Three years ago today I launched this blog, inspired by a dozen internet friends coming together for food, drinks and Duchovny.

Consider what we have been celebrating since.

Since that fateful night on May 12, when we helped launched HELL OR HIGHWATER, David’s first album, we have followed his career closely through two seasons of two TV shows – Aquarius and The X-Files, Two Albums – EVERY THIRD THOUGHT released this year, and Three Novels – HOLY COW, BUCK FUCKING DENT, and MISS SUBWAYS.

That would be a fulfilling career of work for many artists.

Since then there has been maybe 100 plus events where we have gotten to hang out and meet new friends on three continents. Live Concerts, Book Signings, and Comic Cons have inspired intercontinental travel for dozens of friends, and 100s more we do not closely associate, which I hope will change.

The road has not been without a few bumps – literally if you were trying to sleep in the RV while I drove across Europe. Like a big dysfunctional family this fandom has its ups and downs. The school yard has had its bullies. But we are a family that pulls through at the end of the day.

Now we anxiously await BUCK FUCKING DENT the movie, hoping for X-Files Season 12 news, new concerts dates (rumors flying about some upcoming USA dates) and so much more.

Maybe not the largest fandom in the world, we are certainly dedicated, and name another fandom that has SO MUCH fresh content to absorb.


We are just getting started!!!

But it all started with Charnette asking for FREEBIRD and me requesting NWA… BOTH of us are still waiting for these covers LOL

YUP We were sitting right in front of Pat, and later Gillian May 12, 2015.

UPCOMING NYC EVENTS for DUCHOVNIACS: Joel McHale, Gillian Anderson, Keaton Simons LIVE


Joel McHale, Gillian Anderson, Keaton Simons LIVE

Compiled by WALT FRASIER

Are you in the NYC area this Winter/Spring? Laurice and I will going to these.
Any more X-Files/David Duchovny extended family events you hear about, let us know so we can tell the world…

February 4th Joel Mchale Stand-Up Special


Caroline’s on Broadway

1626 Broadway,  New York,  NY  10036
Joel was a blast to meet Tuesday at the X-Files Premiere Party.
Meet Tad O'Malley

Joel Mchale hugs Laurice Fattal, Duchovniacs Editor in Chief

FROM CAROLINE’S PAGE Joel McHale is one of the busiest actors in the business right now. He is perhaps best known for his starring role on the hit comedy series “Community,” which recently wrapped its sixth season on Yahoo after five seasons on NBC. He will next be seen on Fox’s revival of “The X-Files,” where he will play a conservative news anchor. McHale starred as Robin Williams’ son in A Merry Friggin’ Christmas and was seen in the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced supernatural thriller Deliver Us From Evil.  He also appeared in the Warner Bros’ romantic comedyBlended alongside Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.  His additional film credits include Seth MacFarlane’s comedy smash TED, What’s Your Number?, The Big Year, Spy Kids: All The Time in The World, and The Informant. In 2014, he hosted the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington D.C., and recently hosted the 2015 ESPYS on ABC. McHale also performs his stand-up act around the country to sold-out audiences. Born in Rome and raised in Seattle, Washington, McHale was a history major at the University of Washington where he also was a member of their championship football team.  He received his Master’s of Fine Arts from UW’s Actor’s Training Program.  McHale lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two sons.




We’ve got our tickets. Let us know when you are in town and we can meet up. Tickets maybe sold out or close to it so GO NOW AND BUY YOURS!!!

FROM WEBSITE Arguably, St. Ann’s Warehouse is the only NY theater capable of staging Benedict Andrews’ maverick production of A Streetcar Named Desire, featuring Gillian Anderson, Ben Foster, Corey Johnson and Vanessa Kirby. With its transparent, revolving set, all conversations are overheard, there’s nowhere to hide and the ensuing tragedy purposefully spins toward its inevitable last line. The New York Times called the production “a wounding portrait of communal loss.” This American Premiere marks the first collaboration between St. Ann’s Warehouse and London’s Young Vic.

