UTRECHT: Colin Opens, Pat gets lifted, David Duchovny Rocks

FIRST OF ALL – if you are planning a trip to Europe, or are living on the continent and need a new destination, Utrecht is for you. What a great town. A suburb of Amsterdam, I suppose, Utrecht is like leaving New York to go to Newark NJ BUT getting off train to find an even better more cultured center than the prime city.

You exit Utrecht train to one of the nicest stations. It is packed with stores and coffee shops but the modern commercialism is somehow more welcoming. It’s cleaner and with far warmer service staff.

You leave the station to find the nicest mall EVER. Plus a canal that I liked better than Amsterdam, with pubs and shops right on the water.

Then you get to the venue. Beautiful space only outdone by the staff at the box office, security, coat check and bar. We arrived in the worst mood after a terrible travel day and these people SAVED all.

Yeah that happened LOL. Unsaid Undone? Well let it be said that it was done….




The Duchovny LET IT SLIDE

David drops all to be with his fans


Colin Lee – the musical anchor and producer of David’s music and band opened the show with his own originals





David Duchovny gives Berlin Germany Second Encore Performance #ETT #davidduchovny

by Maja

I was so tired I enjoyed most of this show from the WAY BACK. The show was similar to Poland and Vienna. Open with Spiral. Rock out a bit.

Leave stage. I mean really…

Then come back with just Colin to kill the scaled down version of Let It Rain…. Typical 3-5 song Encore. Band takes a bow…. GOOD NIGHT BERLIN


You have to give it to the crowd in Berlin… The begged hard for more. David responded. Video above is most of their cover of SWEET JANE.

It just goes to show, the more love you give, the more you get.

I did not think one could top Vienna, but this was cool.

Sadly MANY had left. They thought as I that all was done.

But as a result, I was able to climb into a closer perch to get the video. Yeah me?

THIS is how you get David, or any celeb, to come back to your town.



David/Colin made me cry last night – Vienna Austria

This will be my LAST FIRST TIME writing a blog post about an individual concert. Last night was the most special show since 2015 Cutting Room, for so many reasons – even thought there were no socks at Merchandise table.

by Maja 

The night started waiting outside in FREEZING cold, even by Slovenia winter standards, I mean really.

We got pictures with David. We were joking about the lame security at the show in Budapest. It was like Footloose on Monday. Every time someone stood up to dance, security said no.

So we were ready to party last night!

The show started with Lee Macdougal, a British guitar singer songwriter travelling Germany and Austria.

Lee is a wonderful cross of blues man and pop singer that anyone can love. After a series of original songs and cute stories… his extended mash up of rap lyrics cover, starting with Fresh Prince of Bel Air, included a number of lyrics in German.

Then after a small break, David came out with just Mitch. OMG they are starting with Spiral?!?!?

This was the perfect way to start a show. The song actually written by the band – mostly Colin and Pat – starts very exposed with a simple series of rhythmic guitar chords – with Mitch on guitar. Mitch is usually the bassist.

David starts singing verse one while the crowd is still going crazy welcoming him to stage.

Next Pat lays down some lilting hypertonics while Keenan creates some atmospheric sounds tuning his acoustic guitar. David breaks into Verse two.

Music slowly builds layers and intensity until David smacks down a drum fill setting tempo for a power ballad rock out. This continues to build until everything drops out to Pat playing those eerie repeating three notes in repetition until totally faded out…


And… David was in his best voice. Right away you knew this was going to be a great night…


The night had a series of amazing moments. The new arrangement of Roman Coin, which also starts out more subdued now, working up to the version on the album for the final verse and vamp.

Even Stranger in the Sacred Heart has a new moment with Pat playing.

We need to stop a moment and share how amazing Pat was last night. Pat is the most chill person off stage of all time, and some how is the most amazing guitarist on stage ever while staying chill – like a real jazz cat, always in the pocket while delivering the perfect improvised melodic genius. LAST NIGHT, Pat let himself party a bit, stepping out form his microphone assigned space, stepping to lip of the stage and putting on his best ROCK FACE – the crowd responded in lively cheers.

Did I mention I cannot talk this morning…. I rocked too hard myself last night.

We even got a new song….


So all this added up to an amazing set.
David and the Band leave stage.
We lead the chant




Then we see a familiar face in the door way….


We are in such trouble….

Then David comes out with just Colin walking to his keyboards.

WHAT IS THIS? Seriously I cannot for a moment (in that moment) imagine what this could be…

Colin starts playing…. OH SH!T…. EFF YEAH!!!!

Deconstructed LET IT RAIN….

I started to tear up.. Colin’s piano arrangement was so perfect. Then, just like the show opener – Spiral – David delivers some his best vocals EVER! Seriously it was pure perfection.

