David Duchovny Talks “Miss Subways,” at the New York Transit Museum.

New York Times Big City columnist Ginia Bellafante is live with the actor @DavidDuchovnyOfficial answering your questions about his career and new novel, “Miss Subways,” at the New York Transit Museum. This conversation is part of a Big City Book Club live event, hosted by The New York Times subscriber events.

Here are our pics from the event! 


David Duchovny heading back to Europe 2019 #hohw #everythirdthought #davidduchovny

David Duchovny 2019 European Concert Tour

07 February GLAVCLUB Moscow, Russia
08 February COSMONAUT St. Petersburg, Russia
10 February SALA PALATULUI Bucharest, Romania
11 Febraury CONGRESS CENTER Budapest, Hungary
12 February ARENA BIG HALL Vienna Austria
15 February STODOLA Warsaw, Poland
16 February ASTRIA Berlin, Germany
17 February TIVOLIAREDENBURG Utrecht, Netherlands
19 February ROYAL COLLEGE THEATER Manchester UK
20 February ACADEMY Dublin, Ireland
22 February 02 SHEPARD’s BUSH EMPIRE London, United Kingdom


Feb 20 2018 Powerstation, Auckland
Feb 21st 2018 – San Fran, Wellington
FRIDAY 23RD FEBRUARY – 170 Russell, Melbourne 18+ 
SATURDAY 24TH FEBRUARY –  Metro Theatre Sydney 18+
SUNDAY 25TH FEBRUARY – Anita’s Theatre Wollongong 18+ 
WEDNESDAY 28TH FEBRUARY NEX  – Wests City Newcastle 18+ 
THURSDAY 1 MARCH – Eatons Hill Hotel Brisbane 18+

APRIL 14 2018 NYC Private Duchovniacs Fan Event

APRIL 22 2018 NYC Tribeca Film Festival presents David Duchovny Live at Public Arts


Feb 12 – Music Box, San Diego MORE INFO
Feb 14 – The Roxy Theatre,  Los Angeles More INFO
Feb 15 – Social Hall, San Francisco CA More INFO
Feb 17- Aladdin Theatre, Portland, OR More INFO
Feb 19 – The Crocodile, Seattle WA MORE INFO
Feb 22 – The Wilbur, Boston MA MORE INFO
Feb 23 – The Paramount, Long Island NY MORE INFO
Feb 24 – The Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ MORE INFO
Feb 26 –  The Birchmere, Alexandria VA MORE INFO
Feb 27  – Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore MD MORE INFO
March 1 – Irving Plaza, NYC MORE INFO

14 October 2017 8pm Imperial, Vancouver, BC 


May 5  Saint Luke’s  Glasgow, Scotland – Walter gets lost looking for parking (He knew where he was, no one else did) And St. Lukes had a HUGE Disco Ball (Europe’s 2nd Largest)

May 6 Union Chapel London, England – First time Colin Opens for David and slays with Major Tom cover
May 8 Rockhal  Luxembourg
May 9 Melkweg  Amsterdam, Netherland
May 10 Gloria  Cologne, Germany – Amazing Beer Garden and Brathaus inside complex
May 12 La Cigale  Paris, France – We actually got to sit at this amazing theater
May 14 Barts  Barcelona, Spain

May 15 Joy Eslava  Madrid, Spain – First Time David walked through the crowd during guitar solo
May 17 Plaza  Zurich, Switzerland – Promoters bought Walter beer thinking he was David’s driver lol
May 18 Freiheizhalle  Munich, Germany
May 19 Chaya Fuera  Vienna, Austria


October 26 Washington DC, Howard Theater

October 28 Ardmore PA (Philly) Armore Music Hall
October 27 New York, NY Webster Hall
October 26 Washington DC, Howard Theater

October 26 David says hello to folks in line, plays Walter’s Guitar

October 7 Orange, Va Inn at Willow Grove 
September 13 Pittsburgh, PA Altar Bar
August 21, 22 Vancouver, BC Alexander Gastown
August 2 Chicago Bub City
August 1 Chicago Joe’s on Weed
May 12 New York Cutting Room
(Duchovniacs.com original created May 14th in reaction to this concert)

May 6 Boston Red Room
May 4 Hartford, Acoustic Cafe at Infinity Theater



Born and raised in New York City, Duchovny attended Princeton University (where he played one season as shooting guard on the school’s basketball team), received his Masters Degree in English Literature from Yale and was on the road to earning his Ph.D. when he caught the acting bug.

