David Duchovny ushering new musical appreciation: Keaton Simons to Infinity Girl to The Beatles

David Duchovny ushering new musical appreciation:
Keaton Simons to Infinity Girl to The Beatles

Walter at FAO Schwartz dancing Heart and Soul

Walter at FAO Schwartz dancing Heart and Soul

If you had told me two years ago that starting this website would lead to an entire musical journey inspired by David Duchovny I would have laughed.

cuttingroomalbumcoverThis journey started May 12 at the Cutting Room. I had heard some of the album and at first was not impressed. But I had not listened either.

That live experience started a deep interest in David’s writing and the musical skills of his band which are well documented here and well evidenced by my travels since May 2015.

So skip ahead to May 2016. We had just returned from Europe when a few of us caught Keaton Simons live, two nights in a row. Loved it immediately.

Keaton as you may know plays an integral part in David’s early music path.

I personally started in life as a musician. A jazz trumpet / piano player, with love of oldies, and Blues Brothers type covers of classic oldies and blues on crack.

I know more about the theory than my own playing would let on, which makes me more suitable to be a music critic or teacher at this point. But I still know the language of Jazz and dig the blues.

So Keaton’s music speaks to me as he moves from Chicago Blues to Rock to the hippest of Jazz Guitar standards. I joked about the REAL BOOK wanting to jam with Keaton last month when we saw him playing solo. Quite simply, Keaton is the musician I wish I was.

Those two May 2016 nights Keaton was joined by opening act, Makuta, who I have since become social media friendly and followers. I now have the music of both Makuta and Keaton in my head often.

Now skip ahead to this past winter as we followed David’s band mates other projects around to the underground Brooklyn music scene.

About to turn 45, I enjoyed pretending to be a 25yo beatnik in search of music too hip for the radio air waves.

I found it.

Infinity Girl hurt my ears (I’m old) until I got plugs and appreciated the nuances in the noise. Hiding in that wall of sound are seriously gifted jazz cats playing at level 11.

We also followed Kernan O’Meara to Brooklyn for his lilting vocals and soothing alternating arpeggiated major seven and diminished chords.

Then we follow David’s sound engineer, K. Marie Kim to her one women band where she is a master of rocking out new age electronic music and a beautiful singer.

Forgive me if my analysis is off as a music critic, as you all and your talents defy labels.

At each stop there are other bands, and curious venues. I think in total we are up to 6 venues and about 20 unique musical groups, and a number of local food joints from Pizza to Alcoholic Milk Shakes, all because we are fans of David Duchovny.

The chances of me buying an album for most of these groups would be slim before this period in my life, but love each for who they are live. I am driven to lend my expertise in marketing independent artists (mostly myself) and expose them to my 1000s of social media followers.

I regret not getting into this scene sooner, remembering a brush with it when our comedy showed played the Knitting Factory in 2003ish. After we finished our show I heard my first live SKA band. They looked like my college big band, replacing In The Mood with Reggae.

Great Friends hanging out Squint and you’ll see @davidduchovny lol @intheirlives #beatles

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Then there was last night, listening to David and other writers discuss the Beatles and their work for the new anthology collection of essays IN THEIR LIVES

David Duchovny and Rick Moody discuss Beatles and heartache.

David Duchovny and Rick Moody discuss Beatles and heartache.

Great Writers on Great Beatles Songs
with a note from edited by published by

In Their Lives

Now I have been a Beatles fan for years. But admittedly my tastes have leaned to the pop spectrum of music, having come of age musically in 1979/1980.

Hall and Oats may be the first group I distinctly recognize listening to on the radio. PRIVATE EYES ARE WATCHING YOU.

Born 1972, I am an 80s kid. But the pretentious fans of alternative rock kept me away from the Cure etc. I stayed with MJ, Prince and Madonna. I was the epitome of a top 40 fan. I am the source of Hipster puke.

But I had a friend whose older brother introduce him, and therefore me, to Yes, Rush and Pink Floyd.

But in my house is was the Beatles Love Songs that I heard repeatedly.

Meanwhile I was winning awards as best county jazz trumpet soloist in 1985. I played in a communityband with my father, learning Sousa, Broadway, and Oldies. I would sit in with my father’s Dixieland Band.

By College I moved from trumpet to Broadway Musicals and eventually Opera. I have been a fan or performed the top 40 songs of every era since Bach.

But somehow I missed a lot of amazing music. I would nod supporting when folks praised the White Album or Abbey Road.

Last night I heard David Duchovny talk about his connection to Dear Prudence. I heard that song for the first time today.

Then David and Rick Moody, after a brief poor attempt to tie in Ricky name to Californication, discussing the Abbey Road Medley.

I am really good at acting like I know what your talking about. Much better than Trump. Smart folks believe me lol

So I sat down in the past hour and listened to Abbey Road start to finish.

Jaw droopped.

Now I want to produce the Broadway show Abbey Road, but realize this has not been done because the Great White Way would ruin it.

I see a movie the likes of The Who’s Tommy. Would this have happened if THE END was not truly the end.

A little more context for my passion to write this blog….

Just last week, one late sleepless night stressing over the Leste Holt Donald Trump interview I saw the documentary abut the making of Pet Sounds, the album that many credit for inspiring Abbey Road.

Within the past year I saw CNN’s 1960s series episode on music. I thought about this alot. The 1960s started with Elvis and Bubble Gum Beach Boys. Then the Beatles and British Invasion sweep in. Meanwhile the Rolling Stones teacheck white people about Black Music, unleashing Ray Charles and The Godfather of Soul.

This all inspires Brian Wilson to get off the road and live in studio until we get Pet Sounds

This all leads to the late 60s explosion of music experimentation i(Most Chuck Berry Songs) and 1-6-4-5 ballads (Earth Angel, Blue Moon). There are no limits musically or lyrically, beyond the 1-5-6-4 (Don’t Stop Believing).

