Duchovniacs react to New MSR Trailer



Gillian and David tease X-Files MSR

Have you seen this yet? We will have our reaction video up ASAP

No more sexual tension, because they had sex -Gillian Anderson

JANUARY 3 2018 X-Files Season 11 Release Date Announced by Fox



The 10-episode Season 11 of Fox’s The X-Files will premiere Wednesday, January. 3 (8 ET/PT),  followed by Ryan Murphy’s crime procedural, 9-1-1.


January 3

Season 11 to start airing Monday January 3, 2018 on FOX

Ok, I need to cut back on coffee. But the second I heard we have a date I got excited. My biggest fear was that the release date would happen while we are in Australia with David.

SIDE NOTE: I had an audition for major role on 9-1-1 SMALL WORLD! I read for a scene with Peter Krause and Angela Bassett bragging about a hot new girl friend. First series regular audition. Fun experience.


Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) return as iconic FBI agents. Mitch Pileggi also returns as FBI Asst. Director Walter Skinner. Additionally, the new season will feature guest star turns from Annabeth Gish, Robbie Amell, Lauren Ambrose, Karin Konoval, Barbara Hershey, Haley Joel Osment and William B. Davis, aka “Cigarette Smoking Man.”

Along with original series creator Chris Carter, series veteran Glen Morgan serves as an executive producer.



Down Under

20 FEBRUARY – Powerstation, Auckland –  TICKETS
21 FEBRUARY – San Fran, Wellington – TICKETS
23 FEBRUARY – 170 Russell, Melbourne 18+ TICKETS
24 FEBRUARY –  Metro Theatre Sydney 18+ TICKETS
25 FEBRUARY – Anita’s Theatre Wollongong 18+ TICKETS
28 FEBRUARY  –  NEX Wests City Newcastle 18+ TICKETS
1 MARCH – Eatons Hill Hotel Brisbane 18+ TICKETS

Duchovniacs are headed down under for another David Duchovny concert tour experience. We are skipping one concert – Wellington – in favor of seeing some of the local offerings, but otherwise will be providing coverage for the 7-city tour. On other days we will be touring Auckland, Melbourn, Sydney and Brisbane. Contact us to meet up. We love meeting locals and other international travelers. Follow us via this blog and  TWITTER to keep up with our daily antics.



DAVID DUCHOVNY, is an award-winning actor, filmmaker, director and New York Times best selling author. David Duchovny emerged to become one of the most highly acclaimed actors in Hollywood as the star in one of the most well renowned television series in the past two decades, ‘The X-Files’. His name is also synonymous with television shows such as ‘Aquarius’, ‘Californication’, ‘Twin Peaks’, amongst cult feature films, ‘Kalifornia’, ‘The Rapture’ and ‘Julia Has Two Lovers’.

The cult phenomenon of The X-Files made DAVID DUCHOVNY a household name and fixated millions of self-proclaimed ‘X-Philes’ on the brilliant and sullen FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder, as him and his partner explored unbelievable and out-of-this-world cases. Duchovny’s remarkable performance on the show earned him the title of ‘Zeitgeist Icon’. Reuniting for an eleventh season in 2017, The X-Files and DAVID DUCHOVNY continue their legacy and will once again have millions hooked!

Adding to the already extraordinary list of accomplishments DAVID DUCHOVNY introduced the world to his music with his evocative debut album, ‘Hell Or Highwater’, a rock album which features Duchovny’s musings on pride, loss, and lots of remorse. The album pays homage to his
musical heroes: Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Leonard Cohen and R.E.M.

Currently bunkered down in the studio DAVID DUCHOVNY is working on his sophomore album, due out later in 2017 with Australian fans being some of the first to hear these new songs live. Having sold out shows across Europe and the USA, don’t miss a unique opportunity to see a true Hollywood star DAVID DUCHOVNY live in concert for the first time on Australian soil.