I was trying to sing along but got a little choked up. No words were even forming on the lips.

Colin and David were simply perfect!

This was followed by 3 more songs.

It was extra special when Brad come out to pat Pat on the back. Backstage team was just as moved as we were last night by his performance.

THANK YOU to the entire team on and off stage for making last night so AMAZING!!!!  Thank you David for doing all this for your fans!!!

If you have not seen David live…. this is not about going to see Mulder or Hank in the flesh. This is a great musical party. Prepare to rock!!!!

The Thing About Cons

After driving 4 hours, one leg returning home from Spooky Empire, I have been dying to get this blog out of my head. It has had many iterations. Here goes…

A Comic Con is like a dysfunctional family reunion. Everyone there thinks they are the normal one. Everyone else is crazy.

A Comic Con is like a DMV. You forever suffer torture at hands of those hired to help your experience in line for that thing you really wanted since you were 13 then run out to show the whole world, gleefully complaining about experience.

A Comic Con is like a summer block buster movie. If you go in with low expectations, mediocrity seems great.

A Comic Con is like a Church. A place of worship run and attended by naturally imperfectly flawed human beings being judged by ignorance from the outside.

Good People Do Shitty Things

While there are a few outright aholes, most bad experiences at cons are caused by brief moments.

Most times the “offending” party has no clue they offended. They were tired. They got impatient. They were so hyper focused on their agenda they did not realize they neglected everyone else, cut in line, stole your moment etc etc etc

The most giving person, under extreme stress, will go into fight or flight mode. As their best friend always at their side, we are there for the good, bad ans ugly. Somwtimes that means our head getting bit.

There are far too many fandom stories of former friends that now hate each other.

Most people suck at spacial awareness. I have seen someone bump Into things all day then snap at the first person that bumps them. Across of Spooky Empire XFest table was a 7 foot Frankenstein foam rubber or similar material statue. I watched a dozen nearly knock it over in just 5 minutes. Cons are crowded.  Breathe. Chill.

Everyone gets tired. I personally have at least one break down per con. When someone snaps it may not be you. I am eternally grateful for my xfiles family that has put up with my best AND worst times.

Volunteers are under paid and under trained. They are there to help but most often less able to help than supposedly paid/trained customer service reps at the phone/cable company.

Getting stupid gets you no where. Keep cool. Losing shit more likely to get you into padded cell than more quickly see your celeb of choice.

Everyone at the con has over paid to be there.

Celebs are people too. They are not gods. They get tired and impatient too. They have to see 100s of people in a few hours that expect a deep connection. If they seem annoyed it is probably not you. Smile and nice them to death. Don’t demand too much. When you put folks too high on pedestal or have agenda, you may get burned when reality bites.

Look them in eye. Smile. Thank them for their work. Keep it simple and get a smile back.

Chances are that question you think is amazing original is either heare 1000 times by them or not appropriate. Put self in their shows before asking.

Most times they have no time for conversation.

When they have no time for you, it is not you or them. The situation dictates, or the handlers and con managers are driving them.

If they are in bad mood, it is not you. Someone was creepy right before you. Some recover from that better than others.

Don’t Sweat It.

Cons are a poorly unoiled machine cranking out personal photos and autographs and collectibles. Manage your expectations.

The best of us are imperfect beings.

Next time some one seems to be being shitty, breathe  BEFORE you respond.

If a friend, BREATH, pause than take a moment to communicate your frustration to your friend, BEFORE venting to everyone else.

Con Buddy Cycle

You offend me (lawyer speak translation- hypathetical YOU purposefully or accidentally being shitty to hypothetical ME)

I get pissed

You get defensive

We both complain to others

The group now becomes two factions hating each other

In other words, middle school. Let’s start being adults. Honest communication sometimes is like ripping off the band aid – far more scary than painful-  but avoids a lot of misunderstanding. It can mean the difference between hate and life long friends.

A one minute convo now can become a life time of resentment later.

My only agenda is to meet people and have fun. Every thing else is a bonus. I actually fear I offended folks this past weekend. We had 50+ frienda. Not sure I had a complete convo with anyone. I love you all.

What ever your agenda is at events, know that it is YOUR own. Also know things WILL happen you are not expecting. Be prepared for plan adjustments. Be prepared for potential chaos. Keep cool and you can survive anything.

EVERY CON i have ever attended has been the birth AND death of great friendships.

I apologize and beg forgiveness any time I have caused the latter.  @waltfrasier

My dream is that #thexfiles fandom could become example for entire world plagued by tribalism. Over come hate based on lies and misunderstandings. Stop gossipping and causing pain. Riae above. Build bridges.

Focus on what makes brings us together.

Celebrate what makes us different.

Worry about self less.







