later found his wallet after he left). “Hey man, whatever you do, you can’t vote for Trump”

“No worries, dude. No way he is getting elected.” Apparently common sense meant nothing this past fall and we currently suffer… I digress.

Also at the table was my fellow Duchovniac and friend from the Bronx (originally) and a 40yo lesbian biker that was also there cooling down after leaving her wife down in front of the stage to watch David. We bonded.

The candles made “Stars” extra special that night.

The guys were still playing when we see a car being escorted by a few security guards. Someone sitting next to me remarked “There goes David”

I did not believe them at first. It turned out that was the only exit and best safe way to get David out, before the usual stage door hounds crowded and other exit chances.

We waited for the crowd to dissipate a bit. We drove a bunch to the nearest subway and Burger King. I can proudly say I never ate fast food in Europe but with a bus full of Americans, one Canadian and one Hungarian and a bunch of Europeans in tow for the hour. Burger King had just closed. We were all spared that night.

But shortly I realized I was done. We were maybe up to about 24 hours of sleep and very little downtime in the past 6 days – since waking up at 6am May 6 in New Jersey. Two of our friends that joined us for the one leg got us the rest of the way to Paris. I slept for about 90 minutes on the floor of the RV before relieving the navigator position.

We pulled into the Parisian Campsite around 6amish. soon after we…

Campsite Bois de Boulogne - The Eiffel Tower

We woke around late lunch. We all showered and found snacks at the cafe and mini grocery on campus.

We later bused and metro-ed our way into town. We found a restaurant that was just a block form the venue we were to see David the following evening. I had fondue and escargot. Yummy. Great wine too. After a few wanted to stop by the store caddy corner across the street. Somehow- exhaustion and impatience together get ugly – we lost one of our own… meaning she thought we abandoned her so she took off on her own.

So some of us sat down outside for dessert and coffee while others walked to the Sacred Heart where apparently a bunch of strangers pray for other strangers which we learned almost a year later would make a great song – “Strangers in the Sacred Heart” 

While I suffered through the best chocolate mousse of my life, the other went up and down the hill to and from the church. We really should have gotten some more European zone cell phones. We headed back to the campsite. She’s and adult. No need for the drama others were cursing.

It all worked out and everyone eventually found there way back to the hotel or campsite of choice that night. I crashed.

The next day we found our way around Paris via the hop on hop off buses. Being Paris, of course it started to pour. I risked pneumonia and stayed up top for a bit trying maximize my little tourism time.

We eventually got to the venue and saw a great show. This night we had some seats – assigned.

Laurice left before the encore to get some air. The venue had free internet and she was able to text me that a man was propositioning her outside. When I arrived outside, a small gypsy male was speaking to her in French. I do not speak well but understand enough words from my Opera training and knowledge of other Latin based languages.

Best I can tell he loves my wife and either wants me to pimp her out OR he wanted to borrow her. As my ability to speak French is more limited than my capacity to comprehend, I state.

no ménage à trois

Clearly not understanding my meaning of the word “NO!” he leans in for a kiss, which is when I grabbed him by the neck and planted him on the car parked behind us.

Au Revoir, Monsieur

Oh, Paris, you city of love

We gathered the troupes. As we walked back towards a metro we I could see my new friend soliciting donations at the very same cafe we dined the night before.

We walked back to the hotel our friends were staying. It was getting late. The night before we caught the very last bus – the charter that connected our campsite with the real world. Instead we called for a call. I think someone had UBER.

I crawled into bed and slept like a baby.

MAY 13 2016

I woke early and started driving south. NEXT STOP BARCELONA

Just barely out of town I stopped for gas and coffee. They had a coffee bar with THE BEST service of the entire tour. Coffee and Pan du Chocolate and i was ready for a drive.

This was a beautiful yet very stressful day.

In a normal car we had a nine hour drive ahead of us without stops.

With stops in the big box, it was a 15-hour day with about $120+ euros in tolls and about the same in gas.

We did stop for a late lunch/early dinner at a rest stop in the shadows of a castle. Pretty cool.