Bucky Fucking Dent the Movie David Duchovny

BUCKY FUCKING DENT THE MOVIE and a Little Duchovniac Secret

Tuesday October 17, 2017 10am Vancouver time. 1pm New York time.

One hour into my flight, listening to Bucky Fucking Dent via audible books. The sound of David Duchovny’s voice enhances the story.

Bucky Fucking Dent

I struggle to stay focused. Every few seconds a beverage cart or passenger in full pee pee walk bumps the elbow.

I hear the chapter when Marty is trying to suck the demons out of young Ted. In my mind I am casting the movie. Danny Boyle and Alex Karas? Odd pairing but I see/hear them in the characters.

My mind wanders to a truth I have shared with few. We have gathered a subset of diehard X-Files fans, with a few diehard Californication fans, with a few that love all the name sake of this blog kicks out. I like the movie DIEHARD.  Now a few of us are jet setting around the world to hear this guy sing?

What I really want, more than anything, is BUCKY FUCKING DENT The Movie.

I have known this project to be in the works for weeks but I was told by a little birdie (or puppy, was it not Brick) that the cat is out of the bag.

My wife keeps telling me I could play Ted. He’s overweight. I’m a bit beyond ‘Hollywood fat’ right now and into second banana range so I would never even ask for an audition. Perhaps for the avant garde live action of Holy Cow, I could play Shalom. I am losing weight for the 50 hours of air travel round trip to Australia in February, so maybe…

My mind wanders further.

Is David Duchovny the first to have ACTOR as his day job while pursuing his art?

While music is his passion project, to me, becoming a writer/director seems to be his true calling.

We only have a few gems to base this statement, but how many out there consider The  UNNATURAL one of the best X-Files episodes ever? (Not just for the Mulder / Scully shippy moments at the end.)

To top that here is my little secret. HOUSE OF D is one of my favorite movies of all time. HOUSE OF D is when I became a Duchovniac. (Holy crap I am tearing up editing this blog now – through consciousness side bar notes as editor a first? WTF)

In truth a diehard X-Files fan, I was never a Phile. As a diehard Star Wars and Star Trek fan I was never truly a fanboy or trekkie. I mean I never gave a crap about fandom activities, stars outside of their projects, comic cons, meet & greets, etc.

I respect the craft and finished product and have no desire to know artists as anything but real people should I be so lucky to meet and befriend. I certainly had no desire to create false realities or fantasies about what artists might really be like. Perhaps as an artist I respect the veil of reality and performance more than most. I DETEST online gossip about artists, other fans etc. Most of you have heard or read my thoughts on these abhorrent activities.

That whole world to me destroys movie magic. I can still enjoy a Tom Cruise movie by not thinking about his nutty links to Scientology. (Travolta affected reality acting makes it harder outside of musical projects.) I can still palate Mel Gibson and others. I can even sit through an old episode of Cosby until the first commercial. And if we were to boycott every project Harvey Weinstein or a certain Trump cabinet member, my video library would be near empty.


HOUSE OF D is the first time I met David. My wife had attended a few screenings of the movie at Sony Lincoln Center. Laurice was there for a Q&A I believe. I happened to tag along one of the times David was allowing photos and signatures after. I offered David a couple tickets to our Comedy Show. They have yet to be redeemed, but I don’t take it personally. They expired years ago but we would still honor them this weekend. Or next… Or…. I digress…

Meeting David was special. He was incredibly humbled that folks came to see his movie. As with the music now, most were there as X-Files fans first.

This was the day I became a Duchovniac, even though the term was not coined until 2015, and in many ways, I just recently realize this fact fully.

HOUSE OF D is very stirring in a very simplistic way. If you know anything about acting, directing and producing, apparent simple qualities take a huge amount of thought and preparation. Minimalistic theater requires far more from the performing artist to tell the story. Broad stokes paint a clearer picture but subtle complexities take craft. There is nothing simple about appearing simple on stage or screen.