I am a musician since birth, or at least since 40 years ago today, when I came home from seeing Star Wars, plunked out the theme on piano and was forced into lessons the next week.

I can talk the talk and walk the walk for a lot of songs.

But these past two years have deepened my relationship to my first language and love. And now I feel I am just starting my journey. I want to rediscover late 1960s. I want to rediscover the experimental scene of the 1970s. MAYBE some 1980s and beyond but Happy with Prince and Dougie Fresh.

David Duchovny ushering new musical appreciation: Keaton Simons to Infinity Girl to The Beatles


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EVERY THIRD THOUGHT – Duchovniacs RV Eurotrip Recap…

Holy Crap!!! Here is a blog I wrote last year that never got published….

Or perhaps I wound up publishing on a personal site that is long hone.

The title of this blog is the title for my fave song and my vote for sophomore album name….

Either way…..

I was hoping to blog daily but due to schedule and internet and driving by 1000s of cows that was utterly impossible. Somehow the title of my new favorite song – PERIOD not just from David Duchovny – sums up the overall experience.

EVERY THIRD THOUGHT was of David Duchovny the past two weeks. We saw 11 concerts in 14 nights. I would guess on average we spent 5 hours/day (including travel days) either online or at the concert or talking about how awesome each concert was, or tweeting with fans… The other two thirds of waking thoughts were about Europe – food, sites and sounds.

David kept saying, “I hope this is about Europe, right?”, not just about these concerts. At Barnes and Nobles, we told David we were going to Europe. His entire demeanor changed. Incredulous humility I think best describes. If anyone has any doubts about how much David Duchovny appreciates his fans, that moment was pure sincerity. And every night when he and the band rock out “THANK YOU!” it comes from the heart, pure and simple.

So was this all about David?

YES and NO!

I was the loudest one in the group that proclaimed THIS IS ABOUT EUROPE. For two months I said, I am not waiting in line. I am seeing the sites. You can go wait in line while I jump on the tour boats, etc.

But here’s the thing, I forgot how much I hate “touristy” crap. I live in New York City. Turns out waiting in line and going to concerts delivered what I love most about traveling to Europe, meeting Europeans.

We did the Amsterdam Boat and the Paris Bus tours. Those were quite awesome. But by the time I did the Barcelona tour, I thought NO MORE. First of all Barcelona sucks as a touristy city. It’s a party city. We should have had sangria on the beach all day. Second, my favorite part of Barcelona was the 20 minute walk back to the train… more on that soon…

So with all that in mind, here is what the past two weeks meant to me.


Ours was probably one of the most unique experiences anyone could ever have. 11 cities in 14 nights driving about 6000 miles in a monster RV rented in London (right side of the car) through mountains, valleys, plains, and cities. At times total exhaustion made the overload of visual stimuli seem like a dream.  I don’t think most Europeans have scene as much as the Duchoviacs at this point. And each city revealed a uniquely amazing club/theater, with surprises from the band and locals. Are we crazy? Maybe. Ok, yes. BUT… no regrets…


May 4, 6am I woke up in New Jersey. 12 hours later we were at Newark International Airport. 8 hours later we were in Glasgow looking for parking at our hotel in our rental car. I dropped off the rest of the crew. I spent about 2 hours looking for parking. I did not have any euros so I could not park on the street. I could not get cash out via ATMs. No one took US Dollars. I could not find a bank. I was beyond drunk tired. In a parking garage I freaked out trying to park into those tiny spaces with our rented SUV. The rest of the DUchovniacs were freaking out. I did not have a phone. To them I was lost in a foreign country. Meanwhile I drove around the downtown square about 20 times. Beautiful statues and govern buildings and banks. Quite lovely. Finally found a spot. Had just enough time to refresh before walking to the venue.

I lead the Duchovniacs the wrong way, so our 20 minute walk took nearly an hour. No regrets though as this was the first of many wrong turns that allowed us to see more of the world than we expected. Finally walking down the main boulevard we encounter streets musicians on the cobble stone roads and hundreds of locals out for a stroll, and students hanging out on the steps of monuments.

We find the venue. I found some haggis – looked quite obscene. We were all thinking about it when I made a comment about a retired porn star’s male member. So much salt and vinegar, I am not sure I know what haggis tastes like to this day.

We met a couple from CHECH that showed us a HOLY COW cover all in black with white writing. I thought that was very cool. I hung out most of the night with my new buddy and his guitar. (Not sharing names now but will add later upon approval).

The venue was amazing, sporting a huge disco ball. I was told until recently this was the biggest ball in Europe. I wanted to reply with a sheepish comment, but resisted. Both David and I are part Scottish so I showed respect.

Two things stood out at Glasgow.

  1. The new songs rocked. By last October we heard three new songs. “Every Third Thought”, “‘Mo” and “Stay on the Train”. But in Glasgow, these songs somehow become something ‘Mo. Especially EVERY THIRD THOUGHT which gets the entire band singing at some point. I really think this song has potential for radio play. Many do, but this could be David’s “Thrift Shop”, meaning indy label breaking through big label politics to steal the show. Serious, EVERY THIRD THOUGHT is on another level that is so much more than a David Duchovny song arranged by Colin Lee. More than any other DD single, this feels like a collaboration of a top tier band.
  2. DAVID BOWIE COVER REVEALED – When David and the Band rocked out STAY I was on my feet dancing. The crowd was loving the tribute to a fallen musical hero. When Pat, Nate and Jeff rocked a Guitar trio my jaw dropped to the floor. Then the song melded into “I Can’t Feel My Face When I’m With You” everyone was thrilled. The whole crowd was singing along as the band rocked out. Have  I mentioned how much I love Pat? (Musical Bromance folks).

We all fell out of the theater in total awe. The band and David were at their best. We talked to so many fans.

We cabbed it back to hotel. I went to get the car out of the garage, so we could leave early the next morning. 40 minutes later I parked in front of hotel and crawled into bed.