I freaked out driving through the French/Spanish border up in the mountains with bridges and cliffs I kept imagining our final fall. Again exhaustion was kicking in.

We finally hit our campsite just north of Barcelona.

6:30am Barcelona and this is first view from our RV this morning

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MAY 14, 2016

To be continued….

Flu nor Virus Can’t Stop Duchovny, Whistle While You Work Birchmere Alexandria VA 2/26/2017


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Three big highlights tonight.

  1. OPENING ACT ROCKED – K. Marie Kim is a genius sound engineer that makes David sound amazing every night. Turns out she sings and plays piano and really knows how to make musical toys (special effects) work better than most. (See post below)
  2. COLIN CAN REALLY WHISTLE – The band played a scaled down LATELY IT’s ALWAYS DECEMBER with Keenan carrying tune Acoustic Guitar,  Pat laying down what Pat does (beyond words), and Colin shaking his egg (rhythm toy – percussion). But then busted out a solo whistling what he often plays on the keys. It was so perfect. The guys also had more back up harmonizing vocals – or perhaps we just heard a cooler blend with less instrumentation. IF ANYONE HAS VIDEO PLEASE SHARE
  3. DAVID WAS SICK (read below)

This girl rocks @kmariekim @davidduchovny up next @Duchovniacs

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We cannot say for certain what it was but David was not feeling well tonight. A fever was reported by DD himself and there were other signs of issues, but we will skip any talk of bodily fluids.

That being said I noticed something…

Those that follow closely will remember David being sick in Luxembourg last May. He powered through but was noticeably feeling awful.

You may have also read my blog from Friday (Saturday AM) about how impressed I was with David in Jersey.

At first tonight, when they said David was not feeling well, I thought – I wonder if David just is not used to powering through that hard (Friday’s performance) and needed time to recover.

When you are not used to that much singing at that intensity, it can take a couple days to recover. Even Opera singers only do two show each week.

I personally had zero voice Saturday just from screaming and dancing. It took everything I had to sing Man of La Mancha ending for Mitch Pileggi via twitter conversation. But when I went to sing another song with Duchovniacs, I virtually passed out on stage.

Tonight was another sign of David’s maturity as a singer. Despite vocal issues, he never once suffered regarding pitch. His voice was gruff but that works for this bluesy folk rock music.   David is the consummate story teller.

What I did notice is something that happens to a seasoned live performer. While it hurts and you feel like you are falling way short of your best, you are so hyper focus to over compensate for illness/fatigue, your over all performance is actually better than other times.

Perhaps that big money note lacks, but the rest of the performance is that much more connected.

Lyrical pretty singers/songs suffer greater from illness. But the story teller just sounds like he/she had too many smokes, which is not terrible for this style. The result is – as David put it – sounding more like Joe Cocker (or Janice Joplin for the ladies).

But beyond one or two moments where David paused for some tea, the over all performance was great. He danced a little less but the performance was perhaps even more filled with soul and meaning from the lyrics. As we learning musical theater, act through the song, don’t sing it.

Just 10 month ago David did not succeed as well under similar circumstances. We still loved the shows but some notes were flat. They might be flat in good health.

Here is what I told a number of new fan friends…

  1. David is a crazy awesome writer.
  2. His Celeb status gave him access to some off the charts amazing musicians that carried him the past 2 years musically.
  3. He is now coming into his own as a singer/musician. He is clearly working on his instrument, and now has enough live performance experience to know how to process the instrument under distress.

Almost anyone can sing pretty for a few moments. But it takes training to learn how to keep a voice healthy even when the body is not. It takes time to build up that endurance.

The voice is a muscle that needs developing.

For all his struggles tonight, I heard some decent notes in David’s upper register I don’t think were there just 8-10 months ago.

The audience still got a great performance. Better than many/most from before the past two weeks. I would still put tonight in top three of this past two weeks.

If nothing else, I am not sure David could have done “Lately It’s Always December” like that a week ago. That is a tough song and he was more exposed than ever. I am so craving acoustic tour / online videos / tracks…

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David Duchovny in  Concert


David Duchovny in Concert

Working backwards here is David and the Manana Club rocking out BECAUSE THE NIGHT at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park NJ. As I stated in a follow up tweet, this was the last cover I would have expected, but they NAILED it.