Narrating the opening sequence brings X-Files fans into a familiar world of hearing David’s voice launch a story.

Telling the story through the eyes of two children –a young teen (Anton Chechin) and the child-like mentally challenged friend (Robin Williams)– allows us to enter the world of downtown Manhattan the way we enter the underwater world of Little Mermaid. We relax our minds. Seeing preteens giggle and playing stick ball and making fun of their French teacher and fearing the priest’s wrath and various forms of interaction with girls all lower our guards.

HOUSE OF D has the sweetest on camera scene between a convicted woman and a teen learning to dance. All the scenes between Erica and Anton are riveting. Levels of slowly fading nuanced sweetness with growing despair as each scene progresses. These scenes pit a boy who is relatively naïve – despite dealing with the loss of a father and the failing health of his mother –  against a woman who perhaps has seen more than any human should have to endure at any age. Is she a hooker, drug addict and murderer? There is so much going on that is not said or shown. If you have ever studied circumstances as an actor (Stanislovsky and most of the NY schools in realism) you can only imagine all the back story not in the script. SUBTEXT!!!

As the story reveals more of the darkness these children’s lives the walls are down.  Consequently, the tears flow. When the mother, so amazing underplayed (as brash New Yorkers go) by Tea Leoni, drops her hand limp, the heart fully drops from the chest.

As the flip book story suggests the movie comes full circle, with David playing the grown-up Anton, now with wife and child of his own. All worked out. We can survive tragedy. We can find hope in the worst loss. We can find love out of the darkest places.

Of course, now, thinking of this movie brings additional tears thinking of Anton and Robin PAP ASSS!!!

That is the best part of any quality artistic creation. Time and Circumstance change how we approach the work. Ah, Circumstance (Is my pseudo-method-actor-self sneaking into this blog too much?)

I know many of you have as well. I hope that someone besides Philes that have already seen HOUSE OD D reads this blog and gives the movie a shot. If for nothing else you are missing a very special Robin Williams performance.

I have been waiting for another “written and directed by David Duchovny” film or TV project for 10 years now. Ever since I was told – and sworn to secrecy – about this next big project, I have been a kid on Christmas morning.

We are beyond hope now and into eager anticipation mode. You read my blog about your music in 2015. I hope you get a chance to read this.

HOUSE OF D was the spiritual beginning of the Duchovniacs. Please give us more. Your style is so sweet and endearing without pulling punches on the drama. A modern Elia Kazan and Arthur Miller in one with less a tad less ire. Your characters’ spines have less hate for this world but they are no less real. Perhaps more so.

Two hours into our flight home to New York. Just passed Leech Lake (19km SW of us now) according to map. Back to BUCKING FUCKING DENT on tape.

BUCKY FUCKING DENT THE MOVIE and a Little Duchovniac Secret

DAY SIX and EPIC Duchovniacs Group Trip Reflections

Not much new to report. But very emotional right now. Just said good bye to 6 great friends, plus the few GBs from yesterday, and missing the folks that could not be with us this week etc etc etc


Today was a vacation from vacationing day. We all walked out with the idea of more exploring, headed towards a Chinese restaurant but settled on quick service Mexican. Mucho Burrito was not bad a step above or below Chipotle depending on who you talked to or the dish consumed. It was pretty good for the price, wo Canadian conversions considered.

But there was a groggy inspiring drizzle and we all – well most – were just feeling BLAH. So we chilled out. A few went for a walk. A few found out where some X-Files filming was happening and got close but not much to see.

We all ended up at the same Chinese Restaurant tonight – in two shifts that over lapped long enough for some goodbye hugs. Dinasty on Robson was phenomenal! The menu does a great job at selling the place.

Mass #foodporn to follow

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This is the height of our table full of food.