“Ms. Anderson is at her very best in Benedict Andrews’ ferocious new production of Tennessee Williams’ immortal play…

[Ben Foster is] the first Stanley I have come across to erase memories of the part’s stage and screen originator, Marlon Brando…less about the character’s pectorals and more about his battered pride”

“Benedict Andrews’ version steams off the stage with pain, excitement and clamour”
“Foster as Stanley matches Miss Anderson blow for blow in their big showdowns…Kirby is touchingly vulnerable as Stella”
“Gillian Anderson is simply unmissable, Benedict Andrews’ direction is admirably thoughtful and bold… Vanessa Kirby eloquent, Ben Foster explosive, and there’s a lovely measured Corey Johnson”



This modern-day staging of Tennessee Williams feverish classic arrives at St Ann’s after dazzling West End audiences in 2014. Heading the cast as the ill-fated Blanche DuBois is Golden Globe and Emmy winner Gillian Anderson, currently starring on the small screen in The Fall and Hannibal, but perhaps still best known for her iconic portrayal of Agent Scully in Fox’s The X-Files.

Directed by Benedict Andrews, this simmering cauldron of sexual frustration and resentment plays out on a revolving set, which allows the audience a window into every cramped inch of the play’s sweltering New Orleans apartment setting. It was first staged at London’s Young Vic in 2014, and became the fastest selling show in the venue’s history. The production earned universal acclaim, with the UK’s leading theatre critic, Charles Spencer of The Telegraph, describing Anderson’s turn as “the performance of her career”.

The main cast transfer over for this New York production. Joining Anderson are stage star Ben Foster (Lone Survivor) as the surly Stanley, and Vanessa Kirby (Jupiter Ascending) as Stella.


When faded Southern belle Blanche finds her decadent life crumbling around her, she falls on the mercy of her timid sister Stella for some relief. However, she didn’t factor in Stella’s domineering husband Stanley, who is determined to control his wife ahead of the birth of their first child.

Blanche is intrigued with the dynamics of their relationship, and attempts to attract new men by holding court in the Kowalski’s apartment, to Stanley’s anger. Blanche and Stanley butt heads constantly, and a huge confrontation between the two leads to a devastating fate for Blanche as she finally experiences a psychotic breakdown.

MAY 24 & 25 Keaton Simons in Concert

Keaton Simons - Two Show Pass


Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3

185 Orchard St. New York, NY, 10002

If you have not met Keaton yet, you are in for a treat. You may have seen Keaton on teh Today show playing guitar with David Duchovny on May 12, morning before th infamous Cutting Room Concert. Many Duchovniacs have become Keaton Simons fans over the past few years. I met Keaton and his Mom Tuesday. Laurice had met Keaton once before. A true delight on and off stage!!!

The new @thexfilesfox is awesome!! So proud of you @davidduchovny :) #thexfiles

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FROM TICKETFLY: The Los Angeles Times described the voice of their native son, blues/rock guitarist, singer and songwriter Keaton Simons, as having a “lived-in quality that will echo in our minds and hearts for years to come.” Anyone who’s seen Keaton perform live knows why the crowd erupts when he picks up a guitar from his arsenal on stage (usually consisting of a customized DeTemple Stellacasta, fretless guitar, baritone and acoustic). Premier Guitar magazine has welcomed Keaton as a guest guitar teacher on their website and says, “Simons can play.” In addition, Keaton has played a role in the hip hop world as a writer, musical director, singer, bassist and guitarist with notable acts like Snoop Dogg, Gnarls Barkley, Tre Hardson of The Pharcyde and underground hip hop legend Medusa. He’s also performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Last Call with Carson Daly and most recently, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Keaton’s music is regularly placed in feature films and television shows, including Sons of Anarchy, Private Practice, NCIS and Numb3rs.



Tonight and Next Week Laurice and I are hosting fans at our Improv Comedy Show LMAO OFF BROADWAY. Follow us on TWITTER and RSVP for free tickets.