END OF DAY ONE… (really 2 days technically) TO BE CONTINUED…



Barcelona May 14, 2016 David Duchovny Europe RV Tour TRAVEL BLOG Part 2

LUXEMBOURG One Year ago today David Duchovny Concert RV Trip recap

So when I last left you we were pulling over to sleep in a Belgium rest stop.

MAY 9, 2016

We woke mid morning, had some coffee and headed to Amsterdam.

It is now May 9, 2016. It was around this time I learned the power of a chocolate croissant and latte before driving. The combo sugar caffeine high was enough to drive the big box on wheels for 2-3 hours.

We role into Amsterdam, again the wrong camp site. But this time I realized it right away. We eventually end up across the river from central station – main Amsterdam hub for ferries, trains and buses.



There is a massive RV parking area that is dirt cheap if you are just parking ($20/night). You pay a little more for full services but this was the one night I had a hotel so we just parked.

We were in the new hipster area. As we walked to the ferry to central station I remarked how much I thought it looked like Brooklyn. Right across from the ferry was a bar called BROOKLYN.

We were staying at the hotel La Boheme. As an opera singer I was happy with the name. I did not like the tall steep 4-story steps, that seemed more like a ladder. However the view from our window was the Amsterdam Venue Melkweg and it reminded me of the typical Parisian roof top bohemian opera set.

We all met in the lobby at 4pm, at which time Hotel La Boheme offered a free cheese plate. They said a glass of wine was only $6. A bottle was $13.50. So that was easy math. So there I was with my cheese plate and wine, expecting some help. There was none.

So there I am eating cheese, consuming an entire bottle wine, when I hear, “Can you tell me how to find the Milky Way?”

“You looking for David Duchovny?” HICCUP


Either this is a David fan from San Francisco or the FBI caught up with me for a murder I did not commit or know about…

It was the latter.

So I walked my new friend to the theater.

“Walter!” The producers were yelling at me from across 3-4 lines of folks waiting to enter the theater. “My mom wants to join you in the RV.” Again I thought they were joking in Glasgow a few nights earlier.

**** SIDEBAR ****

AH listening to Norm McDonald new Stand-up on Netflix as I type and he said “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” so now “HALF LIFE” is stuck in my head.

**** SIDEBAR ****

Amsterdam was awesome. I found a cheese shop and consumed mass quantities of free samples. There was a store of American and British products – basically junk like candy and chips – basically a really fancy 7-11 disguised as a gourmet store front.

After the concert we walked around looking for food. turns out Amsterdam is not a late night food town. We found one diner type place called Pancakes.


MAY 10, 2016

Next morning took a boat ride around the canals following an amazing free breakfast (I miss La Boheme and MIMI the cat as I hear the last notes of the Puccini Opera which is the same as Broadway’s Rent “MIMI”). Loved all that. Saw a lot of Amsterdam in that hour, including Anne Frank’s house and a bunch of bikes being dredged from the depths of the canals. beautiful town.

We headed back to the RV meeting band mom in Brooklyn. Next stop Cologne as the drive there was fairly routine minus seeing a few old windmills on the way out of town.

We arrive in Cologne thinking, WHAT A DIVE. The venue was not in the best part of town. The streets were over grown with vines, grasses and litter. The buildings were tagged more than 1980s NYC Subways.

There was already a long line at the venue which would get far longer by the time the doors opened. A great fan had hundreds of mini battery powered candles for all to light up during “Stars.”


Once inside I loved it. The venue was huge. You first enter a courtyard with bathrooms and beer garden, complete with sausage stand.

Inside was just a large old warehouse, similar to clubs in converted Chelsea Manhattan buildings used for similar purposes. Simple of almost elegant was the bar and stage.

But once the main room started filling up, the heat was unbearable. It’s now about showtime and I cannot stay with the group.

By the end of the show a few from our group had to bounce. I ended up at the beer garden, however I limited myself to two Brats – one with curry. With plans to drive straight thru to Paris that night, I feared even a sip of bee. I felt I dishonored the town by staying sober.

I will say I loved the music that night. Through the walls it almost felt like a CD. The problem with being down front all the time, you mostly hear David’s monitors, which mostly pump bass and drums. You barely here David and you hear next to no back up vocals.

So outside you heard it all – clean and mixed perfectly. And I had the most interesting conversation with a 28 year old German hipster. He was wasted (we later found his wallet after he left). “Hey man, whatever you do, you can’t vote for Trump”

“No worries, dude. No way he is getting elected.” Apparently common sense meant nothing this past fall and we currently suffer… I digress.

Also at the table was my fellow Duchovniac and friend from the Bronx (originally) and a 40yo lesbian biker that was also there cooling down after leaving her wife down in front of the stage to watch David. We bonded.

The candles made “Stars” extra special that night.

The guys were still playing when we see a car being escorted by a few security guards. Someone sitting next to me remarked “There goes David”

I did not believe them at first. It turned out that was the only exit and best safe way to get David out, before the usual stage door hounds crowded and other exit chances.

We waited for the crowd to dissipate a bit. We drove a bunch to the nearest subway and Burger King. I can proudly say I never ate fast food in Europe but with a bus full of Americans, one Canadian and one Hungarian and a bunch of Europeans in tow for the hour. Burger King had just closed. We were all spared that night.

But shortly I realized I was done. We were maybe up to about 24 hours of sleep and very little downtime in the past 6 days – since waking up at 6am May 6 in New Jersey. Two of our friends that joined us for the one leg got us the rest of the way to Paris. I slept for about 90 minutes on the floor of the RV before relieving the navigator position.

We pulled into the Parisian Campsite around 6amish. soon after we…

Campsite Bois de Boulogne - The Eiffel Tower

We woke around late lunch. We all showered and found snacks at the cafe and mini grocery on campus.

We later bused and metro-ed our way into town. We found a restaurant that was just a block form the venue we were to see David the following evening. I had fondue and escargot. Yummy. Great wine too. After a few wanted to stop by the store caddy corner across the street. Somehow- exhaustion and impatience together get ugly – we lost one of our own… meaning she thought we abandoned her so she took off on her own.

