David Duchovny ushering new musical appreciation: Keaton Simons to Infinity Girl to The Beatles

David Duchovny ushering new musical appreciation:
Keaton Simons to Infinity Girl to The Beatles

Walter at FAO Schwartz dancing Heart and Soul

Walter at FAO Schwartz dancing Heart and Soul

If you had told me two years ago that starting this website would lead to an entire musical journey inspired by David Duchovny I would have laughed.

cuttingroomalbumcoverThis journey started May 12 at the Cutting Room. I had heard some of the album and at first was not impressed. But I had not listened either.

That live experience started a deep interest in David’s writing and the musical skills of his band which are well documented here and well evidenced by my travels since May 2015.

So skip ahead to May 2016. We had just returned from Europe when a few of us caught Keaton Simons live, two nights in a row. Loved it immediately.

Keaton as you may know plays an integral part in David’s early music path.

I personally started in life as a musician. A jazz trumpet / piano player, with love of oldies, and Blues Brothers type covers of classic oldies and blues on crack.

I know more about the theory than my own playing would let on, which makes me more suitable to be a music critic or teacher at this point. But I still know the language of Jazz and dig the blues.

So Keaton’s music speaks to me as he moves from Chicago Blues to Rock to the hippest of Jazz Guitar standards. I joked about the REAL BOOK wanting to jam with Keaton last month when we saw him playing solo. Quite simply, Keaton is the musician I wish I was.

Those two May 2016 nights Keaton was joined by opening act, Makuta, who I have since become social media friendly and followers. I now have the music of both Makuta and Keaton in my head often.

Now skip ahead to this past winter as we followed David’s band mates other projects around to the underground Brooklyn music scene.

About to turn 45, I enjoyed pretending to be a 25yo beatnik in search of music too hip for the radio air waves.

I found it.

Infinity Girl hurt my ears (I’m old) until I got plugs and appreciated the nuances in the noise. Hiding in that wall of sound are seriously gifted jazz cats playing at level 11.

We also followed Kernan O’Meara to Brooklyn for his lilting vocals and soothing alternating arpeggiated major seven and diminished chords.

Then we follow David’s sound engineer, K. Marie Kim to her one women band where she is a master of rocking out new age electronic music and a beautiful singer.

Forgive me if my analysis is off as a music critic, as you all and your talents defy labels.

At each stop there are other bands, and curious venues. I think in total we are up to 6 venues and about 20 unique musical groups, and a number of local food joints from Pizza to Alcoholic Milk Shakes, all because we are fans of David Duchovny.

The chances of me buying an album for most of these groups would be slim before this period in my life, but love each for who they are live. I am driven to lend my expertise in marketing independent artists (mostly myself) and expose them to my 1000s of social media followers.

I regret not getting into this scene sooner, remembering a brush with it when our comedy showed played the Knitting Factory in 2003ish. After we finished our show I heard my first live SKA band. They looked like my college big band, replacing In The Mood with Reggae.

Great Friends hanging out Squint and you’ll see @davidduchovny lol @intheirlives #beatles

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Then there was last night, listening to David and other writers discuss the Beatles and their work for the new anthology collection of essays IN THEIR LIVES

David Duchovny and Rick Moody discuss Beatles and heartache.

David Duchovny and Rick Moody discuss Beatles and heartache.

Great Writers on Great Beatles Songs
with a note from edited by published by

In Their Lives

Now I have been a Beatles fan for years. But admittedly my tastes have leaned to the pop spectrum of music, having come of age musically in 1979/1980.

Hall and Oats may be the first group I distinctly recognize listening to on the radio. PRIVATE EYES ARE WATCHING YOU.

Born 1972, I am an 80s kid. But the pretentious fans of alternative rock kept me away from the Cure etc. I stayed with MJ, Prince and Madonna. I was the epitome of a top 40 fan. I am the source of Hipster puke.

But I had a friend whose older brother introduce him, and therefore me, to Yes, Rush and Pink Floyd.

But in my house is was the Beatles Love Songs that I heard repeatedly.

Meanwhile I was winning awards as best county jazz trumpet soloist in 1985. I played in a communityband with my father, learning Sousa, Broadway, and Oldies. I would sit in with my father’s Dixieland Band.

By College I moved from trumpet to Broadway Musicals and eventually Opera. I have been a fan or performed the top 40 songs of every era since Bach.

But somehow I missed a lot of amazing music. I would nod supporting when folks praised the White Album or Abbey Road.

Last night I heard David Duchovny talk about his connection to Dear Prudence. I heard that song for the first time today.

Then David and Rick Moody, after a brief poor attempt to tie in Ricky name to Californication, discussing the Abbey Road Medley.

I am really good at acting like I know what your talking about. Much better than Trump. Smart folks believe me lol

So I sat down in the past hour and listened to Abbey Road start to finish.

Jaw droopped.

Now I want to produce the Broadway show Abbey Road, but realize this has not been done because the Great White Way would ruin it.

I see a movie the likes of The Who’s Tommy. Would this have happened if THE END was not truly the end.

A little more context for my passion to write this blog….

Just last week, one late sleepless night stressing over the Leste Holt Donald Trump interview I saw the documentary abut the making of Pet Sounds, the album that many credit for inspiring Abbey Road.

Within the past year I saw CNN’s 1960s series episode on music. I thought about this alot. The 1960s started with Elvis and Bubble Gum Beach Boys. Then the Beatles and British Invasion sweep in. Meanwhile the Rolling Stones teacheck white people about Black Music, unleashing Ray Charles and The Godfather of Soul.

This all inspires Brian Wilson to get off the road and live in studio until we get Pet Sounds

This all leads to the late 60s explosion of music experimentation i(Most Chuck Berry Songs) and 1-6-4-5 ballads (Earth Angel, Blue Moon). There are no limits musically or lyrically, beyond the 1-5-6-4 (Don’t Stop Believing).

I am a musician since birth, or at least since 40 years ago today, when I came home from seeing Star Wars, plunked out the theme on piano and was forced into lessons the next week.

I can talk the talk and walk the walk for a lot of songs.

But these past two years have deepened my relationship to my first language and love. And now I feel I am just starting my journey. I want to rediscover late 1960s. I want to rediscover the experimental scene of the 1970s. MAYBE some 1980s and beyond but Happy with Prince and Dougie Fresh.

David Duchovny ushering new musical appreciation: Keaton Simons to Infinity Girl to The Beatles


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Barcelona May 14, 2016 David Duchovny Europe RV Tour TRAVEL BLOG Part 2

LUXEMBOURG One Year ago today David Duchovny Concert RV Trip recap

So when I last left you we were pulling over to sleep in a Belgium rest stop.

MAY 9, 2016

We woke mid morning, had some coffee and headed to Amsterdam.

It is now May 9, 2016. It was around this time I learned the power of a chocolate croissant and latte before driving. The combo sugar caffeine high was enough to drive the big box on wheels for 2-3 hours.

We role into Amsterdam, again the wrong camp site. But this time I realized it right away. We eventually end up across the river from central station – main Amsterdam hub for ferries, trains and buses.



There is a massive RV parking area that is dirt cheap if you are just parking ($20/night). You pay a little more for full services but this was the one night I had a hotel so we just parked.

We were in the new hipster area. As we walked to the ferry to central station I remarked how much I thought it looked like Brooklyn. Right across from the ferry was a bar called BROOKLYN.

We were staying at the hotel La Boheme. As an opera singer I was happy with the name. I did not like the tall steep 4-story steps, that seemed more like a ladder. However the view from our window was the Amsterdam Venue Melkweg and it reminded me of the typical Parisian roof top bohemian opera set.

