AQUARIUS on NBC s2e4 “Revolution 1” (Recap)

AQUARIUS on NBC s2e4 Revolution 1 recap and review


AUGUST 10 1969  – 12:12am He looks less like a hippie now, but Brian Shafe is more messed up than ever. Clean shaven Shafe finds his charm necklace at the crime scene before shooting up some Heroin.

CUT TO 16 month earlier – (Damages Style), The Brian we all know and love is very concerned for Charmain when Hodiak yells, ‘THEY DID IT’ Martin Luther King has been shot.


CUT TO Black Panthers Headquarters. Is that Mrs. Shafe with Bunchy? HOLDING HANDS?

CUT TO Charlie watching Dennis kiss Emma. “Die, Die, Die” “He’s praying!” Charlie’s family not the swiftest.

Never Say Never to Always - Video - Aquarius - NBC.clipular

More happens in this show before the title slate than most shows in an full hour!aquariousdavidduchovny

“I need your office. I don’t need you.”  Commissioner has little respect for Cutler.

Hodiak and Shafe are on Black Panther Duty. Hodiak has past relations, while Shafe’s wife is more current. Yeah, this will end well.


Hodiak, already upset about news that Waaaaaaaaalt is in solitary and unreachable due to his beating up a Latina inmate and being trans-gendered. Oh wait, that later part was #OITNB, which I watched earlier same evening.

On the way to the Panthers, Hodiak catches a case. A black woman is murdered, with a white suspect and Hodiak is Mr. Sensitivity, so of course he is the right call.

Meanwhile Charmain continues to work Roy, via shoulder massage. Charmain reveals she is an army brat. Roy recalls a different story of her daddy. Charmain reconciles stories. Roy bites.  “I like my men dumb.” Don’t we all.

Brian rolls up on Panther headquarters. Bunchy is not happy to find out Kristen’s white husband is also a cop. Race riot almost becomes a domestic dispute situation.

Charmain meets the big boss while revealing who has the brains in that couple. Roy does prove to be a great burger gofer, “All the way.”

Shafe fails to get the Panthers on board. Shafe leaves alone. Wait, who is with the daughter now?

Charmain gets up close and personally violated by the kingpin before Roy returns with lunch.

Emma and Dennis look scared while Charlie is celebrating the rioting due to the MLK assassination. Sadie just wants to get high with Tex. Everyone leaves as Charlie makes it so hard to hear the TV.

Hodiak learns a new word while LA starts to boil. “I knew right away” this guy is so guilty as we learn his dead cousin (Ms. Burnside – NOT MAME, apparently) is not really his cousin.

non-consanguineous – (Adjective) Non (not) Consanguinity (“con- (with/together) sanguine (blood) -ity (noun marker)”) refers to the property of being from the same lineage as another person. In that respect, consanguinity is the quality of being descended from the same ancestor as another person.

The commissioner calls Hodiak at home to put the pressure on to solve the murder and calm the Panthers.

“I like your outfit” regarding Hodiak’s topless nature, Opal shares the opinion of many female fans, and a few male ones too, before breaking down. “No one is holding him.” She knows Walt is in the army now, right?

The commissioner spends a lot of time on the phone getting real cops to do his dirty work. This time with Shafe. “Tell your wife she can save lives.” Kristen is not having it and kicks Shafe out.. “I’m not your N-, I’m your wife. The mother of your child”,  OK Brian, you can take the couch.


SNYDER! Racial are terms tough, even as a period piece. N words, SHF word (Jewish/Yiddish version of N Word), Hodiak endures his schmeckle thinking…

The schmeckle is a form of currency in some dimensions. It is encountered for the first time in the Thirsty Step in the episode Meeseeks and Destroy. Rick and Morty’s waitress says to other patrons that her boob job cost 25 schmeckles

OOPS, wrong SCHMECKLE –  Yiddish term for penis (URBAN DICTIONARY)

“NAKED WE ARRIVE, NAKED WE SURVIVE” – Charlie gets the team ready to flee for the desert. “CLEANSE THE WORLD SO THE FAMILY CAN REMAKE THE WORLD” Dennis is clearly beginning to feel uncomfortable with Emma’s devotion to Charlie.


Hodiak learns Ms. Burnside was 3 months pregnant before he finds baby Snyder. Apparently the projects are a tough place to hide, especially for a young white schmeckle. Hodiak fails to get the truth, but young Burnside cracks under his mother’s torture.

Brian fails but Kristen finally gets Bunchy to help calm the city, and escorting the murderer out of the building. Bunchy has a condition. Bunchy gets the city’s first MLK day-off.