JANUARY 16 2016

  • 5pm BRICK YARD Gastropub for dinner & Drinks
  • 7:30 Seating/8pm Show LMAO OFF BROADWAY at the Broadway Comedy Club 318 West 53rd Street 10019 $25 at the door TWO DRINK MINIMUM (RSVP for COMPS
  • 10pm KARAOKE Private Room at Duets 53 $8pp/hour 900 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019

JANUARY 23 2016

  • 8pm LMAO OFF BROADWAY at the Broadway Comedy Club 318 West 53rd Street 10019


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The stars of the X-Files were all on hand at the California Science Center this past Tuesday, January 12, 2016. They entered one by one to work the Red Carpet sponsored by Ford.


We are more of a FAN SITE than Press so our goal is always David Duchovny. David was surprised to see us, remarking our dedication to showing up all over the country.

David said our dedication is about to be challenged in May with soon to be released news about a HELL OR HIGH WATER TOUR that would require us to dust off our passports. I tweeted a hint of this out Tuesday from the event and my notifications blew up.

Laurice asked about the HOLY COW animated musical project. David said there are forces at work that are trying to make it happen. While it didn’t sound like it was his primary focus at this time, he mentioned there was still interest. David was in high demand so I quickly moved on to the buffet. It’s my thing.

Perhaps 30-minutes later, while finishing a glass of red wine, I was surprised by a farewell double pat on the shoulder. I turned and he was already almost out of sight… Sorry, let me move on before this turns into a grocery store romance novella. #WALTOVNY is real LOL.

Laurice had a brief meeting with William B. Davis. After 35 years of watching celeb interviews I should realize by now that the villains are always played by the nicest actors. Mr. Davis was incredibly gracious, especially after sharing we just finished the final season of Continuum, a series on Syfy. If you have not watched it is fun. William B. Davis plays the future self of one of the main characters and a driving force of the overall plot line

It was a real pleasure meeting Annet Mahendru. Annet was passing by with her friend when I mentioned I loved her on the Americans. She stopped to chat with us. Our friends at X-Files News joined the conversation. If you are unfamiliar with this actress, go watch FX’s THE AMERICANS. One of my favorite shows on TV in past 10 years, Annet plays a Russian in the USSR DC Embassay and after being recruited by the FBI, also becomes a double agent for the KGB. Alas that was the cold war of the 1980s. In “My Struggle”, Annet brilliantly plays Sveta. Enough for now, as I want this post to be spoiler free, but I expect to see this young actress take Hollywood by storm.

I met Robbie Amell in passing, asking, “When will we finally see you in the X-files?” Robbie held out all 4 fingers and a thumb. “FIVE”.

“Cool. No more Tomorrow People?” What I really wanted to ask was “Will we see you as Firestorm again?” But on my tougue was FIRESTAR and I knew that was the heroin from 1980s cartoons Spiderman and his Amazing Friends. I thought he did a great job on The Flash the past two years. We were also sad to see The Tomorrow People cancelled.

We both tried to talk to Annabeth Gish. But Annabeth moves fast and is in demanad. hard to catch. Annebeth did catch Laurice though…

Annabeth Gish (@annabeth_gish) • Instagram photos and videos.clipular

Original photo – Annabeth Gish Instagram @annabeth_gish

Ashton Irwin was in the house when Laurice noticed the popular 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER drummer hanging out. A major rising star in the music world, 20-year old Ashton was ecstatic to have someone recognize him in the mostly older crowd.

I already posted our meeting with Chris Carter CLICK HERE

My geekiest moment came when we met Joel McHale. We were on our way out. Clearly Joel was trying to get the eff out. But we did want to tell him we were going to try and see him in New York at Carolines next month. He said he was trying to get out of there and had not yet stolen a pillow.

“OK, write your email down for me.” Say Joel. OH CRAP.

The next 5 minutes was all about looking for a pen or perhaps a lone business card hiding in my wallet.

The next 10 minutes was waiting for an opportune moment to give Joel the NJ Transit Ticket I wrote my name and email. The staff was cleaning up. Security was glaring (GET THE EFF OUT)…

Joel was talking to Chris Carter and Vince Gilligan. I saw one more pillow. I grabbed it. A security guard was walking towards me with intent. Not sure if he was more worried about getting me out or taking the pillow back.

I butted in subtly (as subtle goes for me). “Sorry they’re about to kick me out”.

“I was hoping for a pillow with the logo” That’s what I thought but did not want the star to go home empty handed.