We all met in the lobby at 4pm, at which time Hotel La Boheme offered a free cheese plate. They said a glass of wine was only $6. A bottle was $13.50. So that was easy math. So there I was with my cheese plate and wine, expecting some help. There was none.

So there I am eating cheese, consuming an entire bottle wine, when I hear, “Can you tell me how to find the Milky Way?”

“You looking for David Duchovny?” HICCUP


Either this is a David fan from San Francisco or the FBI caught up with me for a murder I did not commit or know about…

It was the latter.

So I walked my new friend to the theater.

“Walter!” The producers were yelling at me from across 3-4 lines of folks waiting to enter the theater. “My mom wants to join you in the RV.” Again I thought they were joking in Glasgow a few nights earlier.

**** SIDEBAR ****

AH listening to Norm McDonald new Stand-up on Netflix as I type and he said “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” so now “HALF LIFE” is stuck in my head.

**** SIDEBAR ****

Amsterdam was awesome. I found a cheese shop and consumed mass quantities of free samples. There was a store of American and British products – basically junk like candy and chips – basically a really fancy 7-11 disguised as a gourmet store front.

After the concert we walked around looking for food. turns out Amsterdam is not a late night food town. We found one diner type place called Pancakes.


MAY 10, 2016

Next morning took a boat ride around the canals following an amazing free breakfast (I miss La Boheme and MIMI the cat as I hear the last notes of the Puccini Opera which is the same as Broadway’s Rent “MIMI”). Loved all that. Saw a lot of Amsterdam in that hour, including Anne Frank’s house and a bunch of bikes being dredged from the depths of the canals. beautiful town.

We headed back to the RV meeting band mom in Brooklyn. Next stop Cologne as the drive there was fairly routine minus seeing a few old windmills on the way out of town.

We arrive in Cologne thinking, WHAT A DIVE. The venue was not in the best part of town. The streets were over grown with vines, grasses and litter. The buildings were tagged more than 1980s NYC Subways.

There was already a long line at the venue which would get far longer by the time the doors opened. A great fan had hundreds of mini battery powered candles for all to light up during “Stars.”


Once inside I loved it. The venue was huge. You first enter a courtyard with bathrooms and beer garden, complete with sausage stand.

Inside was just a large old warehouse, similar to clubs in converted Chelsea Manhattan buildings used for similar purposes. Simple of almost elegant was the bar and stage.

But once the main room started filling up, the heat was unbearable. It’s now about showtime and I cannot stay with the group.

By the end of the show a few from our group had to bounce. I ended up at the beer garden, however I limited myself to two Brats – one with curry. With plans to drive straight thru to Paris that night, I feared even a sip of bee. I felt I dishonored the town by staying sober.

I will say I loved the music that night. Through the walls it almost felt like a CD. The problem with being down front all the time, you mostly hear David’s monitors, which mostly pump bass and drums. You barely here David and you hear next to no back up vocals.

So outside you heard it all – clean and mixed perfectly. And I had the most interesting conversation with a 28 year old German hipster. He was wasted (we later found his wallet after he left). “Hey man, whatever you do, you can’t vote for Trump”

“No worries, dude. No way he is getting elected.” Apparently common sense meant nothing this past fall and we currently suffer… I digress.

Also at the table was my fellow Duchovniac and friend from the Bronx (originally) and a 40yo lesbian biker that was also there cooling down after leaving her wife down in front of the stage to watch David. We bonded.

The candles made “Stars” extra special that night.

The guys were still playing when we see a car being escorted by a few security guards. Someone sitting next to me remarked “There goes David”

I did not believe them at first. It turned out that was the only exit and best safe way to get David out, before the usual stage door hounds crowded and other exit chances.

We waited for the crowd to dissipate a bit. We drove a bunch to the nearest subway and Burger King. I can proudly say I never ate fast food in Europe but with a bus full of Americans, one Canadian and one Hungarian and a bunch of Europeans in tow for the hour. Burger King had just closed. We were all spared that night.

But shortly I realized I was done. We were maybe up to about 24 hours of sleep and very little downtime in the past 6 days – since waking up at 6am May 6 in New Jersey. Two of our friends that joined us for the one leg got us the rest of the way to Paris. I slept for about 90 minutes on the floor of the RV before relieving the navigator position.

We pulled into the Parisian Campsite around 6amish. soon after we…

Campsite Bois de Boulogne - The Eiffel Tower

We woke around late lunch. We all showered and found snacks at the cafe and mini grocery on campus.

We later bused and metro-ed our way into town. We found a restaurant that was just a block form the venue we were to see David the following evening. I had fondue and escargot. Yummy. Great wine too. After a few wanted to stop by the store caddy corner across the street. Somehow- exhaustion and impatience together get ugly – we lost one of our own… meaning she thought we abandoned her so she took off on her own.

So some of us sat down outside for dessert and coffee while others walked to the Sacred Heart where apparently a bunch of strangers pray for other strangers which we learned almost a year later would make a great song – “Strangers in the Sacred Heart” 

While I suffered through the best chocolate mousse of my life, the other went up and down the hill to and from the church. We really should have gotten some more European zone cell phones. We headed back to the campsite. She’s and adult. No need for the drama others were cursing.

It all worked out and everyone eventually found there way back to the hotel or campsite of choice that night. I crashed.

The next day we found our way around Paris via the hop on hop off buses. Being Paris, of course it started to pour. I risked pneumonia and stayed up top for a bit trying maximize my little tourism time.

We eventually got to the venue and saw a great show. This night we had some seats – assigned.

Laurice left before the encore to get some air. The venue had free internet and she was able to text me that a man was propositioning her outside. When I arrived outside, a small gypsy male was speaking to her in French. I do not speak well but understand enough words from my Opera training and knowledge of other Latin based languages.

Best I can tell he loves my wife and either wants me to pimp her out OR he wanted to borrow her. As my ability to speak French is more limited than my capacity to comprehend, I state.

no ménage à trois

Clearly not understanding my meaning of the word “NO!” he leans in for a kiss, which is when I grabbed him by the neck and planted him on the car parked behind us.

Au Revoir, Monsieur

Oh, Paris, you city of love

We gathered the troupes. As we walked back towards a metro we I could see my new friend soliciting donations at the very same cafe we dined the night before.

We walked back to the hotel our friends were staying. It was getting late. The night before we caught the very last bus – the charter that connected our campsite with the real world. Instead we called for a call. I think someone had UBER.

I crawled into bed and slept like a baby.

MAY 13 2016

I woke early and started driving south. NEXT STOP BARCELONA

Just barely out of town I stopped for gas and coffee. They had a coffee bar with THE BEST service of the entire tour. Coffee and Pan du Chocolate and i was ready for a drive.

This was a beautiful yet very stressful day.

In a normal car we had a nine hour drive ahead of us without stops.

With stops in the big box, it was a 15-hour day with about $120+ euros in tolls and about the same in gas.

We did stop for a late lunch/early dinner at a rest stop in the shadows of a castle. Pretty cool.

I freaked out driving through the French/Spanish border up in the mountains with bridges and cliffs I kept imagining our final fall. Again exhaustion was kicking in.

We finally hit our campsite just north of Barcelona.

6:30am Barcelona and this is first view from our RV this morning

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MAY 14, 2016

To be continued….

LUXEMBOURG One Year ago today David Duchovny Concert RV Trip recap

WOW. It’s been a year. I wrote a blog about our adventures last summer but it disappeared when my personal website crashed and I lost EVERYTHING!!!