So some of us sat down outside for dessert and coffee while others walked to the Sacred Heart where apparently a bunch of strangers pray for other strangers which we learned almost a year later would make a great song – “Strangers in the Sacred Heart” 

While I suffered through the best chocolate mousse of my life, the other went up and down the hill to and from the church. We really should have gotten some more European zone cell phones. We headed back to the campsite. She’s and adult. No need for the drama others were cursing.

It all worked out and everyone eventually found there way back to the hotel or campsite of choice that night. I crashed.

The next day we found our way around Paris via the hop on hop off buses. Being Paris, of course it started to pour. I risked pneumonia and stayed up top for a bit trying maximize my little tourism time.

We eventually got to the venue and saw a great show. This night we had some seats – assigned.

Laurice left before the encore to get some air. The venue had free internet and she was able to text me that a man was propositioning her outside. When I arrived outside, a small gypsy male was speaking to her in French. I do not speak well but understand enough words from my Opera training and knowledge of other Latin based languages.

Best I can tell he loves my wife and either wants me to pimp her out OR he wanted to borrow her. As my ability to speak French is more limited than my capacity to comprehend, I state.

no ménage à trois

Clearly not understanding my meaning of the word “NO!” he leans in for a kiss, which is when I grabbed him by the neck and planted him on the car parked behind us.

Au Revoir, Monsieur

Oh, Paris, you city of love

We gathered the troupes. As we walked back towards a metro we I could see my new friend soliciting donations at the very same cafe we dined the night before.

We walked back to the hotel our friends were staying. It was getting late. The night before we caught the very last bus – the charter that connected our campsite with the real world. Instead we called for a call. I think someone had UBER.

I crawled into bed and slept like a baby.

MAY 13 2016

I woke early and started driving south. NEXT STOP BARCELONA

Just barely out of town I stopped for gas and coffee. They had a coffee bar with THE BEST service of the entire tour. Coffee and Pan du Chocolate and i was ready for a drive.

This was a beautiful yet very stressful day.

In a normal car we had a nine hour drive ahead of us without stops.

With stops in the big box, it was a 15-hour day with about $120+ euros in tolls and about the same in gas.

We did stop for a late lunch/early dinner at a rest stop in the shadows of a castle. Pretty cool.

I freaked out driving through the French/Spanish border up in the mountains with bridges and cliffs I kept imagining our final fall. Again exhaustion was kicking in.

We finally hit our campsite just north of Barcelona.

6:30am Barcelona and this is first view from our RV this morning

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MAY 14, 2016

To be continued….

LUXEMBOURG One Year ago today David Duchovny Concert RV Trip recap

WOW. It’s been a year. I wrote a blog about our adventures last summer but it disappeared when my personal website crashed and I lost EVERYTHING!!!

We flew to Scotland on May 5th. We were supposed to wake up in Glasgow the morning of May 6, except we never slept. We picked up our rental car, after dealing with broken bag and underwear spilling all over airport. Scotland new more about my inner layers of garments than if I walked around in a kilt.

We arrive at the Z Hotel. I could not find parking. We have no coins, the hotel would not help us get coins, I could not seem to use any ATMs thanks to my over protective bank (even though I told them my travel plans) and I had terrible difficulty parking in municipal lots and their tiny tiny spaces. Two hours later I eventually found a spot in the art museum garage which closed at 11pm.

In the meantime Laurice put out an APB as I did not have a European working phone. Another fan actually tweeted @DavidDuchovny himself “If you see Walt Frasier please contact Laurice” Because David and the band did not have enough to do getting ready for the show that night LOL.

On the bright side I got a great tour of downtown Glasgow, circling the main square at least a dozen times and freaking out figuring driving on the wrong side of the road.

I got to see a lot more of the town as we walked to the venue, going the wrong direction for 20 minutes. Eventually we turned around, and walked up the pedestrian street lined with musicians and college kids enjoying the sun.

While waiting in line for the concert we ran into one we call the band mom. This was the first they heard of our RV plans. “I want to go with you” we thought she was in jest…

Also in line there was a chip shop across the street. Laurice had just gone in for VIP but I only had GA tix that night. I order both the fish and chips and haggas – or at least something called haggas. It was batter dipped and fried like the fish. Drowned in salt and vinegar, I could not tell exactly my impression of haggas itself. It did look like a certain rotting yet well endowed male body part. MOVING ON…

Great concert. This was the first European show. After a handful of small venues in America, this was massive. 1500ppl maybe. I forget exact numbers.

Touring Europe with David Duchovny

Touring Europe with David Duchovny

They bragged to have the 2nd largest disco ball in the world? Or maybe Europe. Scottish are known for big… again never mind…

Other Firsts that night – David’s Kilt, David Bowie cover with Weekend Mashup and the wicked Guitar Trio with Pat, Jeff and Nate. Did we get Square one that night? I forget….

We cabbed it back to the hotel. There was a spot right in front. I went to get the car. Almost locked up I struggled to find an open entrance and worse which floor I parked. It was a Seinfeld Episode with out a cast of characters to help me search. 45-minutes later finally I returned with the car to a frantic wife who had been fighting off guys and cars trying to save a spot on the street.

AH WE DID GET TOM PETTY – First time we see David playing guitar live

The next morning we found out the hard way the hotel breakfast was not free before driving south. WOW, there are a lot of sheep and yellow flowers. Oh and one particularly racist seeming Cowboy and Indian totems at a rest stop were strikingly odd to we Americans in 2016 most cigar stores here do not sport these anymore, right?

We finally pick up the RV, return rental car and head to London.

We find parking in the alley just 2 blocks form the venue. We are running late. We loved hearing Collin Lee playing guitar and singing as he warms up the crowd with “Major Tom” (playing to the home crowd) and a few originals.

