‘Aquarius’ season 2: Premiere date speculation and more for David Duchovny series

By CarterMatt
August 23, 2015
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Tonight, NBC ended the first season of “Aquarius” with an intense finale, but there is a story with this series right now away from the cameras that is almost as interesting as the one happening within.

Many weeks ago, the network decided to renew the period series starring David Duchovny for a second season. At the time, we wondered if part of the reason for this was the network’s satisfaction with their streaming-the-entire-season-at-once play that they busted out. What we’ve now learned is that the network isn’t even planning to do this again, and the show’s ratings are not exactly great on Saturday nights.

While we are surprised that there is more of the show coming, we’re happy. You never want to see quality go away, and this guarantees that it won’t seemingly. Of course, we do wonder how NBC is going to air something that lost a lot of its commercial steam across season 1.

What’s our ultimate suggestion? Get it on the air again in the summer, and then put it on after a show that is a little more established like an “I Can Do That” or “American Ninja Warrior.” You’ve made the investment in the show, and the best thing that you can really do for it at this point is find a way to get it some better numbers and an opportunity for new people to discover it. That’s not happening on Saturdays during the summer.


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  1. Yup! Saturday evenings are not exactly conducive to TV show viewing.Its family Nite on Saturdays.Not everyone will compromise on their socializing to watch TV shows😜

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