We flew to Scotland on May 5th. We were supposed to wake up in Glasgow the morning of May 6, except we never slept. We picked up our rental car, after dealing with broken bag and underwear spilling all over airport. Scotland new more about my inner layers of garments than if I walked around in a kilt.

We arrive at the Z Hotel. I could not find parking. We have no coins, the hotel would not help us get coins, I could not seem to use any ATMs thanks to my over protective bank (even though I told them my travel plans) and I had terrible difficulty parking in municipal lots and their tiny tiny spaces. Two hours later I eventually found a spot in the art museum garage which closed at 11pm.

In the meantime Laurice put out an APB as I did not have a European working phone. Another fan actually tweeted @DavidDuchovny himself “If you see Walt Frasier please contact Laurice” Because David and the band did not have enough to do getting ready for the show that night LOL.

On the bright side I got a great tour of downtown Glasgow, circling the main square at least a dozen times and freaking out figuring driving on the wrong side of the road.

I got to see a lot more of the town as we walked to the venue, going the wrong direction for 20 minutes. Eventually we turned around, and walked up the pedestrian street lined with musicians and college kids enjoying the sun.

While waiting in line for the concert we ran into one we call the band mom. This was the first they heard of our RV plans. “I want to go with you” we thought she was in jest…

Also in line there was a chip shop across the street. Laurice had just gone in for VIP but I only had GA tix that night. I order both the fish and chips and haggas – or at least something called haggas. It was batter dipped and fried like the fish. Drowned in salt and vinegar, I could not tell exactly my impression of haggas itself. It did look like a certain rotting yet well endowed male body part. MOVING ON…

Great concert. This was the first European show. After a handful of small venues in America, this was massive. 1500ppl maybe. I forget exact numbers.

Touring Europe with David Duchovny

Touring Europe with David Duchovny

They bragged to have the 2nd largest disco ball in the world? Or maybe Europe. Scottish are known for big… again never mind…

Other Firsts that night – David’s Kilt, David Bowie cover with Weekend Mashup and the wicked Guitar Trio with Pat, Jeff and Nate. Did we get Square one that night? I forget….

We cabbed it back to the hotel. There was a spot right in front. I went to get the car. Almost locked up I struggled to find an open entrance and worse which floor I parked. It was a Seinfeld Episode with out a cast of characters to help me search. 45-minutes later finally I returned with the car to a frantic wife who had been fighting off guys and cars trying to save a spot on the street.

AH WE DID GET TOM PETTY – First time we see David playing guitar live

The next morning we found out the hard way the hotel breakfast was not free before driving south. WOW, there are a lot of sheep and yellow flowers. Oh and one particularly racist seeming Cowboy and Indian totems at a rest stop were strikingly odd to we Americans in 2016 most cigar stores here do not sport these anymore, right?

We finally pick up the RV, return rental car and head to London.

We find parking in the alley just 2 blocks form the venue. We are running late. We loved hearing Collin Lee playing guitar and singing as he warms up the crowd with “Major Tom” (playing to the home crowd) and a few originals.

This crowd was a bit subdued. Not because they were British, but we were in a church with pews in place.

After the show we grab some Middle eastern food. Really great spot across from venue.

We finally get in the RV and drive east to Dover Ferry. This is where we truly start to appreciate what a PAIN IN THE ARSE driving this RV is. It takes us double the time to get anywhere because it is only a 4 cylinder motor. Not used to driving on wrong side of car or street we are always about 6-12 inches farther to the left than you would normally think. So getting dead tired, I am really struggling to drive. After a brief pit stop pull into Dover just in time to catch the 4am ferry.

The had us park our vehicle and exit the RV during the ferry ride. FYI THERE IS NO HEAT ON THE FERRY. So me in shorts and t-shirt FROZE. We were all cold. Half asleep I found warmer spot up front but did not tell Laurice where we ended up. When we returned form the Bathroom she went looking for us. Also half asleep walking dead, she fell down some stairs and had some scrapes and bruises which would make the rest of the trip a bit less fun.

We finally arrive in France at 7am (We lost an hour plus 2 hours ferry). Everyone crashed and slept. I drove about an hour, just over the Belgium border I believe, before I found a McDonald’s parking lot to crash. About 90-minute later, Laurice woke. The McDonald’s was closed and she had to pee.

FYI More cows then sheep now. You notice these things as you drive with a RV full of sleepy heads.

We drove and found a rest stop. I found heaven – a cache of stinky meats and cheeses, chocolates, bread and milk that would be considered gourmet here at rest stop prices. Brie, Salami, Crusty fresh bread, croissants, nutella, Swiss Chocolates, etc etc etc

Of course we were supposed to pay for using the toilet but Laurice jumped the turnstiles. We still did not have any Euros yet.

We arrive late after noon May 7 in Luxembourg. The camp site is nice. We take a field trip into town when our AC converter explodes. I am reminded of the movie TOP SECRET when we learn Val Kilmers’ friend is killed by the gifted electric sex toy not equip to handle European plugs with nearly double the voltage output. Horrible way to die? Possibly.

The next day –  waking refreshed having a wonderful sleep after two 36-hour days back to back (we guessed we slept a total of 8 hours May 5 6am EST US time – May 9 2am Central Europe time) – I went for a walk in the town and discovered a WW2 memorial for an American Tank Division and had a moment for the greatest generation – which included my two naval grandfathers – both serving in the Pacific.

I return and the rest of the RV was just waking up. Folks go about having breakfast, showering and doing laundry. I double check GPS. Do we want to drive the RV, Cab, or walk the few miles to the venue. According to GPS we are 4-hour walk from venue. This is when we discover we are at the WRONG campsite. Thinking we were already in ESHE, we were actually in the City of Luxembourg, a 25 minute drive away. Fortunately the entire country is only about a hour drive in any direction.

So we load up and head to ESHE. We find free parking on Sunday May 8th, right up the hill from a car show blasting club music. A huge fan of fairs and food trucks, I really want to go there. Instead we head to the venue to get our bearing. After walking round, we find shaded seats in the courtyard as we hear “3000” faintly… Another fan couple recognized us and did not know how to approach so they attracted us with David’s music like Sirens and Odysseus.

We get lunch at the mall next door. very American type urban center mall with fancy kiosks and the typical stores you would expect here. We order a lot of finger foods including fried fondue balls, mushroom tartin etc YUMMY

I was the very first in line for VIP that night. David was not feeling well. I told him not to speak. We take a photo and walk away respecting his need to minimize contact that night.

“WALTER” David Yells strained through vocal fatigue. “You forgot your signature”. I think I made things worse. “You’re amazing” I bet he only writes that for me (LOL, inside joke? never mind…)

Later he told me to STOP clapping on the off beat during Another year. Sorry I do too much jazz to clap on the one (White people, am I right?)

When we spoke with the band they shared they had bus trouble the night before and stopped at some French Air B&B. We all had road stories.

I believe this is the first time we heard SOMEONE ELSE’s GIRL

This concert is special thanks to a Drake Cover. It was hilarious hearing all of us sing “Hotline Bling” and mumbling the rest of the words we don’t know – especially when David shoves mic in our direction. Strange they never whipped out that cover again?

After the show we gave a tour of the RV to a few of our German Friends before driving north. The goal was to drive to Amsterdam that night. We made it to Belgium before crashing at a rest stop. We were exhausted.


3 Concerts so far, Little Sleep,no one dead yet… I CALL THIS A SUCCESSFUL 4 days







The Ballad of David and Mitch original fan song lyrics

I am beyond flattered
My brain is so scattered
And its barely after dawn
There’s an intense tug of war
What’s all this fighting for
But am I just a pawn


Driving south from Jersey to Alexandria concert I dictated the song to my wife. Lacking paper and pen, she just texted me back what I said.