Forty-five years ago last week, two young members of the Black Panther Party, Alprentice “Bunchy” Carter and John Huggins, were slain on the campus of UCLA. Students at the time, Carter and Huggins were shot during a meeting about the formation of a black studies department. The killings at Campbell Hall appeared to be a flashpoint in a supposed power struggle between the Panthers and the Maulana “Ron” Karenga-led group, Us. The FBI, under J. Edgar Hoover, however, was keen to exploit and heighten tensions between the groups before the incident.

Charlie hates that the city does not explode. Emma talks him off the cliff before taking anger out on Tex. His dreams of a musical career are still enough to take Charlie’s mind off the crazy.

Charmain brings Brian to meet the kingpin.

Walt gets charged with mutiny for leading a prison riot.

Kingpin gets Brian to taste the product. Rabbit hole presented. I don’t think that’s a bike he is riding down.

Boy, this show bounces around.

Hopped-up Brian and Charmain discuss Roy’s future. Cutler interrupts with more ignorance. Charmain does not like Hodiak’s plan to let Roy fall and become a casualty so he can save Walt.

“You own me commissioner. I will collect.” While Richard Tendaji is not a real character, he appears to represent Maulana “Ron” Karenga. (See above aside)

The foreshadowing is heightened as we see Charlie and Dennis protest marching.

Wells does not believe Charmain is really a cop. “You bitch. I’m going to kill you.” Roy doesn’t appreciate all that Charmain has done to save his life.

AUGUST 10 1969 12:17am – Covered in blood, Shafe calls Hodiak.


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Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey


San Francisco Sunday Examiner & Chronicle
August 10, 1969 – front page


LEFT–Sharon Tate, 27, beautiful blonde actress and wife of Roman Polanski, movie director.

ABOVE–Jay Sebring, 35, Miss Tate’s former fiance, who made a fortune styling hair for men.

RIGHT–Abigail Folger, 26, of Woodside, daughter of Peter Folger, chairman of the family coffee firm.

 Actress, Bay Heiress, Three Others Slain
  Examiner News Service


     LOS ANGELES–A Hollywood actress, an internationally known male hair stylist and an heiress to a San Francisco coffee fortune were found slain along with two other men yesterday in what one policeman described as a “ritualistic” killing.
The scene was a $200,000, tomato-red home in fashionable Bel Air, rented by the actress’ husband, director Roman Polanski, whose suspenseful and macabre films include “Rosemary’s Baby.”
A 19 year-old, bare-chested caretaker was arrested in a guest cottage at the mansion and charged with five counts of murder.
Police identified four of the five victims as:

    •     Sharon Tate, 27, a pregnant honey-blonde actress who played sexy parts in movies, including “Valley of the Dolls,” and slapstick comedy on television’s “Beverly Hillbillies.” Hollywood gossip had it that Miss Tate and Polanski had split up. He is in London, negotiating to film a movie.
    •     Jay Sebring, 35, Miss Tate’s former boyfriend and operator of hair stylist salons in Hollywood, San Francisco, New York and London.
    •     Abigail Folger, 26, a business associate of Sebring and a member of the Folger Coffee Co. family of San Francisco. Miss Folger was the daughter of Peter Folger of Woodside, chairman of Folger Coffee, and Mrs. Ines Meija Folger of San Francisco.
    •     A man identified as Voityck Frykowski, 37, who police said was a friend of Polanski. A housemaid said Frykowski was a writer and photographer.

    The fifth victim was an unidentified man.

No Resistance
    The arrested youth was named by police as William Garretson. Officers said he apparently had just awakened when they seized him and was wearing no shirt. He offered no resistance.
Investigators said the victims were slain 12 hours before their bodies were discovered by a maid, who ran screaming to neighbors.
The neighbors called police.
Officers said the killings appeared methodic and ritualistic because one victim had a hood over his head and two were tied together by a white nylon rope
Miss Tate was discovered with one end of the rope around her neck. She was dressed in a bikini nightgown – bra and panties – her favorite costume around the house.
The rope was looped around Sebring’s neck and pulled across a ceiling beam in the living room.
“It seemed kind of ritualistic,” said an investigating officer.
“It didn’t appear as if the two connected to the rope had been hanged because there was blood on them,” said Lt. James Shannon.
Investigators said all five victims appeared to have been shot.