Subsequently, Duchovny emerged to become one of the most highly acclaimed actors in Hollywood.  The star of Fox Television’s monster hit “The X-Files,” David was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series, he was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his highlyacclaimed and some say risqué appearances on THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW.  In January 1997, David won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series.  He has been nominated for a total of three Golden Globes, three Screen Actors Guild and a TV Critic’s Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series.  The press and the public both agree that Duchovny brings a fierce intellect, a quiet intensity and an acerbic wit to his roles on both the small screen and the silver screen.

Since THE X-FILES debuted, millions and millions of self-proclaimed “X-Philes” spent their Sunday nights wide-eyed in anticipation as their hero, the brilliant and sullen FBI agent Fox Mulder,  explored cases deemed unbelievable or unsolvable by the Bureau.  Duchovny’s remarkable performance on THE X-FILES earned him the title of “Zeitgeist Icon” by Laura Jacobs in The New Republic and “the first Internet sex symbol with hair” by Maureen Dowd in The New York Times.

The X-Files Pilot 25th Anniversary Celebration Song Tweets Rewatch Live Discussion

25 years ago today The X-files appeared on our televisions. It was 1993 and and Mulder and Scully have definitely made an impact on my life. Thank you David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter, Mitch Pileggi and all involved in the series for giving us 25 great years. Special thanks to all Phile and Duchovniac friends that helped me write the new song parody. JOY TO THE WORLD INDEED

Join us tonight
9pm est #xfpilot25years rewatch and tweet-a-long
10pm est LIVE on YOUTUBE

Let us know what you think!
Download the MP3 Free
Thanks to Three Dog Night for the Original Song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wu9hX…
Karaoke Tracks
Thanks for the aliens & ufos
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHunG… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArE8W…

The X-Files Pilot 25th Anniversary Celebration Song Lyrics

It was 25 Years ago
IN 1993
The Pilot aired and now we feel as old AF
So sing along with me

Joy to the world
Philes across world
Joy to the show that makes us want to believe
With platonic activity

The X-Files Pilot
The X-Files Pilot – The first slide show!

Mulder was in a basement
In an office below the ground
Until a special scientist came into his life
And turned it upside down
Yeah she turned it upside down

Joy to the world
Philes across the world
Joy to the flashlights of our two heroes
Joy to red speedos

The X-Files Pilot
The X-Files Pilot – The first 9 minutes lost

Mulder was chasing Monsters Scully
Followed him on his quest
They tried to save the world from the aliens
But Scully still didn’t have a desk
Why didn’t she have a desk?

Joy to the world
Philes across the world
Joy to black oil and Sunflower seeds
Joy to light cream cheese

The X-Files Pilot
The X-Files Pilot – The First Graveyard

Then came along the smoking man
The Syndicate came after them too
Skinman was their boss and tried to help them out
But what happened to Dagoo?

The X-Files Pilot
The X-Files Pilot – The First CSM will never be my baby daddy moment

Joy to the world
Philes across the world
9 minutes of MSR would be really nice
Joy to magnetite!

The X-Files Pilot
The X-Files Pilot – The First MSR – AKA – The Birth of Shipping

We invented shipping
Mulder/Scully had it for each other bad
No one in the fanbase will ever believe
That CSM is William’s Dad

The X-Files Pilot
The X-Files Pilot: First Easter Egg – CC wife’s Birthday on Clock

Joy to the world
Philes across the world
We’re batcrap crazy and we’re everywhere
The truth is still out there
The truth is still out there
The truth is still out ….