Tired of the battle
Hearded like cattle
Just to get in the front row
But you know I came
When you called my name
Am I just a fan or a braugh


Outside the Birchmere I finished the lyrics and worked out the melody/chords. There were 3-4 musical versions before settling on the final chords and notes.

Duchovny or Pileggi
Where does my allegiance lie
Pileggi or Duchovny
Weren’t they both in the FBI

Mitch took a selfie with me Mr wearing a cape and tights
Dressed as superman I must have looked such a fright
David must have realized that it wasn’t my fault
When he said at wizard world, shut up walt


TEAM EFFORT. Laurice took care of hair and make up as I worked out the music. Maja was cue card/ human teleprompter. Charnette filmed. Dita and Karen (Blonde Girl) were my back up singers.

So it’s time for a choice
I’m giving it voice
Duchovniacs or Mitch’s Bitches
The choice is hard
I need help from the bard
I’ve not yet put on britches

But Mitch makes me complete
When he answers my tweet
My allegiance is so torn

I love both of you
Capable of loving two
Making me choose is really not fair
It’s the end of my song
I’m not wearing a thong
The truth is out there




Starting February 1, 2017, I will be releasing a new song every day for the next year with me singing and playing piano, guitar, or uke. Rock,  folk, oldies, contemporary, Broadway, jazz, and even Opera. This is mostly for me to stop being lazy and learn some new music, but I hope you enjoy as well. Follow me hear or on twitter @waltfrasier for the latest additions. Playlist here may show unlisted videos before completely made public on their release date.






David Duchovny at Social Hall San Francisco Duchovniacs 2/15 Wrap-Up

David Duchovny at Social Hall San Francisco Duchovniacs 2/15 Wrap-Up
QUICK REMINDER – If you were at any of the sound checks, check out pictures at



David Duchovny at Social Hall San Francisco Duchovniacs 2/15 Wrap-Up

Wednesday February 15 started with a very early alarm. We were wired the night before, and while we all crashed early, none of us truly slept well. I expected to be much more relaxed with so much second hand mary jane smoke. Or was it SWEET JANE…

After checking into the hotel we went straight to the venue to line up. We were later than usual (by our standards) but only one friend from Germany beat us to the front.

Parking was rough. It was 4pm. Many of the main roads had NO PARKING / RUSH HOUR limits 4-6pm. The side streets had metered parking untill 6pm with 30-minute limits. The public garages closed at 7 or 8pm. Eventually I found a spot very close to the venue – metered till 6pm w/o other restrictions.

Social Hall is an interesting space.

Their door process was considerably slower.   One at a time we went through a metal detector, then a podium for 21+ wrist bands, and then another guy would scan tickets. And each of the three check points was a slow bottle necked process.

“Are we going to a square dance?” “50’s Sock Hop”

Social Hall is actually a social hall. In many ways it looked like an over-sized catholic high school gym. In others I expected the floor to open up and reveal an old bath house. Or perhaps this is the place to hide when Godzilla or worse comes to town. Nuclear Fallout Shelter.

FYI Despite our initial impression of the space – San Francisco was by far the best crowd, energy wise. So no more book cover judgments.

The few folding chairs in the back appeared to be for school dance chaperones. VIP section? Band mom and dad did sit there at some point so…

And now I am done.

The main room was one huge football field size area with a stage on the far side form the entrance and arched ceiling with rib style supporting arches and a side room – about 1/2 the size – where the set up a make shift bar and David took photos.

The Sound Check Party was fun. There was a lot more Sound Checking still going on than the previous two events. We actually could hear vocals at this venue better than others down front. I think it’s for the same reason David was struggling with his microphone and ear piece.

If you ever perform on a proscenium stage, you sometimes have an issue with sound getting stuck behind the proscenium. If too far upstage (away form the audience) a lot of sound can get sent up to the rafters above the stage instead of getting sent out to the audience.



Take a look at the row of lights over the front row and the support arch directly behind/above. Now look at the stacks of speakers. Not only are they behind that arch line, they are pointed upwards into the arches and they are closer to the band than usual.

The way they are set up, David is hearing more from the main feed than usual. Many of the guys were complaining about their monitor mix. The bigger problem is having a small stage in a room that large (especial that deep – a wider venue would have less issue) without having more surround sound – a few speakers around the theater.

And the sound table in the back is hearing things so differently than up front.

All this being said by show time things were just fine. After the sound check party, their team worked non-stop adjusting levels. It was a cool educational process watching the sound engineer test all hi/lo peaks, pops and vowel sounds on each microphone.

David sat down with Brad for a special segment of Good Morning San Francisco, answering twitter and live questions.

“Walt, how do you have a question? You know everything, right?” (I am paraphrasing David’s reaction to me raising my hand)

ME “What is your vocal warm up process?”

David said he was a bit off for the sound check because he had not warmed up yet. David then credited his teacher Don Larson for a series of scales and arpeggios he knows.

(I saw a tweet today regarding book signing in Seattle… David’s favorite question about his writing “What is your favorite X-Files episode?” Artist’s life is rough)

After that fans got their photos taken.


Keenan O’Meara opened the show. Keenan is the new guitarist (We miss you Nate. We love Keenan too now). Keenan admitted he was not used to the large room. One might expect to hear his music in a small bar, sitting with acoustic guitar and microphone.

Two things stand out.

  1. KEENAN CAN REALLY PLAY GUITAR!!! I mean, while low key, there was nothing simple about these songs.
    I heard another say this to a friend as I thought it. Remember CROSSROADS (1986) the movie. Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid) is a classical musician that ditches music school to go learn/play the blues. He basically sells his soul to the devil at the Crossroads (Long before Sam & dean made it there). At the end he starts rocking out a classical cello concerto on blues guitar and wins his soul back in a hellish battle of the bands.

    Keenan’s guitar playing in his songs reminds me of that. Think Segovia playing for Miles Davis. No wonder David brought back December. Keenan made that song sing too.
  2. KEENAN CAN REALLY REALLY SING!!! This kid soars up into some high notes so sweetly. I might say he is crooning, but he is not. He is sitting on some high notes and just lilting up there, gently in the breeze. David truly does not need me on Another Year anymore (single tear).

Next time Keenan is playing NYC we need to get a group together. Don’t worry Pat; you’re still my musical bromance crush.

The second David took stage, the Press overtook the pit, and the tallest female photographer ever was right down center.

I hope David and the guys worked out all their sound kinks and enjoyed the show. For me, it was awesome.

Highlight for me was when David asked me to take off my shirt. I was wearing the ‘milk carton’ shirt from Chicago the year before at Joe’s, which he signed in Chicago this past summer at book signing after comic con.

David and the guys wore the pink hats again. This time with a slightly better explanation.

Sebastian’s drum solo is getting more bad ass every night – and longer I think.


Like I said above, for all the reasons I think the guys struggled, the sound mix in front row was better than ever. We cold actually hear David and back up vocals.

Being in the basement of the old building made it impossible to live tweet or periscope much. But I think you will agree these videos sound better than most we take down front.

We all had a great time at the San Francisco concert. See you all in Boston! We’ll have a busload of Duchovniacs bringing out all the news from the front row!



Three Concerts Three New Songs Two New Covers & Pink Hats

Three Concerts Three New Songs Two New Covers Pink Hats and more!

QUICK REMINDER – If you were at any of the sound checks, check out pictures at



LIVE from the ROXY, Sunset Strip, Los Angeles Valentines Day 2017

by Walt Frasier @waltfrasier

We had a blast in California the past week.  Thanks to all the Duchovniacs that hung out  with us before and at the shows. Tons of fun.