This crowd was a bit subdued. Not because they were British, but we were in a church with pews in place.

After the show we grab some Middle eastern food. Really great spot across from venue.

We finally get in the RV and drive east to Dover Ferry. This is where we truly start to appreciate what a PAIN IN THE ARSE driving this RV is. It takes us double the time to get anywhere because it is only a 4 cylinder motor. Not used to driving on wrong side of car or street we are always about 6-12 inches farther to the left than you would normally think. So getting dead tired, I am really struggling to drive. After a brief pit stop pull into Dover just in time to catch the 4am ferry.

The had us park our vehicle and exit the RV during the ferry ride. FYI THERE IS NO HEAT ON THE FERRY. So me in shorts and t-shirt FROZE. We were all cold. Half asleep I found warmer spot up front but did not tell Laurice where we ended up. When we returned form the Bathroom she went looking for us. Also half asleep walking dead, she fell down some stairs and had some scrapes and bruises which would make the rest of the trip a bit less fun.

We finally arrive in France at 7am (We lost an hour plus 2 hours ferry). Everyone crashed and slept. I drove about an hour, just over the Belgium border I believe, before I found a McDonald’s parking lot to crash. About 90-minute later, Laurice woke. The McDonald’s was closed and she had to pee.

FYI More cows then sheep now. You notice these things as you drive with a RV full of sleepy heads.

We drove and found a rest stop. I found heaven – a cache of stinky meats and cheeses, chocolates, bread and milk that would be considered gourmet here at rest stop prices. Brie, Salami, Crusty fresh bread, croissants, nutella, Swiss Chocolates, etc etc etc

Of course we were supposed to pay for using the toilet but Laurice jumped the turnstiles. We still did not have any Euros yet.

We arrive late after noon May 7 in Luxembourg. The camp site is nice. We take a field trip into town when our AC converter explodes. I am reminded of the movie TOP SECRET when we learn Val Kilmers’ friend is killed by the gifted electric sex toy not equip to handle European plugs with nearly double the voltage output. Horrible way to die? Possibly.

The next day –  waking refreshed having a wonderful sleep after two 36-hour days back to back (we guessed we slept a total of 8 hours May 5 6am EST US time – May 9 2am Central Europe time) – I went for a walk in the town and discovered a WW2 memorial for an American Tank Division and had a moment for the greatest generation – which included my two naval grandfathers – both serving in the Pacific.

I return and the rest of the RV was just waking up. Folks go about having breakfast, showering and doing laundry. I double check GPS. Do we want to drive the RV, Cab, or walk the few miles to the venue. According to GPS we are 4-hour walk from venue. This is when we discover we are at the WRONG campsite. Thinking we were already in ESHE, we were actually in the City of Luxembourg, a 25 minute drive away. Fortunately the entire country is only about a hour drive in any direction.

So we load up and head to ESHE. We find free parking on Sunday May 8th, right up the hill from a car show blasting club music. A huge fan of fairs and food trucks, I really want to go there. Instead we head to the venue to get our bearing. After walking round, we find shaded seats in the courtyard as we hear “3000” faintly… Another fan couple recognized us and did not know how to approach so they attracted us with David’s music like Sirens and Odysseus.

We get lunch at the mall next door. very American type urban center mall with fancy kiosks and the typical stores you would expect here. We order a lot of finger foods including fried fondue balls, mushroom tartin etc YUMMY

I was the very first in line for VIP that night. David was not feeling well. I told him not to speak. We take a photo and walk away respecting his need to minimize contact that night.

“WALTER” David Yells strained through vocal fatigue. “You forgot your signature”. I think I made things worse. “You’re amazing” I bet he only writes that for me (LOL, inside joke? never mind…)

Later he told me to STOP clapping on the off beat during Another year. Sorry I do too much jazz to clap on the one (White people, am I right?)

When we spoke with the band they shared they had bus trouble the night before and stopped at some French Air B&B. We all had road stories.

I believe this is the first time we heard SOMEONE ELSE’s GIRL

This concert is special thanks to a Drake Cover. It was hilarious hearing all of us sing “Hotline Bling” and mumbling the rest of the words we don’t know – especially when David shoves mic in our direction. Strange they never whipped out that cover again?

After the show we gave a tour of the RV to a few of our German Friends before driving north. The goal was to drive to Amsterdam that night. We made it to Belgium before crashing at a rest stop. We were exhausted.


3 Concerts so far, Little Sleep,no one dead yet… I CALL THIS A SUCCESSFUL 4 days







NEW EDIT David Duchovny “Another Year” – A Red Trolley Show (live performance)

Caught Not stalking – UWS NYC just no longer safe for Duchovniacs

(PS the headline of this article is a joke)

Ever since the 2015 book signing of Holy Cow, Candle Cafe West has become a destination for international duchovniacs.


Not because anyone is hoping to see David Duchovny at a favorite dining establishment, but because we all brag about how great the place is. I have numerous tweets regarding quinoa vodka martinis and various dishes.

So today was like any other duchovniacs get together with out of towners asking to meet up for lunch and drinks.

We were looking for parking for what seemed forever. Exhausted from late night gig and early morning church, I was ready to give up.

Finally we squeeze into a spot just a block around the corner.

We walk in, survey the scene (always afraid to run into a certain someone for fear being branded stalkers) and look for our party.

We walk up to the upper section, right behind where we sat for both book signings.

We step up and I take my jacket off, placing on back of a seat. Then I move seats thinking my big butt will be more comfortable on the aisle.

When I look up to say hello, shaking hands with the young daughter of the the first arrival, I notice mom talking to waiter “I am going to put my coat back on”

Then Laurice bolts out and I see her scurry past the window up the block.

The waiter is still talking to mom. She seems annoyed. Has he tried to steal something from coat, or knocked her chair passing one too many times, or creeping / hitting on her….???

I am just in shock. What just happened?

“Go talk to your wife”


That is the question in my head every time I hear those words.