Nest Chinese Food Ever!!!! Duck, dumplings, homemade noodles etc etc etc are all amazing

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AFTER with just 5 tackling the task…

After… me and 4 skinny ladies done good #foodporn

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Not a bad dish on the menu…

Yeah… to all @thexfiles #thexfiles fans, cast and crew Go here now!!!

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I had duck with lotus buns

This crispy duck dish was all mine #foodporn yummy

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We then all cabbed it back and enjoyed one last soak in the hot tub.

SO at risk of sounding to sappy I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone that made this week so special. From the man of the hour himself, David Duchovny; Brad, Kerry, Colin, Pat and Mitch; all Duchovniacs here there and every where. If you were not rocking with us in person, you were with us in spirit. “DUCHOVNIACS” is far bigger than David, us or anything. It represents a common bond for hundreds, perhaps thousands of fans, far more than those that accept the label for themselves as far as I am concerned.

We joke about being crazy. But that is not quite it. I truly believe true happiness only happens when you accept and embrace you inner geek. Whether you are trekkies, whovians, philes or our specialized subset that focus on David’s work in and out of X-Files, you are happiest when you say FU to the judgmental folk that lack what we have.

And for me, as I always say, that extends far beyond our love of any show or celebrity. We came to Vancouver with a group of 16 from all over America, China, Spain, Germany, Slovenia, and I am sure I am forgetting somewhere else. This week I met many from Canada, Alaska, Chech, Oxford via Florida and more. You may not consider yourself a Duchovniac but I do. You are one of us when ever you want to be. You are always welcome here.

And of course we are emotional for our close friends that wanted to be here and could not due to schedules, illness etc. You are missed and loved. Thank you for playing along online.





THE MORNING AFTER – The Forests of Northern Vancouver

How’s everyone doing this morning?


FYI pics are up from last night at http://www.davidduchovnymusic.com/vancouvermg



Last night was awesome. Walking around town, waiting in line all day, singing and dancing along and then struggling to find food in Vancity after 11pm is a physical and emotional roller coaster. After being turned away by one last call after another we settled in at Denny’s.

THIS is a big city? I have not settled on Denny’s after dark since high school in the burbs. I learned I love Vancouver during the day. Turns out the creeps come out at night. THE CREEPS COME OUT! Most adults reminded me of me and friends during high school trying to sneak into bars downtown DC w./o fake IDs way too impressed how cool we thought we were. That’s 80% of the Vancity nightlife partakers. The other 20% are creeped out  young ladies just trying to have fun. Misogyny  challenging drugs for chief epidemic at this hour. Sorry, I have always hated the player, not the game!

So Sunday was a bit of a late start, sleeping in till 9am. We went to bed later, but until Sunday our wake up schedules were on East Coast time regardless of bedtimes.

We took the hotel shuttle and then dedicated tour bus to the hills north of Vancouver, just below Grouse, where we froze in delight on Friday.

AS you first enter into the ticked area of the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park you are submerged into a mini museum dedicated to First Nation.

We then headed to the suspension bridge.  This is no easy task. If vertigo does not get you motion sickness might. I usually do not love heights. Somehow the beauty of the area surpassed me fears of falling.

Another view of this from the boardwalk.

More bridge woes

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Once across the bridge we walked the tree tops and boardwalk with one serene view after another.

I think that I shall never see. A poem lovely as a tree.

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This is exactly what w needed today.

#duchovniacs joined #firstnations

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And we un-winded with some humor too..

Again, our photos do not do this place justice.

Ranger Rick disappeared

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And now I'm this big… #featherbrain

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How big was that fish? #fishstory

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Two dementional photos do not capture the depth of the drop below…

It's a long way down

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We never saw any bears today.

No bears in Canada

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The mountain “HIKE” kicked our butts.

Lots of walking

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We took a bus back to Canada Place. A very clear day we could see Washington State Volcano

We see America #usa

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Mount Baker, also known as Koma Kulshan or simply Kulshan, is an active glaciated andesitic stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc and the North Cascades of Washington in the United States. Wikipedia

We walked around Canada Place and the Downtown harbor area.