We had the pleasure of hearing three new songs this week.

  • Stranger in the Sacred Heart
    My inside intel reports – David told me – STRANGER is title track from new album
  • Half Life (aka Unconditional Love)
  • Roman Coin

Sorry. We were going back and fourth between the title of the song. Turns out Unconditional Love is called “Half Life”

So with four new tracks from Europe (and other tours) that makes seven originals not on Hell or Highwater.

I am still partial to Every Third Thought, but absolute love all three new songs. Each brings an interesting variety of style and each has a great story. Half Life is fighting for the top spot. Stranger and Roman Coin are neck and neck right behind.

We also got two new covers this past week. The band played THE WEIGHT by The Band. Pat, Keenan and Colin all took a  verse. (The same three delivered some new vocals on THE THINGS as well – see SAN DIEGO wrap up)

For many of us the new tour highlight might be “The Manana Club” (as David calls his band) rockin out on Sweet Jane from Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. No prisoners taken as Sebastian sets the tempo and Pat wails on the guitar.

ANOTHER HIGHLIGHT – David and the entire band putting on Pink Pussy Hats showing solidarity for Women’s March and on going movement.


We got home late Thursday night.

Last night we tried to follow along Portland concert via tweets and instagrams.  I have already blogged about San Diego (CLICK HERE). I need to relate some stories from LA and San Francisco.

For the LA Show – I missed the VIP Sound Check Party for this night. Laurice did live tweet a few answers from Brad interviewing David

Before Keaton Simons took stage, we had the pleasure of hearing a few tunes from
The Walcotts.

Then it was time for Keaton to take the stage. We have seen Keaton before in NYC. But this was something else. Super high-energy phenomenal performance all around.

Love this shit f yeah

A post shared by Walt Frasier (@waltfrasier) on

I met a guy at the Rainbow next door – most famous for being the place to pee while waiting to get into the Roxy. this guy was a lead bouncer but now drinking at the bar. Some guys said – it’s his birthday. I said Happy Birthday. Right before David was about to go on, I see him again and once again say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. He remembered me from before and related his Birthday was awesome because he was drinking earlier with Steve Jones, and apparently I was right next to him. Perhaps one less margarita and I would have noticed the Sex Pistols guitarist and Californication guest star.

David finally took stage around 9:30. Opening with 3000 and Let it Rain and Stars.

Clip from new song ROMAN COIN


PLEASE NOTE – If you are in the front row for a show at the ROXY there is a curtain that is dropped down very quickly after a musical act leaves the stage. If you don’t GTFO of the way the curtain will DROP very close or possibly on your head.

See a clip of it catching us all of guard



We drove back to the hotel and all crashed almost immediately.





X-Files Podcast Season 10 Recap and Episode Reviews

X-Files Podcast Season 10 Recap and Episode Reviews

Episode 1: My Struggle
Walt, Laurice and Pat are back talking about a whole bunch of stuff including the review of “My Struggle”, attending and meeting some of the cast and writers at X-files premiere party in LA and singing on stage at a David Duchovny Concert. We argue over very important issues including noromos vs shippers, reboots with new actors, the X-files theme song, scruffy Mulder’s stubble and how in the world CSM is still alive.

Episode 2: Founder’s Mutation
Walt, Laurice and Pat talk about the Founders Mutation. Is Patrick still a considered a newborn baby phile? He has made it half way through season three and is currently watching the X-files revival with us. In this podcast, we discuss the show getting back to it’s stand alone episode format. We also talk about apple in a boob, William dream sequences with Mulder and Scully and the modern day references to current events throughout the episode.

Episode 3: Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster
Improv comedians Walt, Pat and Laurice discuss The X-files Revival Episode 3: Mulder and Scully Meet the Weremonster. It’s clear that Patrick is still a baby phile (aka newborn) as he did not pick up on the many easter eggs in the episode. We also talk about X-Files Valentines, jackalopes, wolpertingers, being blocked on and/or muted on Twitter, creepy hotels and XF Tumblr fan blogs in a state of panic for fear of being discovered by the stars of the show.

Episode 4: Home Again
In this episode of the Most Awesome X-Files Podcast Ever (new fake name) Walt, Laurice and Pat discuss Episode 4 of the X-files revival: Home Again. We also talk about the combination of heartbreak and horror along with whether or not this episode of The X-Files brought US “home again.”

Episode 5: Babylon
Long time X-Files fans Walt Frasier and Laurice Fattal are joined by fellow improv comedian and baby-phile new comer Pat Reidy. There’s no way to skirt around the controversy in this episode and backlash from the fan community. We talk about it! We talk about what’s considered PC today in modern tv series vs what was acceptable in the 90s. We also talk about Mulder’s magic mushroom trip along with his epic dance moves, badonkadonk, and Tom Waits.

Episode 6: 
Long time X-Files fans Walt Frasier and Laurice Fattal are joined by fellow improv comedian and baby-phile new comer Patrick Reidy. In this episode we talk about The X-files SEASON finale: My Struggle 2. This is the End! Or is it? More Tom Waits here! We also talk about fan outrage/backlash, Chris Carter hate and press reviews and our personal reviews of Season 10. Patrick is ready for six more hours of magic mushroom trips with Mulder country line dancing.

X-Files Podcast Season 10 Recap and Episode Reviews

X-Files Podcast

My Struggle 2 Cliff Hanger

X-Files My Struggle on FOX PODCAST 2 Philes and a Newborn

X-files My Struggle PODCAST

2 Philes and a Newborn with Walt (@WALTFRASIER) Laurice (@LAURICEF) and Pat (@THEPATREIDY)

X-files My Struggle PODCAST: Walt, Laurice and Pat are back talking about a whole bunch of stuff including the review of “My Struggle”, attending and meeting some of the cast and writers at X-files premiere party in LA and singing on stage at a David Duchovny Concert. We argue over very important issues including noromos vs shippers, reboots with new actors, the X-files theme song, scruffy Mulder’s stubble and how in the world CSM is still alive. All this while Pat & Laurice have to deal with Walter’s emergency issues.


X-files My Struggle First Minute (Opening Sequence)

“My name is Fox Mulder…” brought a huge roar form the crowd at the New York Comic Con. I was the only one at the LA Premiere to vocalize my thanks to Chris Carter and the gang for bringing back my favorite TV show of all time. And then when that flying saucer crashes “OMG!” I said to my self surrounded by stiff critics focused on finding fault while I just ate it all up like over eater at Golden Corral.

X-files My Struggle

X-files My Struggle

X-files My Struggle GREETINGS

Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are reunited when Tad O’Malley (Joel McHale) requests a meeting through FBI / Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi). The initial greeting is a little cold. Clearly Mulder and Scully have not been together as a couple for some unknown time. THAT SHIP HAS SAILED… for now…

X-files My Struggle MEET Tad O’Malley and Sveta

Tad O’Malley takes the two on a drive in his mobile bunker disguised as a stretch limo. After showing his sincerity in Mulder’s cause, The trio visits Sveta, an alien abductee that previously knew Mulder from a past case.

X-Files My Struggle

Sveta shows off her melon scooper scooped belly.

X-files My Struggle SKINNER JOINS THE FUN Masquerade

Mulder finds his old office empty of many of his old files as Skinner tries to ground Mulder.

MSR Shippers Hating on Tad & Sveta

Some X-Files fans cannot deal with ANYTHING coming between their MSR “Mulder Scully Relationship”. A many are totally hating on Tad. Especially after he makes his moves. Was Scully on a date with Tad and his expensive bubbly when Mulder calls. She needs to get out of the car to deal. AWKWARD!!!


