Montreal Comic Con X-Files Panel and Improv Show (Workshop Too!)

Very excited to announce that Duchovniacs, Walt Frasier and Laurice Fattal, will be running a show & workshop program at the Montreal Comic Con next month.

3pm Improv Workshop – listed as Improv 4 Kids but fun for all ages
8:30pm Xfiles-Prov – The Laughs Are Out There

9:30 Afterparty


AND OF COURSE we will see al at the panel…

The Truth is Here – The X-Files Special Event
Saturday, July 7, 2018
7:00 p.m. – Main Events room (516C)Montreal Comiccon is proud to present The Truth is Here, a special 60-minute event featuring** The X-Files stars David Duchovny (Fox Mulder), William B. Davis (Cigarette Smoking Man) and Mitch Pileggi (Walter Skinner), together on stage. Fans will get to listen to their conspiracy theories and wild stories about aliens, sewer monsters and traveling from Vancouver to LA and back again. They’ll also be taking questions from fans along the way.Tickets on sale as of Wednesday, May 30 at noon!

*This does NOT include access to Montreal Comiccon. This is a separately ticketed event; it is NOT included with any single day, 3-Day, Deluxe, or VIP tickets.

To take advantage of the reduced ticket prices for this event, a Montreal Comiccon ticket that includes Saturday is required. Those WITHOUT said Comiccon entry tickets will be able to purchase a special ticket event at full price.

Take note that autographs and photos are not permitted during the special event. David Duchovny will be appearing at Montreal Comiccon on Saturday, July 7, while Mitch Pileggi and William B. Davis will appear from Friday, July 6 to Sunday, July 8. Each will participate in autographs and photos on the days they are listed as guests. A Montreal Comiccon ticket valid on those days is required to enter those areas.

**Guest availability subject to change. Should the special event be cancelled entirely, tickets to said event will automatically be refunded. Montreal Comiccon entry tickets are non-refundable.

New Zealand Fans – Win a VIP Meet & Greet With David Duchovny



(Contest for NZ residents only)


You might know him as Mulder in the X-Files or Hank Moody in Californication but David Duchovny is a man of many talents. Currently bunkered down in the studio working on his sophomore album, ‘Every Third Thought’ due out later this year, New Zealand fans will be some of the first to hear these new songs live during his tour.

VIP Experience Includes:

  • Two GA standing ticket to see David Duchovny

  • Two solo shots w/ David by professional photographer

  • Access to pre-show soundcheck

  • Early entry into venue

  • Two signed items (bring your own item and David will sign)

To be into win you’ll need to get creative… We want you to take the photo below and impress us with your most creative use of the photo. Take a selfie with it, make a sculpture with it, wallpaper your house with it – surprise us! Then comment on our Facebook page HERE with your amazing artwork, and tag the person you’d like to take with you.


May 24th Book Launch- David Duchovny Joins Guest Speakers on The Beatles Legacy



WEDNESDAY, 5.24.17
7:00 – 8:30 PM

In December 1969, The Beatles released their song “Across the Universe,” with the phrase of thanks “Jai Guru Dev, Om” concluding each verse. For many listeners, it was their first exposure to the sacred syllable OM. That song, along with other Beatles classics, helped introduce Eastern spirituality to mainstream Western culture and encouraged countless listeners to transform their consciousness.

To mark the publication of Andrew Blauner’s In Their Lives: Great Writers on Great Beatles Songs, Shawn Colvin, David Duchovny, Rick Moody, Jon Pareles, Francine Prose, and others share their thoughts on The Beatles’ legacy and why their songs continue to impact our culture.

A book signing of In Their Lives: Great Writers on Great Beatles Songs will follow the program.

In Their Lives is published by Blue Rider Press, edited by Andrew Blauner, and features a note from Paul McCartney.


About the Speakers

David Duchovny is an actor, writer, producer, director, novelist, and singer-songwriter. He has published two books, Holy Cow: A Modern-Day Dairy Tale (2015) and Bucky F*cking Dent (2016).

Rick Moody is the author most recently of Hotels of North America, a novel, and On Celestial Music, a book of essays. He writes about music regularly for The Rumpus.

Shawn Colvin won her first Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album with her debut, Steady On, in 1989. She has been a mainstay of the contemporary folk music scene ever since, releasing eleven acclaimed albums and establishing herself as one of America’s great live performers. She triumphed at the 1998 Grammy Awards, winning both Record and Song of the Year for the top ten hit “Sunny Came Home.” Her candid memoir, Diamond in the Rough, was published to critical acclaim in 2012. In 2016 she received the Americana Music Association’s Lifetime Achievement Trailblazer Award.