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Our Duchovniac friend from Spain, Gloria, is about to become a pilot. I was joking with David that we will be replacing the European RV with a Sea Plane with Gloria as pilot for Australia 2018. This was a fitting discovery.

We walked around downtown, recognizing a lot more sites form X-Files episodes, risking trouble with the local law enforcement.

Oops the Mounties coming for me

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And their trusty deputies.

The deputy deals me out Bullwinkle?

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No pee pants but nerves might explain this gibberish.

Our entire group of 16 Duchovniacs landed at Steamworks for Dinner

Karen had just returned from David’s recording party. NDA held back stories but smiles told all awesomeness experienced. Before leaving it was birthday time.

Happy Birthday @girlvsplanet

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And then Birthday Shot time

Birthday Drop Shots @girlvsplanet

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More about these Drop Shots, including my pink panties and lace. Don’t judge! lol

Dropped it like it's hot with my Pink Panties and Lace #drunkovniacs Only macho manly drinks for me

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After a long three days and a few goodbyes for Duchovniacs flying home Monday, we found bed early. Till next time…

David Duchovny Concert Day THE IMPERIAL Vancouver BC Canada

This day got a later start that we had hoped. But that’s a great thing as the day was long and we were better rested at the time of the first downbeat.

 FYI Access your photos from VIP at

AND Laurice is postig a lot of Videos so keep checking in at

First stop was supposed to be Breakfast at the Ovaltine Cafe. Both cab drivers from the hotel (6 duchovniacs 2 Cars) dropped us off with warnings about this neighborhood. One even refused to pick anyone up there. Our friends from the clown car (There rental car was always over packed) did not give great endorsement AND the Ovaltine was out of pie. X-Files Fan Stop FAIL. So I turned to Seinfeld for inspiration here.

#thexfiles #seinfeld crossover Did not stay for pie, Mulder

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Rough hood for food with crack and meth on one side and the very touristy GASTOWN on the other. We stumbled into a joint labeled PIZZERIA and found a gem of a wine bar with apps and gourmet pizzas. Small menu wonderfully executed. Quite yummy. I promised myself no alcohol this trip, BUT I really wanted a glass or two with this food.

Best meal yet

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Someone from our group was early enough to get us started right in line, but most of our group arrived before other fans.

#duchovniacs poised for VIP party

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Guess who made a cameo… Brick not quite ready for prime time and swarming Duchovniacs. He lasted about  30 seconds before whining GET ME OUT OF HERE.

Brick Duchovny

@Brick_Duchovny by Mandy

David’s people are shooting a documentary. I was interviewed. I cannot say much (NDA in place) but this much is public

Not long before many were ready to party… This was seconds before VIP line entered for photos and sound check party.

Vancouver ready for @davidduchovny

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SORRY, DAVID… and others that may be confused by my statement at the end of this Instagram. Many got some tickets mailed to them with wrong artist, POKEY LAFARGE, TWICE. The date and time was right but said Canadian Legend, POKEY LAFARGE was headlining. I cannot let this one go… 5yo here…

While this neighborhood made the worst parts of NYC look like Club Med, inside was quite nice. (Seriously Vancouver needs some urban fix ups. NYC perhaps is too strict with quality of life laws, but this is ridiculous)

Sound check with Colin, Pat, and Mitch

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I needed to heed nature’s call. Even the bathrooms were spacious and well lit…. UNTIL the motion detector says YOU’VE BEEN IN HERE TOO LONG!!!!

At this moment every scene from Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and a few X-Files flash into mind. Behind the wooden door I yell, “HELLO?” (It’s me….) NOTHING. I threw a TP roll hoping to trigger LIGHTS ON! Again NOTHING. Then I braved the darkness, with light from cell phone, checking my six for machete wielding monsters. I lived to share this tale BUT BARELY!!!! (Eh HEM UM Moving on…)


So we had some great moments with David last night.

