How David Duchovny keeps bagging himself hit multi-year series

JUNE 16, 201612:52PM
Anna CaldwellNews Corp Australia Network

DAVID Duchovny signs up to TV shows not expecting them to get past the first season.

It’s not pessimism, he says — it’s reality.

But reality has never proved a barrier for the 55-year-old one time sci-fi star turned all around renaissance man.

The actor, known best for his multi-year stints on shows like The X-Files and Californication, is about to beat his first-season-flop fear again when his 1960s crime drama Aquarius makes a return for year two this month.

“If you look at my numbers, they just fly in the face of reality,” he says.
“I’ve done four shows and they’ve all gone multiple years and that just doesn’t ever happen.

“My tastes are not mainstream. Therefore I think if I’m attracted to something it will probably die a horrible lonely death.”

For season two of Aquarius, Duchovny returns as LAPD detective Sam Hodiak in the Charles Manson era.

“He’s trying to save the world that’s already been destroyed and I find that to be heroic in a doomed way which is the best kind of heroism in drama anyway,” Duchovny says.

It’s TV success stories like these, Duchovny says, that have allowed him to branch into other creative pursuits.

The dual Ivy league degree holder is getting rave reviews for his March-released novel Bucky f—— Dent, as is his moves to dabble in music with his 2015 debut album Hell or Highwater.

“Part of it is getting to a point in my life where I had enough success in one area,” he says when asked if he was transitioning to all around renaissance guy.

“I’d love to say I have the balls to try all these new things without a net but in many ways my net was my success as an actor. So I can’t claim the bravery that I want to.”

He says it’s “liberating to go out and be a beginner again”.

“I don’t want to say it keeps you young but it makes you feel this way that’s wide-eyed and curious and I think that informs everything once you start living life that way.”3780cabc24a2e6b51cab78c2a25ae4a0

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