Now at the halfway point of the east coast leg of the 2017 Hell or Highwater winter concert blitz, I finally have a few moments to reflect. This is the result have drinking a huge coffee at Wawa in order to get everyone back to where they needed to be before landing the monster bus back in our drive way.

So I apologize for any 4am blabs and typos in advance…


  1. The fans. We meet so many great people from around the world. Many of them currently sleeping in my house. Our group this week alone represents Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Virginia, Maryland, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Slovenia. Many are friends we met last May as we followed David around in the RV. And each concert we see different old friends and make new ones.
  2. David now has two albums recorded (2nd currently in post production awaiting the team to return from the road to make some big decisions on what makes the cut etc) In total we have heard 19 songs live so far. 12 downloadable from Amazon etc on HELL OR HIGHWATER. There are about 7 more we have yet to discover and 2 songs written by Colin and Pat (Not sure if those are in addition to the 7 or not)
  3. David has nearly a dozen covers he might bring to the stage. Tonight the band debuted their cover of “Because the Night.” We got some of Lou Reed, Tom Petty, David Bowie and The Band tonight. We regularly get Sly and the Family Stone and others.
  4. Every venue/town add it’s flavor – local crowds, theater/club lay outs, and local cuisines for lunch / dinner/ drinks before and after events. We are seeing the world, and a lot of it in a short time.

All of the above factors produces a unique experience with every show. Add to that some amazingly intimate moments in the VIP sound check parties, Q&A, photo ops…

In my wrap of the west coast I glowingly shared my love of the new songs. I have been hoping for an interview, because I am personally inspired more and more to get inside David’s head – and all the band for that matter – regarding process, thoughts behind certain lyrics, next steps.

I usually hang back during Q&As and let other fans have their moment with David. But seeing a few too many usual suspects.

A fan friend (#FAND?) at Seattle meet & greet Q&A tweeted the other day that David said the most common question regarding both his music and writing projects was “What’s your favorite X-Files episode?”

Tonight I though David was about to walk off the stage when a “fan” asked an inappropriate question about his similarities to Mulder. Seriously folks actors are not their characters. David is not Mulder, Hank or Sam (or any other character he ever played). While elements of the actors live in the characters, and we sometimes are effected by certain developments of character, we need to separate. Fan Fiction and Fantasy needs to end at your online chats and diluted minds. If you truly are a fan, support the artist. They have amazing things to offer far beyond some’s narrow vision. Sorry – I digress.

FYI While on the subject, grabbing a person without consent is technically a criminal offense. Again, if you are a fan, have some respect. If you like having access to a star like David via live concerts, book signings etc, perhaps a little less offensive behavior will encourage more events. OK NO more on that subject (It is 4am and I have been up for a week with a few naps, most not behind wheel of 15-seat passenger van)

When you truly have fun and enjoy the moment for what it is, singing a long, dancing, laughing etc– EVERYONE has a great time. OK THAT’S IT!

SO with all that being said, I started asking some questions, and it occurred to me while driving north on the Garden State Parkway this morning, I could cut/paste all my questions and David’s answers and have a make shift interview. I wish I thought of that idea sooner and took some notes, but here goes what I have ascertained from the experience (including answers to other’s questions as well).

New album is on the way. The studio sessions are complete. The album needs to be mastered. There are 14 songs plus 2 written by Colin and Pat. David and Brad are still hashing out exactly what 10-12 numbers will make the final cut.

Singles that do not end up on the album may be released as singles via various online platforms, or through their website directly.

Additionally, David, Colin and Pat are discussing a serious smaller acoustic projects that may include both online tracks of the songs we love scaled down, and touring some smaller venues. If you had the pleasure of catching the guys perform HELL OR HIGHWATER (song) for the Love-a-Thon on inauguration day, that captures a bit of what they have in mind. They did a couple concerts in Vancouver last year along these lines with great success.