“So you’re not going to Australia?” David says.

I think I was guilt tripped into going to Australia. I already have tickets but have been contemplating airfare comfort and prices. But I left things with Gloria  (Duchovniac from Spain) becoming a pilot and flying us around via sea plane, island hopping to each concert. Because at the end of the day, isn’t Australia the world’s largest Island. SORRY Greenland.

Laurice on the other had was questioned about involvement in another certain fandom which shall remain nameless here SNEEZE (pledgies). But all in jest…. right?


We’ve posted so many concert videos in past so check out our youtube, twitter and instagram pages for more, but here are the main highlights.

NO DRUMS. This was a pseudo acoustic set. I was looking forward to a scaled down model of the folkish rock songs. Most were great, but this crowd and venue perhaps was the wrong time to take it down a notch. Vancouver often fell down piss drunk but did little singing and clapping along. Not sure RESERVED was the right word. Of course there was a GIANT DETOX CENTER around the corner, so maybe that explains it. Every time I tried to clap and supply the needed back beat on 2, again NOTHING. I still look forward to the acoustic videos and perhaps our private concert in April will be the better setting for this endeavor.

If anything these arrangements were not scaled down enough and the stage was perhaps too big for a coffee shop folk set. I love mithc but perhaps the right way to go would be more Just Colin and Pat on Guitar. Maybe get David playing some more. Not my call,  clearly. But again this stage was big enough, and at times it just felt like the drums were missing, without any consideration for instrument changes in the performance.

I did like the arrangement of UNSAID UNDONE. This has been the official angry song for past tours, with tempos and arrangement kicking it up a notch. If anything this felt more like HELL OR HIGHWATER the album again.

Cool new harmonies Unsaid Undone #hohw #unplugged Wth Pat, Colin, Mitch We miss you Sen M.

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LATELY IT’S ALWAYS DECEMBER was special. We don’t always get this one live. It’s a bit less of a party tune and a very tough grind on the guitar. In this case, the object of MY Man crush, Pat, took over acoustic guitar and really showed us how this song is supposed to sound. AMAZING! THIS song was born to be on acoustic sets.

Loved DECEMBER with Pat on guitar. #hohw

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Marble Son may be familiar to some as they posted a clip on PLEDGE MUSIC, I think. I really love this song.

MAYBE I CAN’T perhaps was the best song suited for this medium. Pat and Colin work so well together. The arrangement is so chill. This maybe the big heart felt love of the sophomore album. I get teh sense that Colin played acoustic because he knows the arrangement best and could hold it together, but I would so love to see this staging for other songs. Colin on Acoustic, leave Mitch on bass (Because he is simply perfect on the bass) and Pat can just keep rocking those lead guitar riffs.


After three times, it is not as funny. THANKS Pat for GREATEST HITS… moving on … lol
If you have no idea for which I refer, be thankful.


While a little TOO chill for my taste for a music concert, the crowd is super nice. I met a lot of Canadians, and a couple Chechs, and Floridians originally from Oxford (Too loud for my Mulder joke to land here). And of course spoke a long time to Ryan and Joe, more die hard male x-files friends, YEAH!


No one is incapable of doing no wrong. The most die hard unconditional love has its limits. However, this is not required for an artist that just keeps creating and loving life in the process. Thanks for all you do, David Duchovny. And it sounds like 2018 may be the busiest yet.  Australia/NZ tour, MISS SUBWAY – third novel released shortly after Every Third Thought, and the BUCKY DENT Movie… we’ve got your back for ever!!!