F U TAD!!!


Is he Santa? A Garden Gnome? Or just that little doctor form Roswell that carried away the alien? (PICK C) Mulder has a new conspiracy theory confident to basically misdirect him at will.

deep throat


ARV to the rescue?

Lets just say things do not work out well for everyone.

X-Files My Struggle




Merry X-Files: “My Struggle” My Review – Do not open till January 25th

The X-Files “My Struggle” shatters all Ratings Expectations. Season 11 guaranteed!!!?

X-Files My Struggle up to date with the science? Ununpentium Element 115


The X-Files





X-Files Podcast “2 X-Philes and a Newborn” Anasazi, The Blessing Way, Paper Clip


Long time X-Files fans Walt Frasier and Laurice Fattal are joined by fellow improv comedian and baby-phile new comer Patrick Reidy. Together Walt, Laurice and Pat rewatch and discuss episodes of the series as well as its impact while visiting 1990s memory lane. See everyone at the New York Comic Con this weekend!!! Anyone going to SESSIONS at WILLOW GROVE to see David sing tonight, send us pictures (See you all in DC, NY and Philly later this month…)

The X-Files episode “Anasazi

A burnt alien corpse, found in a desertedboxcar
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 25
Directed by R. W. Goodwin
Teleplay by Chris Carter
Story by David Duchovny
Chris Carter
Production code 2X25

In the desert near a Navajo Indian reservation in Two Grey Hills, New Mexico, a teenage boy comes across a boxcar buried in the ground. He retrieves the corpse of an alien-like figure from the boxcar, which he takes back to the reservation and presents it to the residents, including Navajo elder Albert Hosteen.

Shortly afterward, Kenneth Soona, a computer hacker known as “The Thinker”, breaks into the Defense Department database and downloads secret files related to extraterrestrial life, putting them onto a digital tape. When the Syndicate learns of the breach, the Smoking Man tells them that he has already resolved the matter. The Lone Gunmen meet with Mulder, and tell him that Soona requests to meet with him. While Mulder is leaving his apartment building, he finds that one of his neighbors has shot her husband.

Soona gives the digital cassette to Mulder at a discreet meeting in a park. An excited Mulder returns to FBI headquarters, only to find that the cassette is encrypted. Scully believes the encryption is based on the Navajo language and takes the tape in order to investigate. When Skinner calls Mulder to his office to question him about the tape, Mulder physically attacks him. Scully is brought before an FBI panel led by Skinner and is questioned about Mulder’s actions. Scully is told that Mulder faces dismissal from the FBI, and that she will suffer a similar punishment if she has lied to them.

On Martha’s Vineyard, the Smoking Man visits Mulder’s father, Bill, and informs him of his son’s likely possession of the tape. Scully meets with a Navajo translator, who refers her to a code talker. Mulder is called away to see Bill; when Scully arrives at his apartment, she is grazed by a bullet shot through his window. When Mulder arrives at Bill’s residence, his father prepares to reveal the truth about everything. However, Bill is shot and mortally wounded by Alex Krycek. When Mulder contacts Scully, she tells him to flee the scene. After Mulder arrives at her apartment, Scully takes his gun from him while he sleeps.

Scully brings the gun to the FBI for comparison against the bullet that killed Bill. When Mulder awakens, he becomes angry and suspicious towards Scully. Later returning to his building, Scully finds his water being contaminated. When Mulder arrives home, he finds Krycek there and prepares to kill him. However, Scully shoots him to prevent him from doing so, allowing Krycek to escape. Scully brings an unconscious Mulder to New Mexico and, when he awakens, reveals that his behavior was caused by a drug placed into his water supply. She introduces him to Hosteen, who has been translating the files on the digital tape.

Scully reveals that the tape contains information on both her and Duane Barry. Hosteen introduces Mulder to his grandson, who drives him to the buried boxcar. Just before he heads in, he is called by the Smoking Man, who is able to trace Mulder’s location through the call. Mulder heads inside the boxcar, finding a pile of the dead creatures, each with smallpox vaccination scars on their arms. The Smoking Man arrives by helicopter with eight armed commandos and, not finding Mulder inside, orders the boxcar to be burned.

Guest actors


The Blessing Way
The X-Files episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 1
Directed by R. W. Goodwin
Written by Chris Carter
Production code 3X01
Original air date September 22, 1995

In Two Grey Hills, New Mexico, Albert Hosteen (Floyd Red Crow Westerman) and his family are beaten by the Men in Black as they search for the whereabouts of Fox Mulder (David Duchovny). Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) is pursued by a black helicopter before soldiers retrieve her printed copies of Albert’s translations of the digital tape. Scully denies having the original tape, saying it is in Mulder’s possession. Upon returning to Washington, the FBI puts Scully on mandatory leave and forces her to turn in her badge and gun. Upon entering Mulder’s office, she finds the tape missing.

Meanwhile, in New York City, The Smoking Man (William B. Davis) appears before the Syndicate, who question him over the whereabouts of the tape. Mulder, alive but severely wounded, is found buried under some rocks near the buried boxcar. Hosteen has Mulder taken to a Navajo sweat lodge to be healed during a “Blessing Way” ritual. During the ritual, Mulder has ghostly visions of Deep Throat and his father, who urge him to recover and continue his search for the truth.

Melvin Frohike visits Scully’s apartment and shows her a newspaper article about Kenneth Soona’s murder. When she returns to FBI headquarters, the metal detector curiously goes off. Scully presents Skinner with the newspaper article, thinking that the data from Soona’s death can clear Mulder in his father’s murder. Skinner, however, refuses to do any follow-up on it. Leaving the building, Scully has a hunch upon seeing the metal detector again that leads to locating metal in the back of her neck. Scully sees a doctor, who removes a small metal implant.

Scully’s sister Melissa urges her to see a hypnotherapist to recover lost memories of her abduction. Scully heads there, but becomes scared and stops the session. Returning home, Scully finds Skinner leaving her apartment and driving off; he later denies being there. Mulder, recovered from the Blessing Way ritual, is told by Albert that he cannot bathe or change clothes for four days. Scully heads to Boston to attend Bill’s funeral, where she introduces herself to Mulder’s mother, Teena. At the cemetery, Scully is approached by a Syndicate member known as the Well-Manicured Man, who warns her that she is about to be killed, either by a pair of assassins or by someone she knows. Mulder goes to Connecticut and questions Teena about an old photo of his father standing with the other members of the Syndicate in front of a mysterious building.

Melissa calls Scully and tells her she is coming over. After receiving a call from someone who immediately hangs up, Scully leaves her apartment and tells Melissa that she’ll head to her home instead. As she leaves, Skinner pulls up in his car, telling her they need to speak in private. Melissa shows up soon afterwards and is mistakenly shot by Luis Cardinal, who is hiding there with Alex Krycek. Realizing they shot the wrong person, the two flee. Meanwhile, after taking Skinner to Mulder’s apartment, Scully holds him at gunpoint, believing he is the traitor the Well-Manicured Man spoke of. Skinner tells Scully that he is in possession of the digital tape. Just then, someone steps outside the door. This distracts Scully enough for Skinner to pull out his gun on her.

Guest actors
The X-Files episode “Paper Clip
Paper Clip

Mulder below an alien spaceship
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 2
Directed by Rob Bowman
Written by Chris Carter
Production code 3X02
Original air date September 29, 1995

Continuing from the previous episode, Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) hold each other at gunpoint. Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), the person lingering outside his apartment, bursts in and forces Skinner to put his gun down. He also demands that Skinner surrender the digital tape. Skinner insists on keeping the tape, saying it is their only leverage in exposing the conspiracy.

