EW: Hodiak gets a cryptic message in exclusive Aquarius clip

A medal of valor hasn’t made life any easier for David Duchovny’s Sam Hodiak.

In this exclusive clip from the two-hour season premiere of Aquarius, Hodiak showers as he flashes back to the events of last season’s finale, including his confession that he wanted one of the Theriot brothers to die. Now that Internal Affairs has a witness to the way their deaths really went down, he could be in trouble.

But at least one person in the city doesn’t share the I.A. officer’s sentiments: Hodiak finds an envelope above his locker addressed to the “#1 detective in LA!”

“Everybody’s doing the funny,” he groans.

Cutler (Chance Kelly) chalks up the unmarked photo inside to fan mail, but could it mean something more? Check out the clip below.

Aquarius returns Thursday, June 16 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC


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