“Ample Blood”
    The word “pig” was scrawled on the front door in what appeared to be blood. Officers said the writer may have used his hand or a rag. “There was ample blood around,” a policeman said.
Sgt. Stanley Klorman said there were signs of a struggle in a large room and in a guest room.
“It looked like a battlefield up there,” said Sgt. Lorman.
Miss Tate and Sebring were found in the living room, two others – including Miss Folger – were discovered on the lawn, and the fifth victim was in a car. It appeared that he was about to drive away when he was slain.
Telephones and electricity were cut off, police said.
“In all my years, I have never seen anything like this before,” said officer Lorman. All of the beds, including those in the guest house, appeared to have been used. But there was no indication of robbery, unless they were very selective.”
In an interview three years ago, Miss Tate said of Sebring:
“Before Roman, I guess I was in love with Jay. But the truth is I was no good for Jay. I’m not organized. I’m too flighty. Jay needs a wife. And at 23, I’m not ready for wifehood. I still have to live, and Roman is trying to show me how.”
Police said the maid, Winifred Chapman, discovered the killings when she came to work at 9 a.m. “She ran screaming to a neighbor, who called police,” and officer said.
The first call arrived minutes later at the downtown Los Angeles Police Department. The caller told Officer Robert Fishel:
“You better get a police car over here right away. There’s a man lying on the front lawn and blood all over the place. It looks like a bad one.”
Investigators arrived to find the five bodies, the two women dressed in lingerie nightgowns and the three men “in hippie-type clothes,” said an officer.

Beautiful Blonde
    An officer of the Los Angeles Animal Control Bureau went into the home and left soon with a Yorkshire terrier, two poodles, a Dalmatian, a Wiemaraner and a tiny kitten.
The death scene was off a canyon in a hilly region between Beverly Hills and the San Fernando Valley northwest of downtown Los Angeles–an area where many Hollywood actors and entertainers live.
Miss Tate, a beautiful blonde who had parts in “The Americanization of Emily” and “The Sandpipers,” also starred in the television comedy “Petticoat Junction.”
She liked to refer to herself as “sexy little me.”
At the age of six months, she was chosen “Miss Tiny Tot” of Dallas, Tex. At age 16, she was Miss Richland, Wash. She got it parts in the movies by the time she was 18.
Her movie and television roles included comedy, sexy parts–and even the morbid. One of her first roles was in “The Dance of the Vampires”–and had her bathing nude in a bathtub.

S.F. Heiress
    She also did television commercials for automobiles and cigars.
Sebring, the noted hair stylist whose salons drew the famous, opened a new operation in San Francisco last May. Husband-wife acting team Paul Newman and Joan Woodward were among those attending his champagne celebration in the financial district. Miss Folger was one of Sebring’s business associates.
Miss Folger, accustomed to high-society living, attended Santa Catalina School for Women near Carmel, and was graduated from Radcliffe.
Her father said yesterday his daughter had become active in social welfare causes around Los Angeles about six months ago and “more or less commuted” between here and the family home near San Francisco.
“She always has led a clean life,” he said.
The other victim identified by police, Voyteck Frykowski, was a Polish friend of film director Polanski officers reported. He was associated with Polanski in the director’s first film, “Knife in the Water,” police said.


ABOVE–Houseboy William Garretson booked by police

LEFT–Rear of Polanski home–scene of murders







AQUARIUS on NBC s2e4 Revolution 1

Director: Timothy Busfield

Writers: John McNamara (created by), Rafael Yglesias



David Duchovny Sam Hodiak
Emma Dumont Emma Karn
Grey Damon Brian Shafe
Gethin Anthony Charles Manson
Claire Holt Charmain Tully
Whitney Rose Pynn Minnie
Chance Kelly Detective Ed Cutler
David Meunier Roy Kovic
Milauna Jackson Kristin Shafe
Michaela McManus Grace Karn
Brían F. O’Byrne Ken Karn
Ambyr Childers Sadie
Jodi Harris Opal
Chris Sheffield Walt Hodiak
Spencer Garrett Hal Banyin
Abraham Amkpa Richard Tendaji
Leonel Claude Black Panther Member
Andy Favreau Dennis Wilson
Maria Howell Clarissa Burnside
Aaron Jennings Jimmy Cartwright
Doug Simpson Coroner Spring
Cameron Deane Stewart Tex Watson
Craig Tate John Huggins
Denyse Walls Louisa Burnside
Dan Warner Detective Art Lyons
Gentry White Steve Burnside
Derek Wilson Captain Welles

On the day of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination, Hodiak must investigate a murder in a black neighborhood while trying to prevent an imminent riot. In the midst of the crisis in the black community, Kristin’s involvement with the Black Panthers drives a wedge between her and Shafe’s marriage. Meanwhile, Charmain brings the drug case to a close and discovers the full cost of undercover work.



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