The agents visit The Lone Gunmen, showing them an old photo featuring Bill Mulder, The Smoking Man, Deep Throat, and other members of the Syndicate. The Lone Gunmen also recognize Victor Klemper, a notorious Nazi scientist who was brought to the United States under Operation Paperclip. Melvin Frohike informs Scully of her sister Melissa’s condition. Mulder persuades Scully not to visit Melissa at the hospital, since she could be targeted there.

Furious that the wrong person was murdered, the Syndicate demands that the Smoking Man produce the tape. The Smoking Man promises to do so the following day. Meanwhile, Mulder and Scully visit Klemper, who says that the photo was taken at a former mining facility in West Virginia. After the agents leave, Klemper calls the Well-Manicured Man and informs him that Mulder is alive. The news causes the Syndicate to further mistrust the Smoking Man. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Albert Hosteen visits Melissa while a suited man loiters nearby.

Mulder and Scully arrive at the mining facility and, using the code for Napier’s constant given to them by Klemper, unlock one of the reinforced doors inside. The agents discover a large complex of filing cabinets containing smallpox vaccination records and tissue samples. Mulder finds his sister’s file and finds that it was originally meant for him. Meanwhile, Skinner tells the Smoking Man that he may have found the digital tape. The Smoking Man is agitated at this, insisting that he will not make a deal with Skinner and tacitly threatening his life.

Hearing noise, Mulder heads outside and witnesses a UFO flying overhead; inside, small beings run past Scully. Cars full of armed soldiers arrive, forcing the agents to flee. The agents meet with Skinner at a diner in rural Maryland. Skinner wants to turn over the tape in exchange for their reinstatement and safety. After initially objecting, Mulder agrees to let Skinner turn the tape over. Skinner heads to see Melissa in the hospital and is told by Albert of the mysterious blue-suited man outside. Skinner chases the man to a stairwell where he is attacked by Alex Krycek and Luis Cardinal, who beat him unconscious and steal the tape.

Krycek narrowly escapes an attempt on his life when his car explodes. He subsequently phones the Smoking Man, telling him that he has the tape and will make its contents public should anyone come after him. The Smoking Man lies to the rest of the Syndicate, telling them that Scully’s would-be assassin was killed in the car bombing and that the tape has been destroyed with him. Mulder and Scully return to Klemper’s greenhouse, finding the Well Manicured Man there. He admits to knowing Mulder’s father and states that he helped gather genetic data for post-apocalyptic identification, data Klemper used to work on alien-human hybrids. Samantha was taken to ensure Bill Mulder’s silence after he learned of the experiments.

Mulder confronts his mother, who tells him that his father chose that Samantha be taken. At FBI headquarters, Skinner once again meets with the Smoking Man about the tape. The Smoking Man calls Skinner’s bluff, knowing he no longer has the tape, but Skinner reveals that Albert and twenty other Navajo have memorized the contents of the tape and are ready to reveal it if either Mulder or Scully are harmed. Mulder meets with Scully at the hospital, who reveals that her sister died a few hours before. Mulder tells Scully that he believes that the truth is still in the X-Files. Scully tells him that she’s heard the truth, and now what she wants are the answers.

Guest actors




X-Files Podcast “2 X-Philes and a Newborn” featuring season 2 episodes F. Emasculata, Soft Light, Our Town

Long time X-Files fans Walt Frasier and Laurice Fattal are joined by fellow improv comedian and baby-phile new comer Patrick Reidy. Together Walt, Laurice and Pat rewatch and discuss episodes of the series as well as its impact while visiting 1990s memory lane. See everyone at the New York Comic Con this weekend!!! Anyone going to SESSIONS at WILLOW GROVE to see David sing tomorrow night, send us pictures (See you all in DC, NY and Philly later this month…)

” The X-Files episode – F. Emasculata
F. Emasculata

A prisoner with exploding pustules. The pustules were carefully rigged to burst on command by makeup supervisor Toby Lindala.
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 22
Directed by Rob Bowman
Written by Chris Carter
Howard Gordon
Production code 2X22
Original air date April 28, 1995

In the rain forest of Costa Rica, entomologist Robert Torrance stumbles upon a decomposing boar carcass covered with dark purple pustules. As he extracts an insect from one of the pustules, it erupts, spraying him with fluid. By nightfall, Torrance himself has developed the boils and tries to radio for help. When a group of soldiers arrive the next morning, Torrance is dead.

At a prison in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, an inmate—also named Robert Torrance—receives a package containing a boil-covered piece of meat. He becomes infected and dies thirty-six hours later. Two other inmates, Paul and Steve, escape in a laundry cart after being sent to clean Torrance’s cell. Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are sent to help the U.S. Marshals find them. The agents note that the FBI does not normally investigate prison escapes, and become suspicious as the prison is quarantined by the CDC and the National Guard. Mulder joins the Marshals to hunt the fugitives, while Scully stays behind to investigate the situation in the prison.

Scully learns that the lockdown population is infected with an exceedingly deadly contagion, finding a pile of body bags stored for incineration in the prison’s boiler room. Scully cuts open Torrance’s body bag and examines his corpse, but Dr. Osbourne, a member of the CDC team, tries to stop her. A pustule on Torrance’s body erupts in Osbourne’s face, causing him to flee the room. Meanwhile, the fugitives steal an RV and stop at a gas station, where Paul calls his girlfriend, Elizabeth, looking for shelter. The station’s clerk finds an infected Steve in the restroom; he is knocked unconscious by Paul. Scully calls Mulder after the Marshals raid the gas station, telling him that the contagion could spread into the population if the fugitives are not captured. Mulder sees a CDC biohazard team arrive at the scene, forcibly taking away the clerk in a helicopter.

The fugitives arrive at Elizabeth’s house, where she tends to Steve, in the late stages of his infection. One of Steve’s pustules erupts in her face, killing him and infecting Elizabeth. At that moment, Mulder and the Marshals raid the house and arrest her, but find Paul missing. Meanwhile, Scully traces Torrance’s package to Pinck Pharmaceuticals, a major drug developer. She also finds an insect in the body of another prisoner. Dr. Osbourne, who has become infected, reveals that his team works for Pinck and are researching a dilating enzyme produced by the insect. However, the insect has a parasitic life cycle that kills its hosts. Osbourne claims that the insect and its contagion were deliberately introduced into the prison by Pinck as an experiment. He tells Scully that since she was next to him when he became infected, she may have contracted the contagion as well.

Mulder confronts Skinner and The Smoking Man, believing that he and Scully were deceived into taking the case without knowing about the contagion. Mulder is adamant that the public should know the truth about Pinck’s actions. The Smoking Man counters that public knowledge of the truth would create mass panic and do more harm than good. Mulder tries to take his case to Scully, but she agrees that exposing Pinck may result in a deadly hysteria. Paul becomes the only remaining proof of the company’s crimes, but he takes a hostage and is killed by the Marshals before Mulder can convince him to divulge the contents of Torrance’s package. The episode ends with Skinner warning Mulder to be more wary of the situations he will find himself in.

Guest actors
The X-Files episode “Soft Light
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 23
Directed by James A. Contner
Written by Vince Gilligan
Production code 2X23
Original air date May 5, 1995

At a hotel in Richmond, Virginia, Chester Ray Banton (Tony Shalhoub) frantically knocks on the door of a room, seeking a person named Morris. Banton’s shouts attract the attention of Patrick Newirth, a guest in the room across the hall. When Newirth looks through his peephole, Banton’s shadow slips beneath the door. Newirth suddenly evaporates, leaving a strange burn mark on the floor. Banton realizes what has happened and flees the scene.

