Aquarius Episode 2 in Review – SPOILER ALERT


OK So I watched this a couple times now. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

So to anyone that says THIS SHOW IS FLUFFY after the pilot… I offer you the first 3 minutes of Episode 2 (First two episode listed online as 1 double pilot)

Hodiak sneaks in to ex-wife’s pad to find Walt. He is surprised by his partner EX-PARTNER? – sleeping with his wife.


“HANDS HIGH JERK OFF!” declares Culter (Chance Kelly)



Ex Partner and Ex Wife together for “FIVE MONTHS”





“Did he ever tell you about the time he hit me? … Wife beater. That’s your partner that’s too good for you” retorts exwife (Jodi Harris as Opal)



Never Say Never to Always - Video - Aquarius - NBC.clipular



“I only came for the money” Ken
” You’re both here” Charlie


….at this point we are just 4:11 into online steam of episode… BALLS DEEP!!!

“You want to be somebody else so bad why not be me… but give me that $1000 first” Charlie

Then Emma sees her dad peel off away form hippie gang bang…

ALL THIS before the first commercial break.

We dive deeper into the world of 1967… Politics, Drugs, Racism, Female cops relegated to making coffee and frisking female perps… OH and Sam (David Duchovny) in Tank top strumming guitar for all the Duchovniacs of the world…

The diner owner/cook that Shafe and Hodiak shook down last episode is now dead. Cutler thinks he found his man – Mike the snitch (Jason Ralph).

Brian (Grey Damon) and Charmain (Claire Holt) go find Charlie (Gethin Anthony) and Emma (Emma Dumont). But when Hodiak and Grace (Michaela McManus) return later Charlie’s family is off recording an album.

Clair Holt howls like a Werewolf from Originals LOL… Charlie approves… I suppose all trips are the same…

Powerful moment when Charmain basically says she wants to be a real cop – not a coffee maker for the guys. She shows she is willing to do what it takes…

“I’m serious about being a cop. Being a great cop – as serious as you are… OK?”

Tensions rise between Sam and Opal as they deal with Walt’s disappearance and AWOL status. Cutter’s information is of little comfort.

The episode ends with an emotional heart strings tug as Charlie plays recording, with Emma’s voice distinctly heard by Ken and Grace…


Aquarius has great drama, light comedy and tons of funny quotes good enough for a Scorsese marathon.

“You talking to me?” TAXI DRIVER

“Am I a clown to you?” GOODFELLAS

“What are you going to do with that thing, pistol whip a midget?” AQUARIUS




Never Say Never to Always

S1, Ep3
4 Jun. 2015

Never Say Never to Always

Shafe’s snitch, Mike, becomes the prime suspect when a drug dealer is murdered.

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