There is no third album on the way yet. David was a little overwhelmed by that concept having just spent months in the studio and couple weeks jetting/training around the country.

There maybe some other end products from this music project but nothing is definite yet. I do not want to reveal publicly anything David and Brad revealed (although I am sure it is on twitter somewhere). These deals can often be fragile and I do not want to sabotage or jinx negotiations. But this question of mine comes from my love of the new songs. All of David’s songs have very specific moods and stories. I hear Half Life (Unconditional Love I called it by mistake last week) as a montage song in a John Hughes starring Molly Ringwald film.  I know, we all hate montages – so forgive any unintended insults as I absolutely love this song (and STUCK in my head for past 5 hours) – because there are so many bad ones, and the medium is over used in general. But once in a while, the right song and the footage edit delivers storytime gold.

PS I will be cutting back a little bit with my LIVE tweeting and Periscoping.

  1. I want to have some fun, sing and dance – without ruining a perfect video shot.
  2. David wants us to have fun, sing and dance. Not because he needs attention, but seeing us have fun feeds his performance.

Despite a large number of selfish ….

Well lets not go there – they were drunk and felt pushing and shoving earned them better spots up front. I fixed that in my section. You guys realize that there is no where for us to go when you push forward. Folks that have been in line for hours to get great spots are either forced out or painfully shoved against the stage and guard rails. Some have been hurt physically. One such aggressor was removed by security in Huntington, after shoving one of our friends into the stage, twice (second time after warning from security).

The Stone Pony is a fantastic venue. They have great drinks, with pretty great prices for a club. The stage is legendary. The room was packed. A lot of folks were ready to party last night. There were more people singing and dance along than any venue this year yet.

As a result, David was the best I have seen/heard. He was on fire with energy, feeding off the audience. Even the sound check was crazy fun.

I think this started with David’s respect for the room’s history. He brought HIS A Game.

The crowd responded. He responded.

The dancing was more kinetic than ever.

The breath support was the best I have seen/heard. David is not a “Singer”, right? Or is he now? I watched him belt out one long note after another in ways I did not think even he knew he could. But he got bitten by the LIVE performance bug and just went to town on every song.

Something very interesting happens when confidence meets love of life as a performer. Everything seems to click. Every note seems on pitch. Every moment is filled. I love David’s writing, his story telling in his performance of his songs, the band and the way they interpret and support vocally and instrumentally.

Tonight for me, his journey as a musical performer reached a new pinnacle – from the guy that picked up a guitar 6-7 years ago, via that first time I heard he was doing an album (Sure I was one of the “WTF” fans early 2015 before the Cutting Room concert) to 18+ months of touring around the world, dealing with vocal fatigue in Luxembourg, and shear exhaustion at many stops.

Tonight I truly respect David as a singer. Everything just hit – no matter how exposed the melodic ballad or rocking out to the biggest get the crowd hopping and dancing jams.

This is not me, Walt Frasier Super Fan (And apparently Davids pick for 3 on 3 Dream Team – oh that’s the other guy? never mind). This is Walt Frasier, professional singer/actor/comic with some opera experience and vocal coach.

Lesson learned for all?

GO FOR IT!!!! If you fear failure, you will probably sing flat. If you could care less you may crack but you and your audience will have a ton of fun, AND you will probably hit EVERY note.


Thanks to all the band, producer, venue, best venue staff yet, #FANDS (Fans/Friends)…

See you Sunday in VA!

David Duchovny at Social Hall San Francisco Duchovniacs 2/15 Wrap-Up

David Duchovny at Social Hall San Francisco Duchovniacs 2/15 Wrap-Up
QUICK REMINDER – If you were at any of the sound checks, check out pictures at



David Duchovny at Social Hall San Francisco Duchovniacs 2/15 Wrap-Up

Wednesday February 15 started with a very early alarm. We were wired the night before, and while we all crashed early, none of us truly slept well. I expected to be much more relaxed with so much second hand mary jane smoke. Or was it SWEET JANE…

After checking into the hotel we went straight to the venue to line up. We were later than usual (by our standards) but only one friend from Germany beat us to the front.