NASHVILLE DECEMBER 9, 2018 LIVE Accoustic Concert

Who is going?


November 17 2018 PHILES Alternate #NYC Hangout Options #theXFiles @thexfiles @CreationEnt

It has come to my attention that, despite the cancelling of the Creation Entertainment event in Secaucus, NJ, many of you still have plans to be in the area November 17 & 18 as you already had non refundable plane and hotel reservations. We would like to invite you to join us for some fan hosted event. EMAIL ME and we will make sure to include you in all our plans.



Duchovniacs Headquarters OPEN HOUSE – stop by our house, Just 5-minute Uber from Secaucus. Food, Drinks and Fan Chatting!

Saturday November 17

NOON – Improv Comedy Workshop – Same workshop we will be offering in Orlando next weekend and previously offered at the Montreal Comic Con in July this year. Regularly Priced $40. RSVP and pay just $10. Led by Walt Frasier.

3pm – Interactive Improvised Musical Comedy Show – starring Walt & Laurice Frasier. Regularly priced $25. RSVP for FREE  tickets. There is a one drink minimum and they have a small food menu. The club is a 5 minute walk to just about every Broadway Show, Times Square, and Central Park/Columbus Circle.

4:30-7:30pm Karaoke Party- Less than 100 yards from our comedy club, this is a popular event when we have friends in town. This Korean style Karaoke club gives each group a private room. There is a bar (NO OUTSIDE DRINKS) but we can order food – usually great pizza or Chinese but plenty of options. Ask Stephanie about vegan options in the neighborhood. The Saturday night rate is $8/hour per person but during the day there is a flat fee of about $14pp. NO additional purchase required but the drinks are very reasonably priced for Manhattan. This past April we had 40ppl in their largest room. We often have about 8-10ppl.


FYI Secaucus is a mere 30 minute train/bus ride to midtown Manhattan. If you take an uber to the Secaucus Train station, you are just one stop out of Penn Station. Most of those hotels have a shuttle to the train as well. On a nice day, Hoboken NJ can be fun as well as the Ferry to the City from Weehawken. Also that area where the convention was to be held – Harmon Meadows – is home to a great movie theater and a number of restaurants. My fave is a whole in the wall Sushi Joint. Much better than expected. There is also a Walmart and LA Fitness (My Gym) right next to the convention hotel.

Have you seen our Disney X-Files on Ice Parody

PS Check out our new video

Millennium – This Is Who We Are – Graphic Novel by Joe Harris

Millennium – This Is Who We Are – Graphic Novel by Joe Harris
1990s series revisited with Frank Black and Fox Mulder team up…

Review by Walt Frasier @waltfrasier


By far the greatest gem I stumbled upon this year at New York Comic Con 2018 is the Millennium comic – truly a Graphic Novel in all meaning.

Millennium – This Is Who We Are – Graphic Novel by Joe Harris

Laurice wanted the “No Collusion” poster Joe Harris had promoted on Twitter. She had met him at least once before. This was my first time.

While Laurice and Joe talked about the poster, I noticed the comic. T

he cover art alone grabbed my attention. The brilliance of comics, their entire nature is to sell themselves off the shelf with eye catching art.

Upon seeing I had interest, Joe told us the premise. I was immediately sold.

To set up this book, let us go back to September 10, 1993, The X-Files Pilot. We see Agent Dana Scully in Section Chief Blevin’s office. When asked if she is familiar with Agent Fox Mulder, Scully replies, “By reputation only… he wrote a monograph on serial killers and the occult that helped catch Monte Propps back in 1988…”

Chris Carter never again mentions Monty Propps in 25 years of The X-Files.

Joe Harris starts this new graphic novel – after a brief scene showing a terror plot unfolding in 1999 seven days before THE Millennium- with Mulder at the parole hearing for Monte Propps. Immediately my mind returns again to season one images of John Barnett trial from 1989. Another pre X-Files case that would later haunt Mulder as an X-File.

  • SIDE BAR – I always loved those early episodes showing Mulder and Scully dealing with their past lives together.

Their are some very harrowing, creepy images of how Monte Propps victims perished. A series of drowning deaths – with supernatural  / demonic – causes – these deaths were deemed to be indirectly caused by Propps, but lacked evidence to be considered outright murders.

Frank Black was their too. He is hearing voices, seeing visions.  His gifts are a curse for sure.

Mulder and Frank loosely team up to uncover who/what did not let Propps survive his first night of freedom.

This book is compelling me to return and binge the original series.

We never see Scully but we hear Mulder checking in, and leaves Franks asking “… not to mention whatever happened back there between me and Lucy to my partner of the TRUE fiery red hair and inner fury…”

Did Mulder just call Scully an angry woman?

Either way, this is an amazing tale of a warrior fighting past his prime, while dealing with his own demons.