Jon Pareles is the Chief Popular Music Critic of The New York Times and the consulting editor of The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll.

Francine Prose is the author of more than twenty books, most recently the novel Mister Monkey. She is currently a Distinguished Visiting Writer at Bard.

Andrew Blauner is the founder of Blauner Books Literary Agency. His other anthologies are Coach, Brothers, Central Park, Our Boston, The Good Book, and as coeditor For the Love of Baseball. A graduate of Brown University and Columbia University School of Business, Blauner is a member of PEN American Center and the National Book Critics Circle. He started his career as an intern at Rolling Stone.

Tickets: $35.00

Member Tickets: $32.50

Deluxe Ticket: $50.00 ticket option includes book + preferred seating

Become a member today!

Ticket Link

Flu nor Virus Can’t Stop Duchovny, Whistle While You Work Birchmere Alexandria VA 2/26/2017


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Three big highlights tonight.

  1. OPENING ACT ROCKED – K. Marie Kim is a genius sound engineer that makes David sound amazing every night. Turns out she sings and plays piano and really knows how to make musical toys (special effects) work better than most. (See post below)
  2. COLIN CAN REALLY WHISTLE – The band played a scaled down LATELY IT’s ALWAYS DECEMBER with Keenan carrying tune Acoustic Guitar,  Pat laying down what Pat does (beyond words), and Colin shaking his egg (rhythm toy – percussion). But then busted out a solo whistling what he often plays on the keys. It was so perfect. The guys also had more back up harmonizing vocals – or perhaps we just heard a cooler blend with less instrumentation. IF ANYONE HAS VIDEO PLEASE SHARE
  3. DAVID WAS SICK (read below)

This girl rocks @kmariekim @davidduchovny up next @Duchovniacs

A post shared by Walt Frasier (@waltfrasier) on


We cannot say for certain what it was but David was not feeling well tonight. A fever was reported by DD himself and there were other signs of issues, but we will skip any talk of bodily fluids.

That being said I noticed something…

Those that follow closely will remember David being sick in Luxembourg last May. He powered through but was noticeably feeling awful.

You may have also read my blog from Friday (Saturday AM) about how impressed I was with David in Jersey.

At first tonight, when they said David was not feeling well, I thought – I wonder if David just is not used to powering through that hard (Friday’s performance) and needed time to recover.

When you are not used to that much singing at that intensity, it can take a couple days to recover. Even Opera singers only do two show each week.

I personally had zero voice Saturday just from screaming and dancing. It took everything I had to sing Man of La Mancha ending for Mitch Pileggi via twitter conversation. But when I went to sing another song with Duchovniacs, I virtually passed out on stage.

Tonight was another sign of David’s maturity as a singer. Despite vocal issues, he never once suffered regarding pitch. His voice was gruff but that works for this bluesy folk rock music.   David is the consummate story teller.

What I did notice is something that happens to a seasoned live performer. While it hurts and you feel like you are falling way short of your best, you are so hyper focus to over compensate for illness/fatigue, your over all performance is actually better than other times.

Perhaps that big money note lacks, but the rest of the performance is that much more connected.

Lyrical pretty singers/songs suffer greater from illness. But the story teller just sounds like he/she had too many smokes, which is not terrible for this style. The result is – as David put it – sounding more like Joe Cocker (or Janice Joplin for the ladies).

But beyond one or two moments where David paused for some tea, the over all performance was great. He danced a little less but the performance was perhaps even more filled with soul and meaning from the lyrics. As we learning musical theater, act through the song, don’t sing it.

Just 10 month ago David did not succeed as well under similar circumstances. We still loved the shows but some notes were flat. They might be flat in good health.

Here is what I told a number of new fan friends…

  1. David is a crazy awesome writer.
  2. His Celeb status gave him access to some off the charts amazing musicians that carried him the past 2 years musically.
  3. He is now coming into his own as a singer/musician. He is clearly working on his instrument, and now has enough live performance experience to know how to process the instrument under distress.

Almost anyone can sing pretty for a few moments. But it takes training to learn how to keep a voice healthy even when the body is not. It takes time to build up that endurance.

The voice is a muscle that needs developing.

For all his struggles tonight, I heard some decent notes in David’s upper register I don’t think were there just 8-10 months ago.

