AQUARIUS Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: It’s All Emma’s Fault

AQUARIUS Season 2 Episode 1 Recap. There are crazies. There are deranged jerks. There are maniacal killers, manipulators, rapists, politicians etc etc etc. There are total morons that blindly follow and eat up everything those arrogant and crazy folks dish out and do.

Then there is Emma. Seriously, Emma Karn (Not actress Emma Dumont who brilliantly portrays the young confused lady) represents what’s really wrong with this world. She watches in horror but then turns around and swallows the kool aide, and then – worse – gets others to drink from the poisoned punch bowl. THEN gets pregnant by Satan himself…


AQUARIUS Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

by Walt Frasier follow on twitter @waltfrasier

Emma follows Satan and becomes a promotional arm for the cause for lack of other ideas for a future. Charlie (Gethin Anthonyis a sick f-ck, but still somehow sounds more rational than Mom and Dad. As a result, pregnant Emma is ring side for Helter Skelter as we see a glimpse of what is to become of the Manson family.

While enjoying a hot shower, Hodiak recaps the past events leading to his IA investigation. During his daily tit for tat with Cutler, he discovers an envelope. Cutler assumes the sexy gal pic is a fan outreach. “Me Likey”. Shafe interupts with updates about Charmain.

SHAFE: “What do we do?” HODIAK “It’s called police work.”

INTERESTING SIDE NOTE:  One of Cleopatra’s attendants in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra was named Charmian.   The English version of Charmaine means Song.

I fell like there are many moments in this series where we see the young with all the answers until the old farts show us the way. Brian Shafe is freaking out over Charmain’s  disappearance. Hodiak has the wisdom to be methodical.

So at some point during the gun wrestling of Season 12, Ken has passed out and Hal has disappeared. There were two shots. Ken seems to be fine. OH THERE HE IS. Hal is barely pulling himself away to the cliff. This whole scene would be a buzz kill to Hank Moody future visits to romantic cliff views if he knew about all this horror. lol As Ken gets keen to Hal’s path, Hal tumbles down in front of an on coming car.

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We find Charmain trying to justify Sugar Clam’s existence to Roy. Ted’s funeral story not working.

Emma finds Charlie freaking out as an old college roommate… I mean prison cellmate drops by for a visit. Charlie tells Emma to drop the knife and get his old “friend” some food. If Emma just once listened to the screaming inner voice, NONE of this would ever happen.

Charmain gladly takes the mood enhancing drug. Like a great writer, she is inspired to spin a tale about Brian. “I let him ball me, keeps him house broken…” HILARIOUS!!!

Maybe Emma’s silence is not all bad. Sadie makes the mistake of speaking up to new friend. Charlie is paralyzed by fear. Brian saves the day by getting “serious” when all the friends wants to do is “horse around”.

We hear flashes of Vietnam news when Sam gets call of a biker bar raid. Sam goes to get some answers.

HODIAK “I’m in no mood for a short man, not tonight.”

We all get so horrified over a little torture. But I just love seeing Hodiak threaten violence against Thor – and beat via Sargent.  Buttering up with compliments did not work.

“I like you, Sam, but one thing you are not is a nice guy. Not even a little.”

But he does make a perfect omelet, so he is a hit with ladies at breakfast time at least.

Two great moments – Ken calling Grace to say his regrets their raising of Emma AND chosing not to blow brains finding out about Hal’s ominous future – were bridged by a very strange transition that still irks me after the third viewing. So Grace came home in between?  Maybe picking up the phone at two different men’s homes is why the female Aquarius fans don’t like Grace. Or just the rhythm of two consecutive mini scenes starting with a Grace answering a phone ring. Typical TV – interesting acting/writing moments awkwardly strung together.

Hodiak finds Roy. And then Charmain finds him. A quick head shakes denies sex with Roy. “Yeah, she is just what you need.” UH-Oh.

“Otter” for a new Nickname?  Hodiak’s response would say no, “Tough to pronounce without teeth but give it a whirl.” Great line, I mean, try it…

Discussing Charmain’s future, Shafe and Hodiak, are interrupted by fellow cop comedians and another envelope. This time with the pin up girl dead. “My gags are funny” Cutler finally gets serious.

Assuring Emma, Charlie justifies bowing down to Ralph because of how things were on the inside (Prison). Ralph is trying to manipulate Charlie to take him in under his wing.

Sam and Brian finally get Charmain aside at the diner to discuss the situation. Sam laughs when Charmain threw Brian’s manhood under the bus.

“That’s you cover?” Brian is a little upset.

Hodiak is moving on ‘I think if you are lucky she will let you stay” before getting a lead on his new case previously dropped on the desk.

He interviews Tina’s mom. Asking if Tina is left handed, mom says no. Saying it looks like a man wrote the note.

Ken is at the hospital checking in on Hal, when Grace leaves in disgust, thinking Hal is once again lying about cheating.

Hodiak is following up a lead on Tina’s life when IA jumps in. Hodiak performs some great pantomime as Ron lists his past transgressions. Sam seems like a :”long, loud fall” type.

SIDEBAR: Watching ONDEMAND – Kindergarten Cop 2? WITH DOLPH? WTF??? I think this will give me a tumor.

Roy has to much invested into Guapo to save Charlie from Ralph. Brian looks awkwardly at Roy and Charmain. Rot sets Brian straight. Everyone wants to meet and trust each other. Charlie meanwhile plays with rocks. “I SHAPE THE ROCK” (And these are the days of our lives…)

Ken gets the great news that Hal is going to live.

Hodiak gets to meet the cop ratting on him to IA.

And after all of that Grace says “You will not believe the day I had.”

Charmain warns Brian.

Sadie got Thor to get them some weapons.

Brian and Hodiak find Guapo. “Shooter is US Military”

Ralph is looking for Charlie. CUT TO Charlie 1969 “HELTER SKELTER”

OMG That 42 minutes packed a lot and a punch. The first two times I watched all three eps as one movie. I was not sure where one part stopped and the next one finished.  Watching JUST episode one this morning to get through this recap was exhausting.

I will try to get the other two recaps done before Thursday. Only on set one day this week. Live tweet with us via @duchovniacs

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