And if you have not seen this yet…




Unremarkable House, Duane Barry, Laughing Buddha, Alien Train

Unremarkable House, Duane Barry, Laughing Buddha, Alien Train – DAY THREE Duchovniacs Field Trip Vancouver edition…


Happy 10/13 Birthday to Chris Carter & Mulder

Today was a wild goose chase on some levels with some amazing pay offs around the outskirts of Vancouver and a few downtown. Of course we mostly stayed off Twitter today to support . Not sure if it did any good because I did not even look all day.

The day started with a drive east to the unremarkable house.

An unremarkable house #thexfiles

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We tried to find a way in but NO TRESPASSING signs and some intense fencing and moist swamps warded most of us away and snapping photos from afar.

An unremarkable photo o.o #thexfiles Mulder house to the right

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The whole gang is here #duchovniacs #thexfiles #LandOfDuchovnia #locations #mulderhouse

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I mostly stayed in the car, getting out just long enough to continue this stupid series LOL

An unremarkable selfie #thexfiles

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Two of us got a little closer

But apparently the TWO occupants don’t like unannounced visitors.

After a short coffee break we were off Riverview Hospital. Which we are renaming DUCHOVNIACS HEADQUARTERS. This place is great. You really feel the presence of something dirty, or perhaps demonic. Mostly just screaming for a wrecking ball, if not for the many TV/FILM crews filming.

New #duchovniacs headquarters #thexfiles

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#riverview #thexfiles #locations #vancouver #friends ❤️💯👽

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Scully: Cut the crap, Mulder! #xfilespilot #riverviewhospital #hdgoestoherxfmecca

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NEXT STOP – Lake Okobogee – Actually spelled Okoboji AKA Buntzen Lake

Image result for buntzen lake

Unfortunately the lake, in fact the entire park, was closed. Single tear from two mini vans with 13ppl combined. We all shared that same tear.

Image result for buntzen lake

The actual lake is called Buntzen Lake which is in Port Moody, just a few kilometers off David Ave. Starting to sense a pattern.

Scully: Cut the crap, Mulder! #xfilespilot #riverviewhospital #hdgoestoherxfmecca

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Image result for x files lake okobojiPicks above are google search images as there was just too many trees in the way, plus a hill and a long walk. We only risk prosecution for unremarkable spots.

So we get back on the road and headed to Grouse Mountain, where Duane Barry brought Scully and Mulder Almost fell off the Gondola.

Mulder at the base of #grouse

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This place is a must.

Fun times #grousemountain #thexfiles #vancouver #duchovniacs

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❤️ #grousemountain aka #skylinemountain #thexfiles #vancouver

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Up top on the peak there were bears.

No Scully here. Just #bears

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Sorry, here are the real bears.

Grizzly bears say hello #bear411

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They even put on a show. Although I am upset we missed Breakfast with the Grizzlys.

We.just missed the band @colin_c_lee but enjoyed the Grinder at play #bear411

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Did I mention there was snow up there. The bears are days away form Hibernation. I’m still days away from putting on long pants.

I want to ski

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So, while freezing, I drove the crew back to check out the venue for tomorrow night.

Too soon #duchovniacs

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At least this time camping out for a great spot, we will fit right in with all the locals sleeping on the streets nearby. (No pictures of homeless here, but this area is rough, and a bit depressed).

After dinner…


… where I got a kid’s meal boat and used as a ridiculous hat…

My meal was adult but I got the kids meal boat

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…we squeezed in a brief stop at the Laughing Statues.

We are Mulder Mulder is us #thexfiles #duchovniacs

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This is the newest X-Files must stop Vancouver spot.

david duchovny buddha

Pretty sunset too.

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And the best company…

We made him laugh

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Then it was off to the Ghost train.

Here is my view of the X-Files display.


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Unfortunately my light actually made it harder to film clearly due to extreme fog – which may or may not have been fake as we are not far form the mountains here in Stanley Park.

Spot on #impressions #thexfiles 😂#vancouver #scully #mulder #skinner 👽

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PS Reason the laugh on Skinner is due to this gem from earlier and the fact we are all very giggly tired.


