Aquarius: NBC Doesn’t Regret Season Two Renewal

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Though the traditional ratings for Aquarius have been anything but stellar, NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt doesn’t regret renewing the drama for a second season.

At the Television Critics Association press tour, he said, “I’m never going to apologize for renewing a show I think is creatively strong for a second season.”

Greenblatt thinks the decision to release the whole season online was a good one. He noted, “We’re obviously in a changing world. We’re looking every day for what are the ways that we can really respond to the way that the audience wants to watch television. We all know that the binge-watching is a thing and people demand it. And so we thought, well, maybe we could do that with this show and see what happens. The upside of what happened is that people automatically thought better of the network. We did some early research and people were more favorably disposed to NBC for having a show that could be binged than they otherwise would be.”

He said that, surprisingly, only 6% of the show’s audience came from online viewing. The vast majority of people watched the series via traditional means.

Greenblatt was doubtful however that the second season would be released online all at once — in part because the season won’t be finished in time.

What do you think? Did you binge-watch Aquarius? Do you think that it should have been renewed for a second season?

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