Parking was rough. It was 4pm. Many of the main roads had NO PARKING / RUSH HOUR limits 4-6pm. The side streets had metered parking untill 6pm with 30-minute limits. The public garages closed at 7 or 8pm. Eventually I found a spot very close to the venue – metered till 6pm w/o other restrictions.

Social Hall is an interesting space.

Their door process was considerably slower.   One at a time we went through a metal detector, then a podium for 21+ wrist bands, and then another guy would scan tickets. And each of the three check points was a slow bottle necked process.

“Are we going to a square dance?” “50’s Sock Hop”

Social Hall is actually a social hall. In many ways it looked like an over-sized catholic high school gym. In others I expected the floor to open up and reveal an old bath house. Or perhaps this is the place to hide when Godzilla or worse comes to town. Nuclear Fallout Shelter.

FYI Despite our initial impression of the space – San Francisco was by far the best crowd, energy wise. So no more book cover judgments.

The few folding chairs in the back appeared to be for school dance chaperones. VIP section? Band mom and dad did sit there at some point so…

And now I am done.

The main room was one huge football field size area with a stage on the far side form the entrance and arched ceiling with rib style supporting arches and a side room – about 1/2 the size – where the set up a make shift bar and David took photos.

The Sound Check Party was fun. There was a lot more Sound Checking still going on than the previous two events. We actually could hear vocals at this venue better than others down front. I think it’s for the same reason David was struggling with his microphone and ear piece.

If you ever perform on a proscenium stage, you sometimes have an issue with sound getting stuck behind the proscenium. If too far upstage (away form the audience) a lot of sound can get sent up to the rafters above the stage instead of getting sent out to the audience.


Take a look at the row of lights over the front row and the support arch directly behind/above. Now look at the stacks of speakers. Not only are they behind that arch line, they are pointed upwards into the arches and they are closer to the band than usual.

The way they are set up, David is hearing more from the main feed than usual. Many of the guys were complaining about their monitor mix. The bigger problem is having a small stage in a room that large (especial that deep – a wider venue would have less issue) without having more surround sound – a few speakers around the theater.

And the sound table in the back is hearing things so differently than up front.

All this being said by show time things were just fine. After the sound check party, their team worked non-stop adjusting levels. It was a cool educational process watching the sound engineer test all hi/lo peaks, pops and vowel sounds on each microphone.

David sat down with Brad for a special segment of Good Morning San Francisco, answering twitter and live questions.

“Walt, how do you have a question? You know everything, right?” (I am paraphrasing David’s reaction to me raising my hand)

ME “What is your vocal warm up process?”

David said he was a bit off for the sound check because he had not warmed up yet. David then credited his teacher Don Larson for a series of scales and arpeggios he knows.

(I saw a tweet today regarding book signing in Seattle… David’s favorite question about his writing “What is your favorite X-Files episode?” Artist’s life is rough)

After that fans got their photos taken.


Keenan O’Meara opened the show. Keenan is the new guitarist (We miss you Nate. We love Keenan too now). Keenan admitted he was not used to the large room. One might expect to hear his music in a small bar, sitting with acoustic guitar and microphone.

Two things stand out.

  1. KEENAN CAN REALLY PLAY GUITAR!!! I mean, while low key, there was nothing simple about these songs.
    I heard another say this to a friend as I thought it. Remember CROSSROADS (1986) the movie. Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid) is a classical musician that ditches music school to go learn/play the blues. He basically sells his soul to the devil at the Crossroads (Long before Sam & dean made it there). At the end he starts rocking out a classical cello concerto on blues guitar and wins his soul back in a hellish battle of the bands.

    Keenan’s guitar playing in his songs reminds me of that. Think Segovia playing for Miles Davis. No wonder David brought back December. Keenan made that song sing too.
  2. KEENAN CAN REALLY REALLY SING!!! This kid soars up into some high notes so sweetly. I might say he is crooning, but he is not. He is sitting on some high notes and just lilting up there, gently in the breeze. David truly does not need me on Another Year anymore (single tear).