The case of Newirth’s death, the latest in several of its kind, is assigned to local detective Kelly Ryan (Kate Twa). She seeks help from Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), her former instructor at the FBI Academy. Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) also takes part in the investigation, believing Newirth died from spontaneous human combustion. While searching the home of an earlier victim, the agents realize that both she and Newirth had recently traveled by train. Meanwhile, Banton sits in a train station, cautiously looking at the floor; because the room is lit by soft light, his shadow cannot be seen. After he leaves, Banton is confronted by two police officers patrolling the area. Despite Banton’s warnings, the officers step into his shadow and disappear, leaving more burn marks.

The following day, while reviewing the station’s surveillance tapes, Mulder sees footage of Banton staring at the floor. After blowing up the frame, Mulder sees the logo for a company called Polarity Magnetics on Banton’s jacket. The agents visit Polarity Magnetics, where they meet scientist Christopher Davey (Kevin McNulty). He identifies Banton, a physicist conducting research into dark matter. Davey reveals that Banton disappeared five weeks earlier after an incident in his laboratory in which he was locked in a target room with an active particle accelerator and exposed to a large amount of subatomic particles. His account is enough for Scully to consider spontaneous human combustion, but Mulder is now doubtful of this theory.

The agents find Banton at the train station, but he runs to a poorly lit area. He declares that walking into his shadow will kill the agents, so Mulder shoots out the overhead lights. Banton allows himself to be taken to a mental hospital, where he is put in a room with soft light per his own request. He tells the agents that the accident in his laboratory caused his shadow to behave like a black hole, splitting atoms into component particles and reducing matter into pure energy. Banton claims that the deaths were all accidents, and that the government wants to apprehend him. Detective Ryan and her superior officer stop the questioning, declaring the case closed, despite Mulder’s objections. Mulder contacts X (Steven Williams), who assures him that the government has no interest in Banton. However, X and two associates later attempt to remove Banton from the hospital by cutting the power. In the process, the two attendants are killed when the emergency lights turn on and Banton’s shadow falls upon them. Banton flees from the hospital.

Banton returns to Polarity Magnetics and is confronted by Ryan, whom he reluctantly kills with his shadow when she tries to arrest him. Banton orders Davey to destroy him with the particle accelerator, but Davey reveals that he has been helping the government hunt him down. Davey locks Banton in with the particle accelerator, but is shot by X. Mulder and Scully arrive soon after, seemingly too late to save Banton from being vaporized by the accelerator; Mulder realizes that X has betrayed him, and tells X to never contact him again. The case is considered closed, but Mulder notes that Davey disappeared after the incidents. The episode ends as X enters a research facility where experiments are being performed on a despairing Banton.

Guest actors
  • Steven Williams as X
  • Tony Shalhoub as Chester Ray Banton
  • Kevin McNulty as Christopher Davey
  • Kate Twa as Kelly Ryan
  • Nathaniel Deveaux as Detective Barron
  • Guyle Frazier as 1st Officer
  • Forbes Angus as Government Scientist
  • Donna Yamamoto as the Night Nurse
  • Robert Rozen as the Doctor
  • Steve Bacic as the 2nd Officer
  • Craig Brunanski as the Security Guard[
The X-Files episode “Our Town
Our Town

A man wears a sacrificial mask. Director Rob Bowman found scenes featuring the mask the most difficult to shoot.
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 24
Directed by Rob Bowman
Written by Frank Spotnitz
Production code 2X24
Original air date May 12, 1995

In Dudley, Arkansas, government health inspector George Kearns follows his seemingly young lover, Paula Gray, into the woods. However, after losing track of Paula, Kearns soon finds himself surrounded by lights in the woods. He is then killed by an axe-wielding assailant wearing a tribal mask.

When Kearns is reported missing and a witness claims to have seen foxfire near Dudley, Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) investigate. At the site of the alleged foxfire, the agents find the ground burnt; Arens, the local sheriff, disclaims anything unusual occurring. After visiting Kearns’ wife, Doris, the agents discover that he was about to recommend a local chicken plant, Chaco Chicken, to be closed down for health violations. While giving the agents a tour of the plant, floor manager Jess Harold claims that Kearns held a vendetta against Chaco Chicken. After hearing this, a hallucinatory Paula attacks Harold and is shot by Sheriff Arens. The plant’s physician, Dr. Vance Randolph, later claims that Paula was suffering from headaches, which Kearns had also reported.

Paula’s grandfather is plant owner Walter Chaco, who gives the agents permission to perform an autopsy. The agents find that while Paula’s personnel file gives her age as 47, she appears no older than her mid-20’s. They also discover that Paula suffered from Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease, a rare and fatal illness that causes dementia. When the agents nearly collide with a Chaco Chicken truck, they learn that the driver also suffered from the disease. Noticing the plant’s blood-red runoff in an nearby stream, Mulder orders a reluctant Sheriff Arens to dredge it. They quickly find the bones of nine people, including Kearns. The agents notice that the skeletons are all missing their skulls, and that the bones appear to have been boiled. Meanwhile, Randolph and Harold discuss the increase of Creutzfeldt-Jakob cases, and complain about Chaco’s inaction.

Using FBI records, Mulder and Scully find that eighty-seven people have vanished within a two-hundred mile radius of Dudley over the past half-century. Mulder suspects that the town’s residents are practicing cannibalism in order to prolong life, possibly explaining Paula’s youthful appearance. Mulder also realizes that Kearns originally had Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and that the other residents caught the illness after consuming his body. The agents try to search the town’s birth records for confirmation of Paula’s age, but find that they have been destroyed. At Chaco’s mansion, Chaco and Harold meet with Doris, who tearfully implies that she “helped” Chaco kill her husband; Chaco instructs her to obstruct the FBI’s investigation.

Doris calls Mulder, believing that Chaco wants to kill her; after she hangs up, she is attacked by the masked figure. Scully goes to help Doris while Mulder searches for Chaco at his mansion. There, he finds the shrunken heads of Kearns and other victims in a cabinet. Mulder calls Scully on the phone and hears her being knocked out by Chaco. She is taken to a secluded field, where Harold has started a bonfire and led the townsfolk in consuming Doris. Chaco berates them for killing one of their own, but Harold chastises him for allowing the Creutzfeldt-Jakob epidemic to occur. He has Chaco executed by the masked figure. Scully herself is about to be killed when Mulder arrives and shoots the figure; he is revealed to be Sheriff Arens. Harold tries to shoot Mulder, but is trampled to death by the fleeing townsfolk.

In narration, Scully explains that Chaco’s plant has been closed down by the Department of Agriculture, and that twenty-seven Dudley residents have died from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. She reveals that Chaco was ninety-three years old at the time of his death, and had spent time with the allegedly cannibalistic “Jale tribe” after his transport plane was shot down over New Guinea during World War II. She also states that his remains have never been found; the final scene suggests that Chaco’s remains are being fed to chickens at his plant.

Guest actors
  • John Milford as Walter Chaco
  • Carolina Kava as Doris Kearns
  • Gary Grubbs as Sheriff Arens
  • Timothy Webber as Jess Harold
  • Gabrielle Miller as Paula Gray
  • Robin Mossley as Dr. Vance Randolph
  • John MacLaren as George Kearns
  • Hrothgar Mathews as Mental Patient
  • Robert Moloney as Worker
  • Carrie Cain Sparks as Maid