The audience still got a great performance. Better than many/most from before the past two weeks. I would still put tonight in top three of this past two weeks.

If nothing else, I am not sure David could have done “Lately It’s Always December” like that a week ago. That is a tough song and he was more exposed than ever. I am so craving acoustic tour / online videos / tracks…

MORE FROM Alexandria





David Duchovny at Social Hall San Francisco Duchovniacs 2/15 Wrap-Up

David Duchovny at Social Hall San Francisco Duchovniacs 2/15 Wrap-Up
QUICK REMINDER – If you were at any of the sound checks, check out pictures at



David Duchovny at Social Hall San Francisco Duchovniacs 2/15 Wrap-Up

Wednesday February 15 started with a very early alarm. We were wired the night before, and while we all crashed early, none of us truly slept well. I expected to be much more relaxed with so much second hand mary jane smoke. Or was it SWEET JANE…

After checking into the hotel we went straight to the venue to line up. We were later than usual (by our standards) but only one friend from Germany beat us to the front.

Parking was rough. It was 4pm. Many of the main roads had NO PARKING / RUSH HOUR limits 4-6pm. The side streets had metered parking untill 6pm with 30-minute limits. The public garages closed at 7 or 8pm. Eventually I found a spot very close to the venue – metered till 6pm w/o other restrictions.

Social Hall is an interesting space.

Their door process was considerably slower.   One at a time we went through a metal detector, then a podium for 21+ wrist bands, and then another guy would scan tickets. And each of the three check points was a slow bottle necked process.

“Are we going to a square dance?” “50’s Sock Hop”

Social Hall is actually a social hall. In many ways it looked like an over-sized catholic high school gym. In others I expected the floor to open up and reveal an old bath house. Or perhaps this is the place to hide when Godzilla or worse comes to town. Nuclear Fallout Shelter.

FYI Despite our initial impression of the space – San Francisco was by far the best crowd, energy wise. So no more book cover judgments.

The few folding chairs in the back appeared to be for school dance chaperones. VIP section? Band mom and dad did sit there at some point so…

And now I am done.

The main room was one huge football field size area with a stage on the far side form the entrance and arched ceiling with rib style supporting arches and a side room – about 1/2 the size – where the set up a make shift bar and David took photos.

The Sound Check Party was fun. There was a lot more Sound Checking still going on than the previous two events. We actually could hear vocals at this venue better than others down front. I think it’s for the same reason David was struggling with his microphone and ear piece.

If you ever perform on a proscenium stage, you sometimes have an issue with sound getting stuck behind the proscenium. If too far upstage (away form the audience) a lot of sound can get sent up to the rafters above the stage instead of getting sent out to the audience.


Take a look at the row of lights over the front row and the support arch directly behind/above. Now look at the stacks of speakers. Not only are they behind that arch line, they are pointed upwards into the arches and they are closer to the band than usual.

The way they are set up, David is hearing more from the main feed than usual. Many of the guys were complaining about their monitor mix. The bigger problem is having a small stage in a room that large (especial that deep – a wider venue would have less issue) without having more surround sound – a few speakers around the theater.

And the sound table in the back is hearing things so differently than up front.

All this being said by show time things were just fine. After the sound check party, their team worked non-stop adjusting levels. It was a cool educational process watching the sound engineer test all hi/lo peaks, pops and vowel sounds on each microphone.

David sat down with Brad for a special segment of Good Morning San Francisco, answering twitter and live questions.

“Walt, how do you have a question? You know everything, right?” (I am paraphrasing David’s reaction to me raising my hand)

ME “What is your vocal warm up process?”

David said he was a bit off for the sound check because he had not warmed up yet. David then credited his teacher Don Larson for a series of scales and arpeggios he knows.

(I saw a tweet today regarding book signing in Seattle… David’s favorite question about his writing “What is your favorite X-Files episode?” Artist’s life is rough)

After that fans got their photos taken.


Keenan O’Meara opened the show. Keenan is the new guitarist (We miss you Nate. We love Keenan too now). Keenan admitted he was not used to the large room. One might expect to hear his music in a small bar, sitting with acoustic guitar and microphone.

Two things stand out.

  1. KEENAN CAN REALLY PLAY GUITAR!!! I mean, while low key, there was nothing simple about these songs.
    I heard another say this to a friend as I thought it. Remember CROSSROADS (1986) the movie. Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid) is a classical musician that ditches music school to go learn/play the blues. He basically sells his soul to the devil at the Crossroads (Long before Sam & dean made it there). At the end he starts rocking out a classical cello concerto on blues guitar and wins his soul back in a hellish battle of the bands.