I walk out into 30° chill without jacket, just wearing short sleeve polo.

My wife is at the end of the block laughing hysterically and texting on the phone.

Dense, I still have no clue.

“He was right there”

WHO …. (almost got it)… OH…..


Apparently, not only was David Duchovny at Candle Cafe, as I put jacket on the chair, my butt was probably not 12 inches from the back of his head.

“Yes! We need to go!”

Afraid of being seen my wife wanted to go to Dunkin Donuts across street.

“I left my jacket. Are they coming out? Are we going in?”

Still in shock and now freezing…

“I’m going to get my jacket”

I turn to walk back to cafe. Uh oh…

“He’s right there”

I say as I turn to wife, who escapes down side street to a doorway alcove.

He had a huge grin but not positive it had anything to do with us, although it did resemble the smile I like to think only my ridiculousness inspires (lol).

It’s most likely he never saw us, but then again I’m hard to miss.  All in movement I make choice to go back to table and get jacket.

Apparently the waiter laughed when he saw mom’s shirt.

Waiter: That’s hilarious


Waiter: He’s right there

At which point mom made head gesture to wife (look over there) which made wife bolt.

This whole time the daughter just rolled eyes and played her game.

We all had many laughs comparing stories to create the above time line.

Last laugh went to our waitress. I remembered her from book signing.

As I asked about the soup du jour, she was taken aback amused.

“Sorry, I’m cracking up at her shirt because he was just here”

Trust me, we know…


We don’t know what he was wearing. We don’t know who he was with. So please stop asking. No gossip. No tabloid crap.




David Duchovny 2017 tour That’s A Wrap


I am so moved by Marie’s work I will let it speak for me…

Remember these…



SAN Diego February 12

So I saw the San Diego illustration the day after Los Angels concert and tweeted, Maria HAS to do pink pussy hat David for LA. She did…

Los Angeles February 14

And I love it…

San Francisco February 15

This photo really rocks. David defiantly worked that microphone stand more this tour, to the happiness of many…

Portland February 17

Seattle February 18


Boston February 23


More to come…I just realized we do not have all the shows yet…

At some point this happened

Love these to

The Ballad of David and Mitch original fan song lyrics

I am beyond flattered
My brain is so scattered
And its barely after dawn
There’s an intense tug of war
What’s all this fighting for
But am I just a pawn


Driving south from Jersey to Alexandria concert I dictated the song to my wife. Lacking paper and pen, she just texted me back what I said.

Tired of the battle
Hearded like cattle
Just to get in the front row
But you know I came
When you called my name
Am I just a fan or a braugh


Outside the Birchmere I finished the lyrics and worked out the melody/chords. There were 3-4 musical versions before settling on the final chords and notes.

Duchovny or Pileggi
Where does my allegiance lie
Pileggi or Duchovny
Weren’t they both in the FBI

Mitch took a selfie with me Mr wearing a cape and tights
Dressed as superman I must have looked such a fright
David must have realized that it wasn’t my fault
When he said at wizard world, shut up walt


TEAM EFFORT. Laurice took care of hair and make up as I worked out the music. Maja was cue card/ human teleprompter. Charnette filmed. Dita and Karen (Blonde Girl) were my back up singers.

So it’s time for a choice
I’m giving it voice
Duchovniacs or Mitch’s Bitches
The choice is hard
I need help from the bard
I’ve not yet put on britches

But Mitch makes me complete
When he answers my tweet
My allegiance is so torn

I love both of you
Capable of loving two
Making me choose is really not fair
It’s the end of my song
I’m not wearing a thong
The truth is out there




Starting February 1, 2017, I will be releasing a new song every day for the next year with me singing and playing piano, guitar, or uke. Rock,  folk, oldies, contemporary, Broadway, jazz, and even Opera. This is mostly for me to stop being lazy and learn some new music, but I hope you enjoy as well. Follow me hear or on twitter @waltfrasier for the latest additions. Playlist here may show unlisted videos before completely made public on their release date.






TO VIDEO OR NOT TO VIDEO – more to the story

If you have not done so already read this TO VIDEO OR NOT TO VIDEO

This is not a retort or rebuttal. But rather a continuation of the conversation Pam has started, adding perspective and creating dialogue for all to continue.

I would like to first agree with virtually everything Pam wrote about recently. I know many that felt Pam was preachy or attacking Duchovniacs and others. I actually cannot find fault with any of it. As both a fan and a performing artist I struggle with this issue – among many others in the fandom. As a fan blogger that serves a dual purpose of promoting one of my favorite artists as well as helping fans access this star, I have different opinions.

I have been a live performer all my life. From playing piano before turning 5, to going to college as a trumpet major, to leaving college an Opera singer – via Broadway wannabe, to starting my own Improv Comedy troupe. I have been a student and professional performer, director and producer in numerous disciplines. And my opinions vary depending on which hat I wear.

As an artist I love having a record of my performances. It helps an artist grow. It can be purely ego at times as well. I have worked many projects that were video taped and I would never watch. Others – ones I was incredibly proud of – were not able to be video taped because of union rules, house rules etc. Frustrating.

However for most shows I have performed I would hate to have folks with their cell phones out in any capacity. It’s rude. You paid money to be entertained. Engage. Live performance always requires audition participation. I produce a show where we actual use audience volunteers on stage. However, every live performance relies on the focus, energy, and imagination to succeed. Phones/Cameras are distracting to both artist and other fans.

As a director, performer and lover of live performance I recognize that a video of a live show SUCKS by my standards. Unless it is produced with multiple cameras and amazing live director or editor for video archive, you never capture the true essence of the live experience, which is what I live for as an artist and fan.

Case in point, the video above is terrible. Many fans will watch and be grateful we shared. If I was of those four artists, I would argue the video misrepresents their amazing talent. I was too close to a speaker that was kicking out an unbalanced amount of vocals. However, my ears – just 18 inches from my phone at the time – heard a far superior final product.