Exclusives David Duchovny Mitch Pileggi Bill Davis Montreal 2018

It is always cool to talk to these guys. We always get some morsel of original content. Trick to interviews going well? Just have a conversation. No agenda needed. Just listen and respond. Be curious. These guys open up so easily when you avoid sensitive topics. We never need to hear another moderator/interviewer ask “do yoi believe in aliens”. Actors love talking aboit their craft, fun on set etc, not fan fantasies.


Duchovniacs Invade Chicago Wizard World


Hey everyone. Here’s my vlog of our adventures at Wizard World Chicago 2018. Watch this if you’re planning on attending Spooky Empire in Orlando! This will give you a feel of what to expect! Follow me and @ me on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/laurice David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson Wizard World 8/25/18 Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r-XD… Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQCir… Part 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anNtz… Be Part of The Xfiles25 Documentary. Submit your video! https://www.thexfiles25.com/ My X-files Vlogs and Episode Recap Discussions 11 X 1 – My Struggle III Post episode stream talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJ_Wm… My struggle II Recap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PynI_… 11 x 2 THE X-FILES S11 EP 2 REVIEW & EASTER EGG HUNT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USbZm… 11 x 3 THE X-FILES S11 EP3 PLUS ONE REVIEW & RECAP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLXp_… 11x 4 THE X-FILES S11 EP 4 REVIEW -The Lost art of Forehead Sweat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5whN… 11 x 5 – THE X-FILES S11 EP 5 – GHOULI RECAP/REVIEW!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuBfK… 11 x 6 – The X-FILES S11 – KITTEN Episode Discussion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_I1yZ… 11 x 7 – THE X-FILES S11 EP 7 – ‘Rm9sbG93ZXJz” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN4mh… 11 x 8 THE X-FILES RECAP: S11 EP 8 “FAMILIAR” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yQY6… 11 x 9 THE X-FILES 11 x 9 Review “Nothing Lasts Forever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLh-H… 11 x 10 THE X-FILES 11 X 10 – My STRUGGLE IV Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fneFl



We had an amazing weekend driving to and from Chicago and all of the events at the 2018 Wizard World. Here are some videos of the panel with David and Gillian. These two are always best when alone, as much as I love the other cast members. This particular MC was great as well, keeping some awkwardly forward questions in check and moving discussion forward.  More at our sister site INDIEFANGIRL

We will see you all in Orlando this October. Sadly the Secaucus NJ event is cancelled HOWEVER keep following, as we are trying to get an event together. 100s had planned to invade the New ork New Jersey area in November and we hope to give you something fan related to enjoy!!!

Keep having fun!!!

The featured photo above was our group pic with David.

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Here is our Wizard World Chicago 2016 pic.

Image result for duchovniacs wizard world 2016

Image result for duchovniacs wizard world 2016

Earlier this Summer we had fun in Montreal

Image result for #duchovniacs

Image result for #duchovniacs

ast Day in Brisbane, when the Mitch’s (David’s Bass player) Cousin gave us a private tour of hiking path and beach near Brisbane.

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Backstage with David Duchovny and the Band Vienna, Last stop of European Tour May 2016

Related image

2018 Private David Duchovny Party hosted by Indie Fangirl (Duchovniacs)

Image result for #duchovniacsImage result for #duchovniacs

Joe’s Pub Chicago 2015

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After show show with Sebastian – Davids percussionist

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San Diego Before Concert February 2017

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San Francisco 2017

Image result for #duchovniacs

New York March 2017

Related image

Walter on Stage with David Washington DC 2015

Image result for #duchovniacs wizard world 2016

David and the Band Surprised us before the show

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Related image

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X-Files Season 10 Red Carpet Event LA January 2016

Image result for #duchovniacs wizard world 2016

Harry Connick Show 2018

Image result for #duchovniacs wizard world 2016

Glasgow 2016 (Arrow points to Walter at the house right bar VIP lounge lol)

Image result for #duchovniacs wizard world 2016

Fans give back….

Image result for #duchovniacs wizard world 2016

Waiting in Line Melbourne 2018



Running down the line yesterday in … wait for it! 😂We’ll see everyone in TONIGHT for the @davidduchovny 🤟





2017 Waiting for Concert in Alexandria VA we threw together this little ditty