Next time Keenan is playing NYC we need to get a group together. Don’t worry Pat; you’re still my musical bromance crush.

The second David took stage, the Press overtook the pit, and the tallest female photographer ever was right down center.

I hope David and the guys worked out all their sound kinks and enjoyed the show. For me, it was awesome.

Highlight for me was when David asked me to take off my shirt. I was wearing the ‘milk carton’ shirt from Chicago the year before at Joe’s, which he signed in Chicago this past summer at book signing after comic con.

David and the guys wore the pink hats again. This time with a slightly better explanation.

Sebastian’s drum solo is getting more bad ass every night – and longer I think.


Like I said above, for all the reasons I think the guys struggled, the sound mix in front row was better than ever. We cold actually hear David and back up vocals.

Being in the basement of the old building made it impossible to live tweet or periscope much. But I think you will agree these videos sound better than most we take down front.

We all had a great time at the San Francisco concert. See you all in Boston! We’ll have a busload of Duchovniacs bringing out all the news from the front row!



Three Concerts Three New Songs Two New Covers & Pink Hats

Three Concerts Three New Songs Two New Covers Pink Hats and more!

QUICK REMINDER – If you were at any of the sound checks, check out pictures at



LIVE from the ROXY, Sunset Strip, Los Angeles Valentines Day 2017

by Walt Frasier @waltfrasier

We had a blast in California the past week.  Thanks to all the Duchovniacs that hung out  with us before and at the shows. Tons of fun.

We had the pleasure of hearing three new songs this week.

  • Stranger in the Sacred Heart
    My inside intel reports – David told me – STRANGER is title track from new album
  • Half Life (aka Unconditional Love)
  • Roman Coin

Sorry. We were going back and fourth between the title of the song. Turns out Unconditional Love is called “Half Life”

So with four new tracks from Europe (and other tours) that makes seven originals not on Hell or Highwater.

I am still partial to Every Third Thought, but absolute love all three new songs. Each brings an interesting variety of style and each has a great story. Half Life is fighting for the top spot. Stranger and Roman Coin are neck and neck right behind.

We also got two new covers this past week. The band played THE WEIGHT by The Band. Pat, Keenan and Colin all took a  verse. (The same three delivered some new vocals on THE THINGS as well – see SAN DIEGO wrap up)

For many of us the new tour highlight might be “The Manana Club” (as David calls his band) rockin out on Sweet Jane from Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. No prisoners taken as Sebastian sets the tempo and Pat wails on the guitar.

ANOTHER HIGHLIGHT – David and the entire band putting on Pink Pussy Hats showing solidarity for Women’s March and on going movement.


We got home late Thursday night.

Last night we tried to follow along Portland concert via tweets and instagrams.  I have already blogged about San Diego (CLICK HERE). I need to relate some stories from LA and San Francisco.

For the LA Show – I missed the VIP Sound Check Party for this night. Laurice did live tweet a few answers from Brad interviewing David

Before Keaton Simons took stage, we had the pleasure of hearing a few tunes from
The Walcotts.

Then it was time for Keaton to take the stage. We have seen Keaton before in NYC. But this was something else. Super high-energy phenomenal performance all around.

Love this shit f yeah

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I met a guy at the Rainbow next door – most famous for being the place to pee while waiting to get into the Roxy. this guy was a lead bouncer but now drinking at the bar. Some guys said – it’s his birthday. I said Happy Birthday. Right before David was about to go on, I see him again and once again say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. He remembered me from before and related his Birthday was awesome because he was drinking earlier with Steve Jones, and apparently I was right next to him. Perhaps one less margarita and I would have noticed the Sex Pistols guitarist and Californication guest star.

David finally took stage around 9:30. Opening with 3000 and Let it Rain and Stars.

Clip from new song ROMAN COIN


PLEASE NOTE – If you are in the front row for a show at the ROXY there is a curtain that is dropped down very quickly after a musical act leaves the stage. If you don’t GTFO of the way the curtain will DROP very close or possibly on your head.

See a clip of it catching us all of guard



We drove back to the hotel and all crashed almost immediately.