    Keenan’s guitar playing in his songs reminds me of that. Think Segovia playing for Miles Davis. No wonder David brought back December. Keenan made that song sing too.
  2. KEENAN CAN REALLY REALLY SING!!! This kid soars up into some high notes so sweetly. I might say he is crooning, but he is not. He is sitting on some high notes and just lilting up there, gently in the breeze. David truly does not need me on Another Year anymore (single tear).

Next time Keenan is playing NYC we need to get a group together. Don’t worry Pat; you’re still my musical bromance crush.

The second David took stage, the Press overtook the pit, and the tallest female photographer ever was right down center.

I hope David and the guys worked out all their sound kinks and enjoyed the show. For me, it was awesome.

Highlight for me was when David asked me to take off my shirt. I was wearing the ‘milk carton’ shirt from Chicago the year before at Joe’s, which he signed in Chicago this past summer at book signing after comic con.

David and the guys wore the pink hats again. This time with a slightly better explanation.

Sebastian’s drum solo is getting more bad ass every night – and longer I think.


Like I said above, for all the reasons I think the guys struggled, the sound mix in front row was better than ever. We cold actually hear David and back up vocals.

Being in the basement of the old building made it impossible to live tweet or periscope much. But I think you will agree these videos sound better than most we take down front.

We all had a great time at the San Francisco concert. See you all in Boston! We’ll have a busload of Duchovniacs bringing out all the news from the front row!



X-Files Philes/Duchovniacs Meet – Up in New York City Saturday August 27, 2016 8pm

Now a monthly event, (August 27 will be our 3rd monthly meet-up) we are meeting up regularly to discuss our favorite show as well as Aquarius, Concert tours, Novels and more.

August 27, 2016
5-7pm Duet 53 Karaoke  $10 cash at the door includes 2-hour room rental. No outside drinks but we usually get pizza delivered and the drinks are cheap.
8pm LMAO Improv Comedy Show $5 cover via THIS LINK
9:30 – ??? Hang out at diner or bar and share

Can’t make it August 27. Walt, Laurice and Pat from our podcast 2 Philes and a New Born perform weekly. CLICK HERE for full August 2016 schedule


David Duchovny at Wizard World Philly

More pics from David at Wizard World Philly HERE


20160604_161344 20160604_162942 20160604_162946 20160604_163002 20160604_163604 20160604_163634 20160604_164028 20160604_164304 20160604_164315 20160604_164517 20160604_164855

IMG_0891 IMG_0895 IMG_0862 IMG_0860


David Duchovny Book Signing in Paris 5/12

From what we understand, you can go to the store and pick up an invitation to the event to RSVP.  More info:

David Duchovny in meeting and dedication in Fnac

Fnac Saint Lazare
109 Rue Saint-Lazare
75009 Paris 9

Thursday, May 12, 2016
Time: 24:30 Fnac Saint Lazare  (Dating Forum – 3rd floor of the store) Free event, by invitation (to recover store) in limited places available.


David Duchovny to Appear at Wizard World Chicago


In addition to appearing Wizard World Comic Con in Philly on June 4th and 5th, David will be appearing at Wizard World Chicago in August – MORE INFO. david-duchovny-6_22

Aquarius Rewatch starting March 5 S1E1 tonight at 8pm EST #aquariusrewatch

Aquarius Rewatch starting 3/5 S1E1 tonight at 8pm EST

@duchovniacs #aquariusrewatch


Wondering what to do with your life now that X-Files Season 10 is over?

Waiting for the next David Duchovny live event at 92Y (NYC), Hell or Highwater Eurotrip or Philly Wizard Con? (We’ll be at all of the above YEAH!)

Sick of 24/7 Politics?