Trust Karen and our reactions this is a must do thing in Vancouver this month. The production value was great. With 15 X-PHILES in tow, this was the week’s highlight so far.

Of course it was so cold no one saw my shirt today.

Ready for another day in Vancouver BUT is #vancouver ready for me #duchovniacs #hohw #thexfiles

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By the end of the day we were a caravan of three mini vans and SUVs with 16 PHILES / DUCHOVNIACS enjoying a very full day of THE X-FILES and VANCOUVER tourist stops. Guess what tomorrow is!

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Paper Clip, Red Museum, more DAY TWO Vancouver

Yesterday started out with waking up way too early. My phone alarm going off at 7am New York time. So we were startled at 4am. Not being a phone that works in Canada it did not automatically reset.

So I struggled to at least rest some more. The blurry photo reflects my reality at the time I suppose. Around 7am Vancouver time, I stumbled down to breakfast. The hotel has a decent spread of breads and pastries. Not quite the epic European trip Continental Breakfasts that spoiled us every morning but better than most American hotels.

Then I enjoyed the pool and hot tub for a bit, alternating warm water soaks with cool water laps. Quite nice!

Upon exciting the pool I joking with a nice couple not too much younger. I was a bit tired form a relatively rigorous swim and relaxed from a far more intense soak, I let them do the honors of using their key to enter back into the hotel.


That’s right I was now in the wrong hotel. This was the closest to the Twilight Zone I have ever entered. The pool and health club area is share with the neighboring Marriott.

To further paint the picture my big butt is wet wearing cheap gym shorts for a suit and flip flops, carrying my mini lap top. Totally dismayed, but I was more shocking to the families and business folks having breakfast which there included eggs, potatoes, meats and other stuff. I almost indulged. lol

“Excuse me, Miss,” asking breakfast attendants, “Do you have a key to the pool?”

NOPE! I had to walk down the steps, a bit slippery in wet flip flops, out into the cold rain thought one lobby and around to another. I thought the stares in the breakfast room were awkward, Canadians don’t know me yet on their streets. I shock folks that do know me daily. Well, I think the expect it so no one even scoffs anymore.

In the lobby the rest of the gang is there looking for me. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” was repeated a few times.

After a brief recap, similar to the one above, we stumbled in the rain to THE ELBOW ROOM where we were happy “TO GET OUR OWN FUCKING COFFEE”. Thanks for the recommendation, Mitch.

After breakfast and some proper rude wait service (On purpose for fun, Like Dick’s – the restaurant –  in the southeast USA), we rented a car and headed North. Except we didn’t.

Another fun #duchovniacs roadtrip

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We were actually trying to get to the hotel to make a quick stop but somehow the road construction forced us across a river to Mulder’s old apartment 42 at the Wellington.

Rare glimpse of Mulder's trash behind the Wellington lol

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Nice area of Vancouver. I could here even with out Mulder as a neighbor.

OK back to the drive north. Once we past some traffic downtown, we see nothing but beautiful bay, and majestic pine covered hills and cliffs for the one hour drive to Britannia Mine Museum (Paper Clip)

Love this place

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Jelly fish in the bay

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This place is gorgeous

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Still no Mulder in sight

Scully at the base of the mine @tkkarma does this better lol

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Nice bathrooms

@ditaasmoro I found Scully at the bathrooms too

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At the mine we were joined by some very special minor celebs

Mulder and Scilly back at the mines #thexfiles

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Panning for gold, we found a few flakes….. speaking of the gold of course.

We then drove 3 hours though downtown evening rush to ALMMOST Seatle to get some Red Museum BBQ.

Not #vegan

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Not bad but a bit more sweet than smokey. Better than expected from Southern Canuck BBQ

It was chilly but the snow is mostly fake for a Hallmark Movie film location shot. I was very cold because of exhaustion and being in and out of the rain.