I wanted to capture this for the fans because last night I was blown away by this rendition of “Lately It’s Always December” with Colin Lee delivering the whistle solo. When I saw Colin setting up mics, I whipped out the phone (which was off for the night and hence why I missed the top of the song).

As a producer I LOVE fans with camera phones taking video and photo and sharing across the internet. My personal success as an actor/comic has relied on this from the day I started producing my own work.

I started the comedy troupe with Laurice in 2002. Soon after we had one social media platform after another popping up. We would share videos of live shows as well as write and video original sketch material and behind the scenes footage. This footage helped us grow as artists and promoted us to new fans. I almost never put a penny into marketing because social media and word of mouth are far more effective. People also share photos and videos of their own promoting us to their network of friends and family.

I also follow a blog by Broadway Producer Ken Davenport. A couple years ago, he experimented with a social media section, where he allowed a certain number of fans to live tweet and other wise share experience of a performance of Godspell. The result was controversial and exciting.

As Pam admits, while she wants to respect the artist, she, like 1000s of others, love to follow the events from home (especially after attending their first event.)


If I were to find any fault with Pam’s blog, it does have a bit of a preachy high minded tone. This does not offend me in the least (I speak for myself here) but it does fall short of the full story.

Before the 2017 HELL OR HIGHWATER TOUR I actually reached out to producers. My first concern was, Duchovniacs.com is growing fast. We have over 40,000 subscribers that have actually entered their emails to follow us or comment on blog settings. I imagine many others visit the pages/posts from time to time. As we grow I do not want to become a problem for the artist. We are here to support the artist and fans, as a third party delivery of news and recaps of events.

I was mostly concerned on how we represent David that would any way be in conflict with David or their team. Producers assured me that David and the team appreciate all that we do in that initial conversation. And they were OK with us sharing photos and videos of the events. They even thought it was kosher to cover the event from multiple angles – having a few of our bus mates video and photo the shows to share – including periscope.

I asked we keep dialogue open over the course of the two weeks in case we did anything that crosses an line or they had an requests.

After Pam’s blog was published (and #4429 gate), one of the Producers said they spoke with David more on the subject (I think they saw some of the twitter chatter). David did not object to us sharing vids and pics but that he wanted all to be engaged, singing and dancing along. David suggested we put cameras on a tripod on the stage. I did this in Huntington last Thursday

I held the phone until Press had completed their business. I moved it when a fan was trying to get a couple photos. But the rest of the time I sang and danced. David likes when I dance. Moving on…

While dozens have gossiped and speculated, I have continued to have the conversation with the Producers about what works for them and David. It’s not like we are constantly updating each other but every night I make sure to say hi and smile to the team in case they have anything they need to relay on this subject and others.

I think all agree, I truly believe (risking speculation myself here, I know) David is old school, in a great way. These personal devices have no place at a live show. I do not disagree. And often they limit the holder’s ability to truly enjoy the performance as well as dampen another’s that may be distracted by the lights on the device, or often have views blocked by phones in front.

However as a producer I know allowing fans to photo and video performances, and share online, sells tickets, albums and merchandising.

My on going dialogue with producers is to find that perfect balance that supports David on and off stage, keeps the dialogue going online and fans excited for the music projects and other future events.

If nothing else we save David’s team $1000s in marketing dollars.

Excuse me while I briefly digress…

For me, my mission remains the same as it did May 14, 2015 when I started the site.

  1. Bringing fans together from around the world to hang out and become great friends, sharing a common connection as fans, but growing far beyond. We are a massive dysfunctional family that supports one another in many ways beyond our unhealthy obsession with certain shows and their male star. We love David, X-Files, etc but this site has grown far beyond just watching David live and on TV, Films, etc. We get together and hang out. When fans are visiting NYC area we get together. This has created an important powerful social element that brings many people joy. 20 years from I envision meeting up with friends, like Deadheads or Woodstock alumni. Hugs, Happy Tears and Memories and a lot of “WTF were we thinking” moments.
  2. Making those fans feel a part of the action when they cannot be there. On 5/14/2015 I had about a dozen fan friends in mind.  We now have 100s of friends that we directly connect with regularly and 100s more that say hello at events or respond from time to time online. 1000s more are following the blog and twitter feeds. They are very thankful for us keeping them in the loop, sharing stories of our own experiences as friends as much as David’s escapades. Many love watching these videos no matter how poor the quality at times as much as another might stare at cat videos perhaps. It is content that has a demand, no matter how small.
  3. Letting fans now about events. David’s producers just recently created www.davidduchovnymusic.com Until then we relied on local promoters and David’s twitter, which we know is usually lacking in up to date info. Every event I attend I meet someone that thanks us for what we do and says they are attending because we promoted the event on this site. I have no allusions of this. I am deeply touched. And a new friendship is born.
  4. Educating fans that David actually has a band and writes his own music – not to mention the novels. Even tonight I talked to someone that had no clue what they paid to see. They love the X-files and/or Californication, they may know about Aquarius, but they have no clue David is a writer. Even after a concert, I have to remind folks when David says “This is a song I wrote about…” He was serious. Perhaps joking he wrote David Bowie or other songs does not help.
  5. It makes me happy. It makes me happy to belong to something that so many are happy to belong to. It makes me happy to laugh with so many so often as we do. I have paid my dues, working nearly 1 years without a vacation or doing anything for myself. And now I get to do things for myself that involve 100s of friends and 1000s of associations. I am not privileged or believe myself entitled. But it is my privilege to have so many great friends and experiences. I do not look for attention or wish for accolades. See friends and strangers laugh makes me happy.  It is the same reason I work as a comic actor. I love to entertain. I hate the off stage attention. I want to laugh WITH you. I want to interact WIITH you. I want to connect with YOU!

I am excited to report, due to the success of our work, the producers see the void we fill and have some plans to fill that void themselves, creating more videos for David’s youtube and website that will be far more professional published.

