Welcome to Duchovniacs.Com! Who/What are Duchovniacs? Well, I am guessing if you are hear YOU are a Duchovniac. We invite all to join us at events and follow with us online as we celebrate the works of David Duchovny. Please refrain from discussing any gossip about the artists or other fans. This is a place all about having fun, but NEVER at anyone else’s expense. There are plenty of paparazzi sites and blogs that do nothing BUT gossip and spread lies. All we do is have fun and do our best to help others join us in that fun.

The original website, recently hacked, was created May 14, 2015, two days after the May 12 concert at the Cutting Room – you know the one with the famous kiss.

While most of the internet was going crazy about the brief, most sincere moment between friends, we were focused on a different set of friends. For the past ten years a growing group of friends had met before events in New York – Break of Noon Off Broadway, Various talk backs, Book signings and Comic Con events.

On May 12 12 of us met for lunch, got in line early for great seats, hung out all day, and had a few more drinks after the show. That morning many were invited inside at the Today Show appearance. Many of those fans were invited backstage at the Cutting Room.

For me (Walter here) I saw a story of fans becoming friends – people from all walks of life and geographic regions  bonded by a single thread but growing into something much more.

Supported by internet, mostly twitter, these fans have grown into friends that get together beyond events.

I cannot take credit for the name. SASS/SILLYGOOSE has that distinction. That name played in my head. The story was one that needed to be told.

We never set out to be a traditional fan site. However, I did put a lot of time into making the site look like something, adding info about David’s various shows, films etc.

Next thing you know we are in Chicago watching two more concerts. A few weeks later in Pittsburgh. Each time meeting up with our friends that could travel and meeting new friends.

David first took notice was in Chicago. At Joe’s Saturday night before I stepped on his foot after the show at the first VIP session. Joe’s $2 fireball and $3 Rail drinks made a lot of cold less then prepared to meet David.

The next night at Bub’s, I was the first to wear the Milk Carton T-Shirt with David’s 10yo photo. David started talking to me from stage. Twice. I am sure I stood out with this shirt and a pitcher of beer. Someone took out glasses. Both times I was distracted. I heard another Duchovniac say – “Walter, he’s talking to you”.

But it was Pittsburgh that changed all. In line for VIP I had a gift bag and card for Laurice. It was her birthday that night. I pretended to have a gift for David. I bought a small stuffed Cow with Pennsylvania logo. As I stepped up, he said – “You’re Walter, right? I really liked your review of the album.” Oh my I was brutally honest in that interview – both about my love for the music and David’s singing. That night, David crouched down and sang a verse for Laurice “Happy Birthday!”.

Next thing you know we are doing the three day tour – Washington DC, New York and Philadelphia. In DC I was invited on stage to sing with David. I almost killed Colin trying to help me on stage. Nathan saved the day.

With this tour we started growing. We started hanging out with many new friends from Europe, only known via twitter previously.

FOX PR department invited us to LA for the X-Files Season 10 premier.

Soon after we were in Europe, sharing an RV with folks we had never met in some cases. At every stop meeting dozens of amazing people.

At the 92Y Book signing for Bucky Dent over 25 ppl joined us for Drinks before the event.

For the 2017 US tour we drove around the duchovniacs mini bus with 12 fans and met many more at each stop. Highlight was seeing 11 jump out and run for a group selfie at the FBI building on way between Alexandria VA and Baltimore MD shows.

In 2018 we hosted our own private concert for 50 die hard fans.

The past 3 years have been an amazing ride. One may say we have put too much time into this but no regrets. As long as we have fun we will be there. And now, when Laurice and I cannot be there we have an amazing network of friends collecting videos and photos of events.

We thank all of the fans, those we call friends and others, for making this such a fun experience. We do not work for David. This is not a money maker. We do all of this out of love. We simply share what we see and do. We never post paparazzi invasions of the artists’ private life, nor participate in lies about celebs, their families, other fans etc.

As in our Improv shows & classes we abide by one rule and beg ALL do the same…


See you at the next event!

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