SAN DIEGO David Duchovny Concert Rocked The MUSIC BOX #hellorhighwater


Songs from HELL OR HIGH WATER we love…
NEW SONGS from NEW ALBUM (TBA Name but we have ideas)
NEW COVER SONGS got the WHOLE band singing…

Cool new projected background @davidduchovny @duchovniacs

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I hear the producers will be posting photos and videos on the new music site, so keep checking into (They told VIP guests to give them 48 hours to update…)

FYI ABOUT VIP – What to expect/ What we experienced tonight…

If you have VIP tickets, PLEASE arrive early. I would argue you should be there by 5pm for an 8pm show. You clearly did not have to be there as early as us today but at least one missed out, thinking the doors opened at 7pm. (Which was true for the rest of the crowd)

I know people freak out when things change. I for one LOVE the new format. Some folks loved that one on one moment with David but I felt this VIP experience was a far better EXPERIENCE.

Seriously, every previous VIP meet & greet felt like an assembly line. You have about 10 seconds for a photo. No regrets, but that’s a lot in time in line and a bunch of cash for 10 seconds of being in presence of fame. I am not knocking because I have a ton of great experiences in past VIPs. And I would be so anxious about rushing through, I was more socially awkward than normal. Of course there was the time in Chicago when I accidentally stomped on his foot…. I digress…

By comparison tonight, we had less one on one time – actually none technically, however, we had an extra 30 minutes listening to David and the band in Sound Check as well as a private Q&A. (Standing O for Brad, your Master of Ceremonies).

We had some amazing private moments that only about 50ppl got to experience. Between David trying to tell us the origin of a few songs while a guitar gave feedback.

My favorite moment was hearing the world premiere of two songs, which technically debuted at tonight’s concert, but we heard them first 2 hours before.

First David connected with a few of us Eurotour vets in front row, about how he wrote one of the new songs “STRANGER of the SACRED HEART”. (I maybe wrong on a preposition here). David and Matty (who rocked on guitar tonight for encore) walked up to Sacre Coeur, the famous church up the hill from his Paris concert. (I really want to relate another Sacre Coeur story from same day regarding a certain Canadian friend and our RV group – inside story shall inside here – for now lol). Folks pray every day 24/7 for strangers. And the new song is great, with quite of few dynamic/tempo changes. This song is more “arranged” than most of the originals, almost to the point of a concept album but THE WHO or PINK FLOYD.

And then there is ROMAN COIN. I need to hear this song a few more times to best communicate the words and meaning, but the song absolute rocks.

After 4 songs, Brad asked David some fan questions both form the crowd and twitter. One I have had in my pocket for a rainy day – or if we ever get an exclusive interview – was partially answered as David expanded on another’s question.

My questions is “After working together with this band for more than two years now, have there been and changes in the development process for new songs?”

I feel like there is a much longer answer to be had, but David did mention he is collaborating with both Pat and Colin in developing new songs.

To all there tonight, I hope you appreciated everything as much as I did, because I thought this system was MUCH better. And David did not have to say thank you 100 times, which just wears down the voice. I thought he was that much stronger during the main event as a result.

The bigger fear was whether or not folks would lose their front row status – after waiting in line out front for hours – as we go get a group photo (in another location after the sound check). Folks knew going in that there was no 1 on 1 photo process (I think). Next time, BS a security job spews should not be cause for half of the crowd to freak out.

I will say David’s producing team is not always in control. Each venue has there own policy and not every venue is created equally. Some security staff are better than others. Most are humanoid (sorry one or two have been downright sketchy lol). Be patient. The music is awesome from any place in theater.

Tonight was the first venue I loved being down front the entire concert. Nothing against David or the band, but I get tired, thirsty and nature calls. Nothing can help my fat ass killing my ankles and feet, but MUSIC BOX otherwise rocks above most.

Not TWO seconds after I said, “I would love a drink but I am way too tired to fight this crowd to get back up front.” a cocktail server asked for our order.