If you answered yes or no to all or any of the above…

Join us tonight at 8pm for an Aquarius Rewatch or “WATCH” if you are summer of love virgins. Let’s rewatch the episodes getting ready for Season 2. Follow us on twitter @duchovniacs #aquariusrewatch

We will be watching our uncensored DVDs for the first time. You can also get the early episodes on Amazon Video. The last 5 episodes are available for free on HULU.
WATCH ON AMAZON VIDEO “Everybody’s Been Burned”



SATURDAY MARCH 5, 2016 at 8pm

Season 1, Episode 1 Everybody’s Been Burned

WATCH ON AMAZON VIDEO “Everybody’s Been Burned”Sixteen-year-old Emma Karn sneaks out of her Beverly Hills house to attend a party with her pseudo-boyfriend Rick Zondervan. There, they are separated by a group of girls, as instructed by another party-goer, Charles Manson, who tells Emma alone that she can survive in the world without her boyfriend or father. The next day, Emma’s mother Grace calls her former boyfriend LAPD Hollywood division detective Sam Hodiak: Emma used to sneak out with Rick, who claims she then left with someone else. At Manson’s commune, he plays music for his followers, and Katie tells Emma that he wants to become more famous than The Beatles. At a diner on the Sunset Strip, undercover Detective Brian Shafe meets Mike Vickery. A drug deal is made, and Brian tells Mike that he is after the diner owner, Art Gladner. Outside the police are getting rough with a hippie group out past the 10 p.m. curfew. Brian intervenes and gets arrested. Back at the station, Sam recruits Brian to help find Emma. Rick gives them the first name of the guy Emma left with, Charlie. Brian enlists Detective Charmain Tully, who could pass as a young female hippie, to help him infiltrate the Manson Family, but they first need biker Roy Kovic to lead them to Charlie. Manson’s history is revealed: he had been working as pimp and one of his prostitutes (Caroline Beecher) disappeared; he then was in jail for drug possession on a reduced sentence and Emma’s father Ken was Charlie’s lawyer. Charlie demands Ken introduce him to an executive in the music business, attempts to rape him, and cuts him with a razor.


SATURDAY MARCH 12, 2016 at 8pm

WATCH ON AMAZON VIDEO “The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game”Sam questions Ken about his connection to Charlie, and Grace points him to Manson’s file. Ken admits to having been Charlie’s lawyer and that Emma is with Manson. Brian learns that Rick is telling everyone he is a cop; he asks for Sam’s help to shut him up. Before they can, they receive a call about a white woman, Joyce Nankin, being killed at her home in a now-black neighborhood in South Central. Their investigation focuses on Bunchy Carter, leader of the Nation of Islam, who accuses the police not having solved any of the 27 black murders in the neighborhood. Bunchy is arrested for interference, but it was really to dupe Joyce’s husband into confessing to her murder. Sam and Brian get Rick to confess he told Art that Brian was a cop. They offer Art a deal for reporting his partners but he refuses, and Sam writes the word “snitch” on Art’s forehead. To test Emma’s loyalty, Charlie asks her to shoplift. When she gets caught, Charlie murders the owner. Sam’s soldier son Walt shows up at his house, claiming a “new policy” as to why he is not fighting in the Vietnam War, while in reality Walt’s mother Opal had arranged a letter about a sick parent. Charlie demands a thousand dollars (and another thousand upon Emma’s release) from Ken for a music demo tape. When Ken visits Charlie to hand over the money, Charlie kisses Ken, asking him if he remembers what it was like to be free. Emma nearly interrupts them, and Ken is terrified of being caught.


“Aquarius” stars Claire Holt and David Duchovny in a still from Episode 9 of the NBC series

SATURDAY MARCH 19, 2016 at 8pm

Season 1 Episode 3 Never Say Never to Always
WATCH ON AMAZON VIDEO “Never Say Never to Always”Later that night, Sam enters his ex-wife Opal’s house to find out about Walt and is caught by Sam’s former partner Ed who is now Opal’s lover (thereby cheating on his wife Jean). Opal reveals Sam’s past domestic abuse. Meanwhile at Manson’s commune, Ken had sex with Charlie, picking up their previous relationship. Ken is confused and afraid and is seen leaving in his car by a shocked Emma. The next day, Art is found stabbed inside his locked diner and Ed arrests Mike as suspect. Roy finally leads Brian and Charmain to the Manson Family commune ‘Spiral Staircase’ near Topanga where both are introduced to Charlie. Brian informs Sam about Emma’s location, but when Sam and Grace get there, Charlie and a group of girls including Emma (who he calls ‘Cherry’) had left to record his demo. Military police are looking for Walt. Later that night, Charlie, whom Roy had warned earlier about Sam’s search of the commune, takes Emma and Sadie to the recording engineer Rue Fisher’s house to barter him with “sharing” the girls; then Charlie calls to intimidate the Karns with a recording featuring Emma.




HAVE YOU SEEN THIS? Looks like David is directing an episode this season.