I was saving the best for last. While periscoping the Red Carpet activities, emmy award winning editor (wins for “Tempus Fugit“, “Kill Switch“, “S.R. 819”  ALSO American Cinema Editors award for Best Edited One-Hour Series “Unruhe“) Heather MacDougall saddled up next to me. As Heather told me she was the emmy award winning editor, I slowly turned cell phone camera and periscope feed onto my new best friend. We then shared thre Red Carpet experience as we noticed stars arriving. There’s Mitch, and WIlliam, and Annet… It was like X-Files Romper Room Magic Mirror time. I recognized Robbie Amell right away. Our Twitter fans went nuts. “SO COOL” ” OMG”

So that was kind of like my get. Later at the after party Heather approached me “Have you seen CSM?”

I responded “William was sitting over there (all the celebs had their very own plush L-shaped lounge couch VIP section to receive press) but he just got up ans was at the buffet (just feet behind us – I always notice when stars go to the buffet… it’s my thing).

Seconds later I noticed out of the corner of my eye yelling  “HEATHER” we’re on a first name basis now “There he is!” Heather smiled acknowledgement.


So as I often say “SO THAT HAPPENED!”

To be in the right place at the right time you have to be out of the house and in a lot of places. Add to that my own bumbling idiot charm I have to say I have had some amazing times

Detective Sam Hodiak Back on the Case for Aquarius Season 2

NBC’s Aquarius season 2 began shooting today and we got to see a handful of awesome tweets from behind the scenes (thanks to John McNamara).  We’re super excited to see what season 2 will bring us!

Also from a couple of days ago.

Welcome back Hodiak and Shafe!

#Aquarius #samhodiak #davidduchovny @davidduchovny #greydamon #herewegoagain

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‘The X-Files’ Revival Spoilers

‘The X-Files’ Revival Spoilers: Is David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Robbie Amell A “Traitor?”


Robbie Amell

(Photo : Frederick M. Brown/Getty)

Back by popular demand, Fox will premiere an exclusive promo of the iconic sci-fi/horror series. In the revival of The X-Files, will paranormal investigators (David Duchovny) andDana Scully (Gillian Anderson) discover whose side Agent Miller (Robbie Amell) is on?


13 years have passed since FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were on the TV screen solving weird and supernatural cases. The reboot of Fox’s popular sci-fi series continues with an all-new 6 episode arc. Not only are the leads back to reprise their iconic roles, creator Chris Carterwill takeover as showrunner for the franchise that launched his and many other careers.

The Tomorrow People actor will play smart and smooth Agent Miller. Joined by DIG actress, Lauren Ambrose will portray the equally sharp and confident Agent Einstein. No word yet on which one of the six episodes they will appear in.



X-Files News and Duchovniacs present NYCC Comedy Party Friday October 9

Friday 10/9 6pm NYCC Comedy Party co-hosted by X-Files News, Duchovniacs, LMAO Improv and Broadway Comedy Club

Seating is limited (100 guests) so please register early to guarantee your spot. First come seating, all seating is cabaret style (table/chairs) There is a one beverage minimum per guest, however there are numerous happy hour specials

5:30 Doors and Bar open (Cocktail Service)
6-6:30 Welcome plus Trivia with X-Files News and Duchovniacs
6:30 Improv by LMAO: Hosted By Walt Frasier with Laurice Fattal, Patrick Reidy, Andrew Del Vecchio, and Nathan Armstrong
7:20-8pm Panel Discussion

A portion of ticket sales will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Presented by
X-Files News
Broadway Comedy Club NYC




X-Files Alum Director David Nutter wins Emmy for Game of Thrones

David Duchovny and Mitch Pileggi Q&A at Wizard Con

With a great panelist and amazing fans, the moderator had it easy!!!!

Thanks for posting these, Gina




Best PAPER CLIP Caption yet goes to the Skin Man himself, Mitch Pileggi!!!

  Here was mine (Walter)

Our Podcast for this trilogy coming very soon!!!

Playlist of Duchovny Concert Videos – Updated!

Updated Youtube Playlist of videos from live concerts! Hopefully we will have even more after the Pittsburgh show!