David’s team is an amazing but small operation. And till now they have been slammed with creating two albums and producing a tour. They are slowing down on new song creation and looking to expand how they get their material to the fans – via online videos, single tracks for download, smaller, more intimate acoustic concerts etc

They are working hard. We are working hard. Again, sorry for anything we do that offends or comes up short. We area a small operation as well.

I would ask (again) for ALL to stay positive. The world is crazy enough. We do not need to tear each other apart. Nothing nice to say, don’t say it. I regret tweeting a lot things I tweeted today. 2nd time I had to go on the offensive in past year to quell a group of cyber bullies.

But despite anything I or they or anyone has said, I have no hate.

I encourage ALL to stop online gossip and speculation (including those in my own inner circle of friends) which leads to a lot of #FAKENEWS

Not only do you make others feel bad, you deepen the ire you feel. Instead try laughing at me. Eventually I hope you will laugh WITH me but if laughing at me brings you joy I can handle it. (Most others cannot say same so please keep your mean spirited laughs and jabs pointed at me.)

I am deeply sorry to anyone we may offend by anything we do. I will never apologize for having fun, if the only reason I offend is your own ego and insecurity. But if I seriously say or do anything out of line call me on it. I am human. I need checks and balances.

We cannot please all. But for every one that shares concern (or is outright distasteful on “THE” twitter) I can name dozens that appreciate what we do and time and time again pour out their support.

So instead of shaming us, perhaps find a different outlet for your X-Files News or David Duchovny updates.  Or start your own. This is why I like Pam’s blog. It adds perspective. And even when I disagree I find the writing thoughtful and far deeper than my own.

I welcome all. This will never be a “competition”. You will never hear me say words like “TRUE FAN”. You will never hear me say one fan is more special than another.

Enjoy these artists and projects in YOUR way. For many our site is a big part of that process, along with the videos we share, periscope/facebook feeds, twitter feeds, photos and more.

Part of our fun (Actually the most important) is the connection we have with David’s fans from around the world and especially the close connections we have made with a few dozen friends.

We do this out of love. Thank you to all that share the love back.

Flu nor Virus Can’t Stop Duchovny, Whistle While You Work Birchmere Alexandria VA 2/26/2017


For more sites/Sounds follow us on twitter. TAG US and we will retweet your photos/videos

Three big highlights tonight.

  1. OPENING ACT ROCKED – K. Marie Kim is a genius sound engineer that makes David sound amazing every night. Turns out she sings and plays piano and really knows how to make musical toys (special effects) work better than most. (See post below)
  2. COLIN CAN REALLY WHISTLE – The band played a scaled down LATELY IT’s ALWAYS DECEMBER with Keenan carrying tune Acoustic Guitar,  Pat laying down what Pat does (beyond words), and Colin shaking his egg (rhythm toy – percussion). But then busted out a solo whistling what he often plays on the keys. It was so perfect. The guys also had more back up harmonizing vocals – or perhaps we just heard a cooler blend with less instrumentation. IF ANYONE HAS VIDEO PLEASE SHARE
  3. DAVID WAS SICK (read below)

This girl rocks @kmariekim @davidduchovny up next @Duchovniacs

A post shared by Walt Frasier (@waltfrasier) on


We cannot say for certain what it was but David was not feeling well tonight. A fever was reported by DD himself and there were other signs of issues, but we will skip any talk of bodily fluids.

That being said I noticed something…

Those that follow closely will remember David being sick in Luxembourg last May. He powered through but was noticeably feeling awful.

You may have also read my blog from Friday (Saturday AM) about how impressed I was with David in Jersey.

At first tonight, when they said David was not feeling well, I thought – I wonder if David just is not used to powering through that hard (Friday’s performance) and needed time to recover.

When you are not used to that much singing at that intensity, it can take a couple days to recover. Even Opera singers only do two show each week.

I personally had zero voice Saturday just from screaming and dancing. It took everything I had to sing Man of La Mancha ending for Mitch Pileggi via twitter conversation. But when I went to sing another song with Duchovniacs, I virtually passed out on stage.

Tonight was another sign of David’s maturity as a singer. Despite vocal issues, he never once suffered regarding pitch. His voice was gruff but that works for this bluesy folk rock music.   David is the consummate story teller.

What I did notice is something that happens to a seasoned live performer. While it hurts and you feel like you are falling way short of your best, you are so hyper focus to over compensate for illness/fatigue, your over all performance is actually better than other times.

Perhaps that big money note lacks, but the rest of the performance is that much more connected.

Lyrical pretty singers/songs suffer greater from illness. But the story teller just sounds like he/she had too many smokes, which is not terrible for this style. The result is – as David put it – sounding more like Joe Cocker (or Janice Joplin for the ladies).

But beyond one or two moments where David paused for some tea, the over all performance was great. He danced a little less but the performance was perhaps even more filled with soul and meaning from the lyrics. As we learning musical theater, act through the song, don’t sing it.

Just 10 month ago David did not succeed as well under similar circumstances. We still loved the shows but some notes were flat. They might be flat in good health.

Here is what I told a number of new fan friends…

  1. David is a crazy awesome writer.
  2. His Celeb status gave him access to some off the charts amazing musicians that carried him the past 2 years musically.
  3. He is now coming into his own as a singer/musician. He is clearly working on his instrument, and now has enough live performance experience to know how to process the instrument under distress.

Almost anyone can sing pretty for a few moments. But it takes training to learn how to keep a voice healthy even when the body is not. It takes time to build up that endurance.

The voice is a muscle that needs developing.

For all his struggles tonight, I heard some decent notes in David’s upper register I don’t think were there just 8-10 months ago.

The audience still got a great performance. Better than many/most from before the past two weeks. I would still put tonight in top three of this past two weeks.

If nothing else, I am not sure David could have done “Lately It’s Always December” like that a week ago. That is a tough song and he was more exposed than ever. I am so craving acoustic tour / online videos / tracks…

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