By Walt Frasier

Well… I have been to a number of live events in recent years…

David Duchovny Off Broadway (how many times???)
David Duchovny Speaks at SVA
David Duchovny Book Signing HOLY COW?!?
David Duchovny on the Today Show
David Duchovny LIVE at the Cutting Room

And before / after these events are a growing number of fans – from all walks of life and all over the globe (This is international) – gathering for food, drinks and discussion. What started as a common thread – WE LOVE DAVID – is now a bond of life long friends.

So we welcome all fans to come, comment, share and join us..

We started Duchovniacs.com to keep up with all of David’s artistic endeavors, live events and other projects/tv appearances. The website it dedicated to following his work as an actor, musician, writer, director, etc.

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  1. I’m a late-ish bloomer to David’s events. Fan since 1993 but met him for the first time at SDCC in 2013. Then NYCC 2013, SVA Talk, B&N Book Signing, Candle Cafe Book Signing, and finally The Cutting Room. Favorites are definitely Candle Cafe event and concert at The Cutting Room. That concert was SO FUN!!

  2. Oh I forgot meeting David at House of D screening at Lincoln Center Theaters and then saw the movie (a 5th time?) at Tribeca Film festival where my wife and I sat right in front of the podium as Robin Williams spoke, waving to Christopher Reeves (Powerful night in my memory now). Share your experiences at events below…

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