I am told David was amused when the server brought me a beer AND a Margarita. But how was I to know when she would be back. It turned out the service was amazing, and I had no problem getting drinks, perhaps too easily.

Then I saw food being delivered. “UM can I get an order of those spring rolls” THEY WERE DELICIOUS BTW. Although our new friend form China, who flew in just for this concert on her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) said they were not right. But most of our “Chinese Food” in America is actually Chinese Food someone from China would recognize, right?


Backing up a bit… we dropped by the Music Box around noon. Great, got our bearings, lets go get lunch in Little Italy. We walk a block and the rest of my group gather around a large neighborhood map looking for lunch options. GUESS WHO was across the street (saw David first towering above crowd)?

I almost yelled out “DAVID” but I bit lip/tongue and waived. I stick out of a crowd for different reasons. The rest of my crew has no clue yet. David waived back and one by one realized who we were. I stood still for a few seconds. Do I go across the street? Do I stay? Will I be invading space etc? TOO MUCH PRESSURE so I crossed street to say hello. I LOVE THE BAND AND HAVE NO CHILL….

Next I saw was Colin playing guitar strolling – which stood out as Colin usually is on the keys (although a fabulous guitarist as well). I made a Mikado “joke”/reference – “wandering Minstrel I, a thing of…” – yeah pretty sure most do not know where I am headed here.

Then we realized the entire band was in tow with instruments along with a small film crew. We said hello to all but did not want mess up.

About 30 minutes later, while noshing on some AMAZING pizza, we saw the tweet from RED TROLLY

THAT’s what they were doing. Sounds like a bigger edited video is on the way. They were playing and strolling and rolling…. so…. stay tuned… (Skip to last 2 minutes and check out AMAZING unplugged version of ANOTHER YEAR)

For those who think we are stalkers, other than going to a lot of concerts, book signings etc, the rest of these moments are just right place right time accidents.


If I forget anything, and you were there tonight, PLEASE DM me on twitter or instagram and make sure I update ASAP. There was so much to be excited about.

Before we get to all the NEW stuff, a lot of songs we know and love had some interesting new treatments. Not sure if most will appreciate new licks Pat is playing, new instrumentation on Passenger etc

But can we chat briefly about the new opening to THE THINGS. Colin, Pat and the NEW GUY, Keenan (who is awesome, we miss Nate, change is hard, again I digress)? I thought I recognized THINGS in there but was so mesmerized I could not be sure. It was great.

Two new covers. Everyone sang along with both SWEET JANE and  THE WEIGHT. In fact Pat, Keenan and Colin all took a verse in the latter.

The reason I really am curious about David’s song writing process?

Every concert we see reveals a celeb with some great musicians morphing into a real band, with everyone’s personalities and talents getting to shine.

Always an amazing percussionist, Sebastian was really leading the audience to clap and participate like never before.

It was fun to see Mitch on the Red Trolley video mix it up. The bass player is always the unsung hero. Mitch effortlessly pulls together every song with that strong foundation. I mean seriously, I don’t think ever stop smiling or breaks a sweat.

AND Mitch and Sebastian were both propositioned by audience members, and with a sex-symbol TV/Movie star as your front man, you’re doing something right LOL….




Blue Man Group San Diego #Showtime @davidduchovny #DavidDuchovny

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Fun night. Next stop LA @davidduchovny #DavidDuchovny

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David Duchovny Boston Concert 2/22/17

David Duchovny concert date just announced on their website – The Wilbur in Boston on 2/22/17 More info:

DD Glasgow 2

David Duchovny is going on tour with new album soon

TOUR DATES will be released in the next 48 hours. One of our friends already found Alexandria Virginia on February 26. Make sure you are following us on twitter and this blog for the latest news.


Virginia lists that VIP tickets will be a group photo with 10-15 at a time, early entrance and other perks. AWESOME. No need to wear David out with 100+ single photos and autographs.

DD Glasgow 12

Can’t wait to hear studio recordings of new songs…

Stay on the Train
Every Third Thought (My vote for album title)
Someone Else’s Girl
Mo’ (Less Is More)

Can’t wait to hear new songs that will round out the new album.